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Then you either misread what I originally posted or was talking over me. I said that the MC was being biased since he claimed none of the justice league were heroes then used the heroic spirits as an example of heroes. Thats the problem I have hear.

Should they kill joker,lex luthor and Darkseid(this one isn't fair. Most versions of Darkseid kick their teeth in and flees even when they seriously trying to kill him)? Yes. Does that make them less of a hero than the heroic spirits in the throne and the ones currently summoned? No.

That's the problem. The Mc has been bashing the DC side alot since installing lancer. I do not know if it is because him installing the servants is causing their ignorance and arrogance to bleed through or because the author does not like the justice league. But saying they aren't heroes just because they aren't edgy and killing people is being petty. Some members failing to kill a few people when they should of does not making all of their other accomplishments or the accomplishments of the others in the league suddenly not matter.

Same with Shirou, doesn't matter that his goal is to not kill people to save others. The fact that he does save people or at least try to is still heroic. View More

PeruAncestral: man I'm not taking his merits .. and also do not think he should kill all the bad guys out there ...


these guy has no salvation understand? ..

he must not kill all the bad guys but kills the worst that plants the disorder at all

Fate/Heroes · C68
3 months ago
Not really. In FSN the only servant who was even partially representing a modern term for heroism was saber. And she was destroy her own towns to take their supplies and use them save the kingdom.

In F/Z again only saber and maybe lancer. Rider led a army of warmongers who raped and pillaged across the world in his quest of world domination.

F/A Had Siegfried and Chiron.

You get the picture. Almost everyone who turned up in a grail war was either evil, neutral at best, or a major asshole if you actually stop to read up on their lore and think about what they had been doing. They are called heroes because in the past being a hero simply meant either you did something no one else could at the time. Or you had a interesting legend with a quest or adventure of some kind. View More

Nirvanic_Sun: The content has been deleted

Fate/Heroes · C68
3 months ago
And that is literally only the joker. Who only kills people in certain iterations of the universe. We do not know which one this is. He has also been killed and permanently stopped in several of this iterations. They have saved lives and fought threats from extraterrestrials that lead to them indirectly saving billions. They don't try to save everyone but try to save who they can, they don't just murder everyone because if you just went and murdered everyone who done every crime you turn into a asshole. Would you see someone a hero if they murdered a guy from mugging someone? No.

Your preferance for goals is just your opinion on what you like more. It does not mean they're less heroic than other people who are more edgy and more quick to kill. I see heroism in how many lives they save and how selfless they're. None of the heroic spirits in this story is a hero. All of them only saved people indirectly or only saved people they personally knew while damning everyone else. View More

PeruAncestral: do not be naive .. in the world there is no history of saving everyone including their enemies who do it are stupid people ...

Now tell me if it was you? if you see the joker kills and spoils your best friend you having the power to kill him, would you kill? or just arrest him for a week after he gets out of jail ...

Hero who tries to save everyone including his enemies are hypocrites and stupid .. yes they have a noble goal but i prefer the thoughts of gray is more realistic

Fate/Heroes · C68
3 months ago
Yeah, but that still is more heroic than the servants and shirou was more heroic than the other servants as well. I mean, I would not take the opinion of a bunch of murderers or people who just killed people because they were paid to any higher than someone who is actually a hero.

It just seems odd he feels this way when majority of his servants either killed people under orders without caring about if they were innocent or not or killed people because they were evil. Same with shirou, the only people who looked down on him was Rin(who is a massive asshole in the beginning since shes a magus), Gilgamesh(who raped peoples wives on their wedding day in real life lore and planned to force marry and rape saber. Plus his torture of the orphans and his plan to drown the world in angra mainyu simply because he didn't like the modern life), Archer(who was arguably crazy at this point), and Kirei who is fundamentally evil.

Even though the justice league don't kill. Majority of their enemies they jail,throw in the phantom zone, or indirectly kill. The only person who deserves to die and gets away with it is Joker and thats Batmans fault not the rest of the league.

Just feels like the Author has been bashing the Justice league side of this story alot by using the weakest interpretations and talking about how naive/terrible they are while ignoring that they are the most heroic people currently in the story and both him the servants have no leg to stand on. View More

Nirvanic_Sun: They would die to save the world, but they would also die before killing, which has lead to a lot of losses of life. He sees the justice league the same way that all of the servants see shirou emiya, even though they think it's admirable that he wants to save every one, every one looks down on how naive he is for wanting to save his enemies as well. Even his future self looks down on him, wanting to kill him because of it

Fate/Heroes · C68
3 months ago
Hes being too hard on the justice league here. They do save alot of lives and have dealt with world ending threats without care of their lives. In terms modern day definition of heroism they are much more heroic than most of the servants in this war.

Could be he is letting his bias or the bias of the servants inside him cloud his judgement. View More
Fate/Heroes · C68
3 months ago
Shiki cant kill types. They don't have the same concept of death as we do. It took the black gun that used their celestial dust against them while forcing the concept of death onto them to kill them.

Plus it depends on which version of DC this is. Shiki and alcides are non factor is this is comic DC since they will literally be too slow to react to anything they do. Same with all the other servants. There was several qoutes in the FGO game that no servant can destroy a planet. And the greatest destructive feat we seen was saber alter and archer alter destroying a meteor. We got parts of superman flying from one end of the universe to metropolis on the other side in a matter of minutes. And them moving planets. If this is comic dc none of the servants shown would be able to win since flash and superman are just too fast for any of them to react let alone cutting lines.

With amaterasu, we cant say anything about that. She has not been shown nor has she done anything. Plus she isn't even here only tamamo inside of the MC. View More

ApexAssasSIN: Well that depends on what you're talking about, because Void Shiki is as OP as they come. She is not only connected to the ROOT, but also able to kill all things she can imagine that can die, that includes: The Ultimate Ones in the Nasuverse(which are literal planets), Immortal Vampire-Mages, and even concepts themselves. She could kill the concept of friction for The Flash, before he even starts running, she could kill the micro telekinesis that Kryptonians use for their super strength, she could kill the The Presence himself if she so had the chance. And that's only Void Shiki, Alcides himself is an even more OP version of Heracles(which is Ironic, because this is the version of him when Hera stripped him of his divinity) that was able to scare Gilgamesh himself when they first met in Fate/Strange Fake, and almost made him use Ea immediately. Then not to mention the fact that Tamamo-no-Mae is literally Amaterasu herself, and we've been shown in comics(Like in Injustice, Heracles was able to easily overpower Superman on the orders of Zeus.) that gods are at least as powerful as other alien species that exist. Now, if someone like strange visitor Superman, or Silver age Superman, or even that weird Superman that wore armor(I forget the name), were to come into play, that's where things would get ****y. At least with servants other than Void Shiki, Regular Shiki, and Gramps Hassan, because the three servant I just listed have a way with the concept of death itself.

Fate/Heroes · C63
3 months ago
I feel like hes overestimating these servants. Flash has ran beyond the speed of light before and several of the league members have pulled the planet either in groups of 2 and 3 or alone in some cases. The servants literally cannot beat the league on their own if they got serious enough.

Also think the mc is being kind of edgy but that's just me. Liked the chapter otherwise. View More
Fate/Heroes · C63
3 months ago
Where did the servants run off to? Looks like they knew shiki ****ed up attacking clark and ditched their masters so they wouldnt die. But wouldnt they all die and run out of energy now? View More
Fate/Heroes · C61
3 months ago
Actually his saber servant could kill all of them in a single attack. Its Ado from notes who could kill TYPES which were the strongest of each planet. View More

LordVendingMachine: I just realized that Gray is screwed
Not only does he has to fight Gilgamesh but 6 other servant and the only servant he has that can Match Gil is Enkidu.
+Shiki is pretty OP

Fate/Heroes · C60
3 months ago
Hope all the servants die. There is too many characters and this was un needed for the plot. Counting everyone the author now has to juggle around 30 to 40 characters and if he tries to harem them 15 to 20 women. Let's not forget that not even half of the servants in the mc has gotten any screen time or appearance means we are getting even more overloaded. View More
Fate/Heroes · C59
3 months ago
Not really feeling it. The whole command spells and summoning more servants feels pointless. Like those stories at add in surprise OCs halfway through and steal the show. It was never mentioned before this would be a thing only the MC going to DC universe not some fate fusion everyone gets a servant surprise holy grail war. It honestly feels pointless and takes away the uniqueness of the MC. Not going to drop it yet since you have been doing good before this, but It is going on my tentative. View More
Fate/Heroes · C56
3 months ago
Why is MC waiting for Supergirl to be 18? The age of consent in NY is 17 while several other states is 16. View More
Fate/Heroes · C0
4 months ago
Isn't only a couple of the states have the age of consent 18? I thought majority had it at 16 View More
Fate/Heroes · C34
4 months ago
Would athena be born before ares? I could sworn zeus had a titan wife before hera who he ate(tricked her to be a fly) in paranoia that was pregnant. She then gave birth in his head and athena broke free.

Also thought hera only married him because he turned into a swan to trick her then rape her(same with demeter which is why she had persephone). View More
A God in Percy Jackson · C6
4 months ago
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