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So were supposed to believe this vassal, Palais, had a stronger army than the Duke? Ok.
Yet supposedly Palais doesnt want to be the Duke, so what, if the actual Duke said he knew the allegations were false and supported the Vermonts, what, Palais was then going to commit treason and attack the Duke? To take a position he didn't necessarily want?

None of his gullible followers would've supported that. They were with him under the pretext that it was the Vermonts that were traitors. Yet we're supposed to believe if he didn't get his way, he'd just commit treason himself? Is this Duke an idiot?

All he had to do was support the Vermonts. They had their own forces and would've obviously stood beside him if he supported them. So would other nobles. The Vermonts could've used their vast wealth to hire mercenaries. While they didn't want a fight, if the Duke supported them and Palais attacked him, they'd obviously help the Duke. View More
Age of Heroes ( Age of Heroes Chronicles) · C56
2 months ago
I'm kind of shocked helia somehow didn't know what happened to Ariel's family already. Doesnt she get any news from anyone? The commoners are all whispering about the Vermont's and Palais families for what, weeks, months? How has she heard nothing lol?
Do they not send each other letters? Did Ariel not bother to update her, "oh yeah, so my family has been accused of treason and are being exiled, but it's cool, I've got a plan". He couldn't bother to keep one of his best friends updated on the situation? View More
Age of Heroes ( Age of Heroes Chronicles) · C55
2 months ago
Yeah. I thought she'd realize what she had in Kyle. This situation is going to hurt Kyle, and it's possible Ariel isnt interested in her romantically, so she might be hurt too, plus it could strain all their friendships. View More

theLewdOnion: I'm actually shipping kyle and helia. Guess my ship has already sink. 😮

Age of Heroes ( Age of Heroes Chronicles) · C55
2 months ago
Yeah. Pretty sure that's it. The "first generation" were probably a group of space explorers that settled here for some reason. They also mention sticking things in people to make them better, needles, and flying, airplanes.
Clearly an advanced group of humans. View More

paddy1452: Why did i feel when i read this chapter that they were talking about nuclear missiles and this generation of humans

Age of Heroes ( Age of Heroes Chronicles) · C54
2 months ago
While Ariel's plan seems fairly good, it still seems ridiculous he even needs to do this. Any half way functioning noble society is going to require more than one powerful lord (Palais), and a few gullible minor nobles making empty accusations with no proof to convict a noble of treason, unless the Duke was a paranoid moron.
None of this should be necessary, which makes it difficult to enjoy.
Maybe if Ariel's family had made a plea to the Duke, but you write how Palais had some fabricated documents sent to the Duke and bribed a few beleivable witnesses into bad mouthing the Vermonts. Then we could see how they tried to appeal to the Duke but failed because Palais managed to create some beleivable evidence that at least made it seem possible they really were traitors. View More
Age of Heroes ( Age of Heroes Chronicles) · C53
2 months ago
This just seems dumb.
Was there no method for them to even defend themselves before the Duke?
If it's this easy to accuse a lord of treason successfully, there'd be no lords left. They'd just be pointing at each other shouting, "treason!" Leaft and right until every damn one of them was exiled or locked up. It's honestly kinda retarded. View More
Age of Heroes ( Age of Heroes Chronicles) · C52
2 months ago
I actually thought those other lords were going to break out laughing, not suddenly decide a noble they think highly of is planning treason and needs to be attacked lol.

They were just going on about how generous the Vermont's were. "Oh their generous cause they're planning treason and want to sway you to their side! My proof? Their banner has dragon!" Sigh.

Pretty weak. But I guess most nobles in this story have been depicted as selfish idiots, so I guess this fits. View More
Age of Heroes ( Age of Heroes Chronicles) · C50
2 months ago
Is that when the MC came in all bloody and injured? I'm guessing it's gonna be glossed over. Kinda showing during some time skips that the MC would come back injured on occasion or maybe they all would... I think the author was trying to do some time skipping, while still giving us, the readers, a bit of an idea of what kind of developments were occurring during that skipped time, but it came off as rather confusing to us. View More

McRead: So what the hell happened at end of chapter 45, did I miss some explanation?

Age of Heroes ( Age of Heroes Chronicles) · C48
2 months ago
Damn good question. No mention of a time skip. I figured they're still 7. Then Kyle has that thought about Hestia knowing him for years... they met at the academy, so that must mean there has been a time skip that we, the readers weren't even told about? View More

Wolfgang69: Im sorry how old are they?

Age of Heroes ( Age of Heroes Chronicles) · C44
2 months ago
Yeah, that caught my attention too. He's a commoner. It's been mentioned over and over lol.
Also, hes still 7, unless we've had a time skip. What 7 year olds are interested in dating? The only kind of date they might be interested in making is a play date lol. View More

dcool1: Since when kyle become a noble son? Isnt his father is an advanturer?

Age of Heroes ( Age of Heroes Chronicles) · C43
2 months ago
It's hard to believe the other three, which are still only 7, without extra memories like the mc, would have the knowledge needed to even think of a training plan for a bunch of footmen, let alone the knowledge and skills needed to implement said plan.
Are we supposed to believe even Helia knows enough about small unit tactics, weapon skills, and cultivation techniques that she can teach these people? View More
Age of Heroes ( Age of Heroes Chronicles) · C42
2 months ago
I'm glad the others are struggling. It would be pretty unbelievable otherwise. View More
Age of Heroes ( Age of Heroes Chronicles) · C38
2 months ago
I'm impressed by the details put into all of the characters as well as the setting, as seen in the last couple chapters. It also isnt so drawn out as to get boring. Enough details to make it all seem real, then back to the action. Nice job author. View More
Age of Heroes ( Age of Heroes Chronicles) · C36
2 months ago
That princess seems like an interesting character so far. She has some fire in her personality. View More
Age of Heroes ( Age of Heroes Chronicles) · C32
2 months ago
Lol. His hair color. It's always amusing when someone tells the truth because they know they wont be believed anyways. View More
Age of Heroes ( Age of Heroes Chronicles) · C30
2 months ago
Surely he could have spared a few days to do some slightly easier quests in order to show his competence and responsibility before asking his head of house to trust that they, 1 day recruits, were ready to assault a bandit hideout. View More
Age of Heroes ( Age of Heroes Chronicles) · C29
2 months ago
So does that poor seer live in the damn cellar? Lmao.
They open it so he can do the sorting, then back in he goes until they need him to perform again. Poor guy. View More
Age of Heroes ( Age of Heroes Chronicles) · C28
2 months ago
So maybe it wasn't the humans that killed the fiance after all, but warmongering schemers from the dark lands. Tragic. View More
Age of Heroes ( Age of Heroes Chronicles) · C16
2 months ago
True. Yet it's good to see the perspective of one of the parents. We see why he originally humoured his son's suggestion about the crop method for example.
I think such pov's can be enlightening and add more information about the mc and the character being used for the POV. View More

TheOneWithBooks: Thank you for the chapter, but this seems like a filler?? It just describes the last chapter again from the fathers point which is basically the same, really good story please don't add filler chapters

Age of Heroes ( Age of Heroes Chronicles) · C14
2 months ago
Jon was a bit dumb again here. Dont give magic users lots of time to cause more trouble when you haven't taken them captive and ensured they're powerless. View More
Dragonborn Saga · C156
2 months ago
Funny seeing them trying to surprise Jon lol. "I am the best at sleepwalking". Ha ha.
Looks like it's time to give most of the truth to his family. View More
Dragonborn Saga · C150
2 months ago
And thus a glorious new era was born in clan Firemane, as man and cat became bosom friends forevermore. There was much petting of soft fur, purring, and kneading of happy little paws. View More
Dragonborn Saga · C149
2 months ago
The end is mildly amusing. Jon is great at trash talking lol.

I still think making Jon so dumb he didn't realize the two Alina's were the same girl was more harmful than good for the story. Its forced humour at the expense of making your mc act stupider than they are the rest of the story. View More
Dragonborn Saga · C142
2 months ago
Looks like author San edited things a bit. I like the changes and think things make more sense. Nice job. View More

Dave_Richards: About time this loser does something. This chapter was pretty stupid. As soon as the five split up he should have attacked before his father and brother were caught so he might actually have help. Instead he kept waiting until they were caught and injured and the others were brought to the same spot. Wtf was he possibly waiting for beyond the enemy splitting up? Did he think his super ai was gonna send a group of police back in time to save his useless ass?

A Time Traveller's Guide to Feudal Japan · C24
2 months ago
I just looked back. I think the author might have made an edit. It makes more sense now. Good for them. Glad they took my complaint constructively. It makes more sense to me now. View More

MrBlueSky: He left his weapon behind while talking with the princess and had to return to retrieve it.

A Time Traveller's Guide to Feudal Japan · C25
2 months ago
What do you mean he didn't have a weapon? He had his bow, which is how he killed them, when he eventually got around to doing something. If he acted earlier, his father and brother would have been alerted and helped him so he didn't need to do everything himself while they're all being held hostage, which in the real world, would have likely resulted in at least a few of them dying. View More

MrBlueSky: He didnt have a weapon. What, was he supposed to beat all five of them in a fist fight? 🤔 Though I agree the antagonists could've been a bit more dynamic than they were haha

A Time Traveller's Guide to Feudal Japan · C25
2 months ago
So this black curtain guild longs to return, since everywhere else sucks, and their strategy to accomplish this is to damage/destroy the very kingdom they wish to return to? Am I missing something or are these guys just crazy? View More
Way of the Knights · C4
2 months ago

mitre: Why I'm saying that this is so forced is that Jon didn't Alina (marriage duel) now he's crazy about her because he saw her face? So by that logic every pretty face he sees he'll want to get married? Please don don't add harem without doing it right it'll mess up a perfectly excellent story

Dragonborn Saga · C140
2 months ago
It was mildly amusing last chapter when Jon didn't recognize Alina. The fact that he still hasn't figured it out and is searching everywhere now, is nothing short of retarded.
The author is falling into one of the worst mistakes in writing (imo), of altering his mc's character/intelligence for the sake of lame humor. The Jon we've read about all this time is not this stupid. He would connect the dots by now. View More
Dragonborn Saga · C140
2 months ago
Not sure how the archers ran out of arrows so quick. It didn't seem like anyone other than Gengyo would have used more than 10. View More
A Time Traveller's Guide to Feudal Japan · C49
2 months ago
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