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Wow so author want his reader see how much effort the mc put in for the movie bcs previous arc film to easy. View More
Top Star: Journey to Become a Global Star · C211
1 hour ago
Keep dragging. Like **** View More
Fourth Prince's Debauchery · C191
9 hours ago
Danmachi? Sigh View More
Playing with other Supernaturals · C280
3 days ago
Good fanfic but stupid author. View More
--.-.---.--- · C1
3 days ago
Author your pouring cold water to all ur reader ,FK View More
Playing with other Supernaturals · C279
4 days ago
Mc just f*cking womanizer idiot. S View More
Fourth Prince's Debauchery · C180
1 week ago
Just one next chapter plis View More
The Multiverse Conqueror · C326
1 week ago
I just want u post chapter everyday :v View More
One piece: Journey with a system · C0
1 week ago
It's better original for the rank power. View More
Super Villain System · C0
1 week ago
What I am seeing here . To fast u know -.- we know how mature the MC is . View More
Gaara · C0
1 month ago
U idiotic one. If he cannot survive with that lvl criticism and keep complain about reader then why make story. In real live we HUMAN surely get criticism even if we do little bad thing. View More

Polkageist: Sigh, here we go again...

People, if you're unsatisfied with the story, then you're welcome to drop it. The author isn't here to cater to your every whim and desire. He's telling HIS story with his own twists and turns, NOT YOUR story.

If you're really all so unsatisfied and believe you can write anything better, then why the don't you just go ahead do it? I'm sure your story will become extremely popular with all your amazing insight, plot points and logic.

You would think people would just leave if they're unsatisfied. I mean, come on people, is it really so hard to just drop the series? The author won't miss you, the readers won't miss you, I won't miss you, and I'm sure as hell that you won't miss the series either. Geez man, just use that logic you're so proud of and get out. Can it really be that hard?

Sigh, okay my rant is over.

Anyway, nice chapter author.
I'm sorry you have to go through such idiotic behaviour so often, but I'm glad you haven't dropped the series despite the overwhelming lack of brain cells in a select few.

As I've said before author, you have fans who support you and your story. I still quite enjoy the story, and I look forward to future chapters.

I wish you a nice day author :)

Gaara · C0
1 month ago
Training? View More
Ryumi Pirates Adventures · C3
1 month ago
Soooooo Stupid Author . U to much following other book. Well cannot be helped just a rookie. View More
What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes? · C103
1 month ago
Someone who think other negative will get bad luck. View More
Top Star: Journey to Become a Global Star · C149
1 month ago
Please don't make those 2 alien bulldozer the shinobi like in cannon, just make them visit peacefully because here has they're clansman. View More
The Sharingan Hyuga · C134
1 month ago
Mc to humanity. View More
Top Star: Journey to Become a Global Star · C148
1 month ago
Not funny at all. View More
Otherworldly Summoning System · C34
1 month ago
Your MC doesn't need DF again -.- . Sigh don't repeat mistake other fanfic please. View More
Adventure of Tomorrow · C7
1 month ago
His power level make other feel his speaking correct oke. But if his power level at chunin then is supicius View More

Nirvanic_Sun: I don't like the way he introduced the threat of the akatsuki to them. He doesn't have a spy network like jiraya, how can he convincingly know about a threat even the hokage doesn't know about?

I know that he knows the plot of naruto, but the other jonins don't know that. You should have had him encounter the akatsuki on a mission first.

The only way he can know about them is if he encountered them, but he only does anbu missions and has to report what happened to his superiors.

He's just going to make himself look suspicious.

2 months ago

tanatana: Poor Shino, author forgot him and no one even notice it.

2 months ago
Stupid View More
What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes? · C97
2 months ago
This is why I don't like Nerf mc . Not funny at all. View More
What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes? · C97
2 months ago
Wow how great he is experiment about his art at time battle . Why not u experiment at assassination then ur mc died oke. View More
Chains of Heaven · C22
2 months ago
He just spoke about how great his art -.- not about fighting. View More
Chains of Heaven · C21
2 months ago
Psyco girl plis. Like esdeth or the black haired girl from HOTD View More
Otherworldly Summoning System · C28
2 months ago
Hero who want get everyone attention -.- View More
Start by Becoming a Mangaka · C880
2 months ago
U want lay low but u just make mc say about important history that make him stand out of the rest. -.- View More
CHUUNOBI - Naruto FanFiction · C6
2 months ago
Bit overkill haha View More
Otherworldly Summoning System · C20
2 months ago
Get nerfed View More

Dfrans: Copy maple-chan shield,her shield is to damn op

Shield Hero with Barrier Magic · C11
2 months ago
He not scared sailing in the sea alone. But see now how he reacts -.- View More
one piece: a new nakama · C0
2 months ago
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