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  • Well obviously I love to read... I love fantasy work, an overpowered main character and a well built world. I would love to write my own novels but I'm highly inexperienced :(

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  • Chains of Despair

    Chains of Despair

    Fantasy Magic Rebirth female-lead Villainess Time Tier

    Annabeth, age 23, commonly known by her alias, 'The Mistress of Despair' due to her atrociousness, finds herself in peril as a mysterious figure, out of the blues, teleports into her house and defeats her in battle. She is taken back to her time of birth, watching her mother die under mysterious circumstances after delivering every time she is reborn. With her father getting poisoned by his new wife whenever she reaches the age of 6, the only ones she can depend on her either herself or her cunning overpowered uncle, Lord Canning. Despite her new chance to redo her past, she chooses to grow more sinister in order to gain greater power to defeat the mysterious man in this new life. To her dismay, he crushes her in an almost similar fashion once again, triggering another rebirth. Despite her best efforts to defeat the mysterious man, her constant defeat finally leads to a nervous breakdown. The Mistress of Despair experiences what true despair really is. In her darkest moment, she meets a man, a slave on the run, with whom she starts to build a better life. The happiness is short lived as her past keeps coming back to break her time after time, rebirth after rebirth. Join Annabeth, on her journey to become a better person; in her endeavors to regain her sanity; in her pursuit of happiness and love; and in her struggles to break free from the chains of despair. *** "I'm a skinny person and can't take those 'big chunks' you're talking about, why don't you have them instead since you're already fat?!" the skinny man teased. "Watch your tongue Ollie! I'm only trying to be nice to you since you look undernourished!" Lord Brodie the fat man retorted. *** Given her past atrocities in her life, it was almost hypocritical for Annabeth to call someone else a witch or a b*tch but what's a little hypocrisy going to matter to someone who killed children too simply out of fear that they would try to get revenge on her since she had killed their parents. *** "If you're going to make an entrance, make it a dramatic one," "If you can't make it dramatic then don't make an entrance at all." *** "I'm not saying getting broken is okay, but it's something that can happen to anyone. What matters is what you do with those broken pieces afterwards." " No matter how many times you break, I will pick up those pieces for you. Even if it breaks me every time to see you in pain, I will still pick up your pieces. And even if I have to force them, I will make sure they stick together. So that you may be whole again." *** Don't forget to add the book to your collections so that you may see updated chapters when I upload them. P.S.: Feedback, comments, reviews and gifts are welcome. P.P.S: Power stones are welcome too. P.P.P.S? (Really?): Especially power stones. :P P.P.P.P.S (I swear it's the last one): If you're a beginner writer too, comment the title of your book so that I can provide a review and some feedback. Maybe even a shiny new Power Stone...


The nephew and uncle from the auxiliary volume have entered the chat. View More
Supreme Magus · C389
6 days ago

X237: An excellent piece of work this story. It's a nice change of pace to have a villainous main character and her personality is great too. The characters are fleshed out well and the pacing of the story is great too.

Also if you wouldn't mind author could you check out my story called "I was reincarnated as a monster rose"? It's one I'm writing for a writing prompt contest and would like some reviews to help me improve my writing style ad story in general.

Chains of Despair
1 week ago
Thank you for the support 🙃 View More

RedSonia: Intense! 👍

Chains of Despair · C28
1 week ago

RedSonia: Intense! 👍

Chains of Despair · C28
1 week ago
Thank you for reading 🙃 View More

RedSonia: Oh, exciting! 👍

Chains of Despair · C26
1 week ago

RedSonia: Oh, exciting! 👍

Chains of Despair · C26
1 week ago

q00u: X237 mentioned me! I'm famous!

Tales of a killer flower · C20
1 week ago

ChaosFawn: First

How To End The Game Of A God · C5
1 week ago
🤣🤣🤣 Thanks thanks. Glad to have you back. View More

X237: First off I'm back! Muhahaha!

Second. That was badass!

Chains of Despair · C10
1 week ago
Lol Liz liked what she saw hehe View More
Accident Prone · C3
2 weeks ago
Thank you very much RedSonia. View More

RedSonia: Thanks for the chapter!
I'm loving Menzine character!

Chains of Despair · C22
2 weeks ago

RedSonia: The story is captivating... definitely different from everything I've read on the WN so far.
I like the twist to rebirth, and the clear writing style makes the reading experience enjoyable.
Good job, author! 👍

Chains of Despair
2 weeks ago
I think you just showed me a way of getting free rides around town hehe. View More
Accident Prone · C2
2 weeks ago
Off to write my book. View More
Tales of Demons and Gods · C485
2 weeks ago

AlvaCox: Yahahaha so much waiting to the point that I forgot who is who.

Tales of Demons and Gods · C485
2 weeks ago
Reading Status: C0
Great work author. This is an amazing book. I don't read romance books much but this one is really interesting ☺.

Keep it up. I'm giving this a 5 star rating. View More
Accident Prone
3 weeks ago
Truck-kun wants to know your location. View More

q00u: Don't worry about it. Lots of these start with this setup. Robber-kun sends nearly as many people to other worlds as Truck-kun!

Tales of a killer flower · C1
3 weeks ago

Greentealatte: Okay, so I normally don't read stories with a "system" or "game" element, so I don't know what the criteria are for them, but this story intrigues me. I was expecting the first chapter to establish a bland mc who's extremely OP stepping out of the gate, but I find myself wanting to read more, and genuinely laughing. That probably says something about my sense of humor or you as a writer. Either way, I look forward to reading more. Keep going!

How To End The Game Of A God
3 weeks ago

arlissajames: Omg! Annabeth is a freaking psycho!!!🔥 I love her character and all the action brought out in this chapter. I can't wait to read more. :)

Chains of Despair · C19
3 weeks ago
Nice chapter.

I'm a little bothered by Ches' calmness even in moments when Amiel is in imminent danger. I wanted to believe it was something he had planned in advance but that wouldn't make sense. I hope I finally get to understand it in future chapters. View More
Reaching for the Clouds · C4
3 weeks ago
Reading Status: C6
First and foremost most, the writing quality is brilliant. It's something that I pay particular attention to when deciding whether to read past the first chapter or not. For this book, I've read up to Chapter 6 (currently the latest) and I want to read more.

It's a fun book to read. I'd recommend to anyone with a sense of humor and desire to read a good book. Unless you're Jresh.

I've added it to my collection and I hope future updates are just as good as the first 6 chapters. View More
Reaching for the Clouds
3 weeks ago
Oh sure thing. Let me give it a read. View More

ShawtySwervin: Sorry for the confusion my upload is called “Zorkie adventures of Zion”

Magic spirit · C1
3 weeks ago

Legion20: Shameless 5 star review from the author, lol. Please read my work and share it if you liked it, thanks. :) :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

Supreme Magus
3 weeks ago
Try Grammarly before you upload. View More

ShawtySwervin: Let’s have a good competition guys wish you all luck this is my first time writing anything.👍🏽👍🏽

Magic spirit · C1
3 weeks ago

budderchief: Can you grammar check your chapters before you upload them?

Magic spirit · C1
3 weeks ago
Reading Status: C2
This is honestly some good material right here. It takes a different approach to time travelling that I did not expect.

CH1 was filled with so much emotion that I wanted to kowtow to the dying king even though I don't know jack about him haha.

But seriously, this is good stuff. Just finished the first chapter and I'm hooked. View More
Return of the Monarch
1 month ago

ChaosFawn: Very good, effective use of emotive language and good world building. An interesting twist to rebirth novels in my eyes. Possible villainess MC.

Chains of Despair
1 month ago
This chapter started off really well. It was funny and established Roberts character well.

I got a little confused on the part with the "New Companions." Was he butchering humans? NPCs or maybe there are other players?

I'm not shocked if its either anyway, he is a villain and a Lich. He got used to used to his job a little too quick though View More
How To End The Game Of A God · C1
1 month ago
Thank you very much for the feedback. Will try to bring out elements of the magic system as Annabeth progresses. Wanted to do it in the beginning but I thought it would just raise more questions than it would answer.

Maturity of the characters is something I'll be working on though. Annabeth is a bit of a psycho so I'm letting her do her thing. The others will have to improve though.

Look out for today's chapters :), I want to finish the training archive.

Thank you very much for the feedback. View More
Chains of Despair · C12
1 month ago
Reading Status: C1
Here's to a leap of faith after reading one chapter that I've found a gem.

The writing quality is amazing and the book has started off amazingly. I hope it lives up to its expectations... No pressure though.

Keep up the awesome work.

Also, if you come up a character dressed like a clown, please kill him for me. View More
Zero 2 One
1 month ago
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