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that wasn't even half a chapter... I am enjoying the story, but these empty and short chapters combined with the snails pace release rate is pissing me off. Especially since there are at least 50 more completed chapters that the author wants a stupidly high price for... View More
Dual Cultivation · C278
1 week ago
********** is up to ch 934 View More

farikhsaba: Bro, where do you read the 820 episodes?

Nine Star Hegemon Body Art
1 week ago
yeah, this book has the most expensive premium I have seen so far, and for what is, at best, a mediocre story..... View More

MVPrincelc: Ohh, while you are at it, a lemonade stand with special premium box full of watery lemonade for $999.

Dual Cultivation · C276
1 week ago
is this still a live novel? its a great start but no new chapters for a month makes me think the author dropped it.... View More
Emperor of Spirits · C7
1 week ago
I read a machine translated version and finished it... worst ending possible, uresolved plot elements galore... after dragging out everything for hundreds of chapters, tries to wrap it all up in less than 20 chapters and fails miserably.... glad I didn't waste years waiting for THAT.... View More
Tempest of the Stellar War · C1222
2 weeks ago

Poloxx: All I want to read is SIG not this side story...can you put all the side story in one arc don't mixed it to the main plot ..

Tempest of the Stellar War · C1227
3 weeks ago
I found a machine translated version, aside from fixing the bad grammar in my head as I read it was tolerable just to not have to wait 2 months to finish the SIG arc... tbh, it wouldn't take much effort to correct the machine translation to at least the standard we are currently getting. I don't really understand why we only get 2 chapters a day... anyway, the sig arc continues for quite a while still with frequent tangents into meng's subplot View More
Tempest of the Stellar War · C1227
3 weeks ago
am I the only one that doesn't care at all about all these secondary characters' side-stories? put them in spin-off books if you want to explore them that badly author, a few flashes to provide the sub-plot narrative are more than sufficient. too many in-depth character storylines just make the book messy and badly paced.... get an experienced editor to help you View More
Tempest of the Stellar War · C1227
3 weeks ago
what a waste of a chapter View More
Tempest of the Stellar War · C1223
4 weeks ago
how long is this one battle going to drag on!! move it along already author View More
Tempest of the Stellar War · C1222
4 weeks ago
another empty chapter.... 1 chapter of story, 5 chapters of meaningless BS narrative that is only there to milk us for more money.... View More
Tempest of the Stellar War · C1187
1 month ago
Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao · C1012
2 months ago
probably anything short of sealing the deal.... ;) View More

GilBabylon: And I wanna know the conditions. 😋😋😋

Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao · C993
2 months ago
even when you know the mc will win, the mechanisms are still unique and not repetative which makes for a good read View More
Tempest of the Stellar War · C229
3 months ago
too much time on this arc... though its better than more lear... his character type is complete unneeded in this type of story... View More
Tempest of the Stellar War · C214
3 months ago
meh... another pair of nothing chapters that only barely move the story along... they should pay the authors based on story progression instead of by the word or chapter.... View More
Versatile Mage · C712
4 months ago
I feel the same way View More

Daoist_PotSmoker: I won't be buying privileged chapters for that novel ever again

Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao · C938
4 months ago
no doubt hahaha View More

DaoistShark: This is how we do it 🎶🎶 killing a fool

Unrivaled Medicine God · C949
4 months ago
Reading Status: C954
Really engaging story, even though there are numerous alchemy/martial artist stories this one still stands out as one of the better ones. Great characters, well formed world. View More
Unrivaled Medicine God
4 months ago
need more.... :) View More
Unrivaled Medicine God · C954
4 months ago
I know how you feel... this translator is a joke.... needs to step it up or pass it on to someone who can deliver. They are so far behind the raws that I question why they are even bothering anymore... if the story ended now it would still take nearly 20 years to catch up at this pace View More

Daoist_PotSmoker: I feel like my privileged status is a joke.. One chapter a day man :/

Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao · C936
4 months ago
yeah :( I understand translating is work, but realistically speaking, these chapters are so short that it really shouldn't take very long for an experienced translator. 4-8 chapters a day should be more than doable even if it is a casual effort and not a full-time occupation.... View More

Ijoshbe: Not just that. We lost 4 days of chapters of our privilege.

Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao · C935
4 months ago
As much as I enjoy this story, at 1 chapter a day, I will be dead before it gets anywhere near the end. This is pretty ridiculous and I don't think I will waste anymore SS on it until the pace picks up... Seriously, who has the patience to wait a couple decades just to finish one book... View More
Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao · C935
4 months ago
this is seriously the never-ending arc... move on ffs, how many chapters does it take for one battle?? View More
Versatile Mage · C690
4 months ago
Am I the only one who has completely lost interest in this fight that has dragged on for several chapters without moving the story forward even a tiny bit? Get it over with already and move on author.... View More
Another World’s Versatile Crafting Master · C275
4 months ago
See this! I just gifted the story: Potion View More
Unrivaled Medicine God · C928
4 months ago
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