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Sorry Bebe, when something is that stained, not sure if it can be washed white even with deep hardware cleanse. HAHAHAH

Thanks for the chapter :D HMMM I'm so curious now if the demon summoning was successful or not. Safe trip and advanced Merry Christmas~

☆*:.。.o(≧▽≦)o.。.:*☆ View More
[BL] Is it Better to be a Beta? · C25
2 days ago

LittleBlueLake: Hahaha ahh one of my best customers! Come, come! 😂
Well I won’t spoil the MLs identities but like yeah our little dumpling made it a bit easier to figure it out lol. Honestly I totally agree with your psychoanalysis of how LG is gonna end up, but who knows 😈 after all he will have one interpersonal relationship with someone, whether our MC can provide some decent role modeling is a whole other question tho hahaha. I’m also thinking about long term effects of being so exposed to ghosts/yin energy etc
Anyway, cheers for the awesome support! Hope you’ll keep enjoying this!

[BL] Is it Better to be a Beta? · C24
4 days ago
Yeeeeah, as soon as I saw new chapter I rushed right over. heihei :3

Hmm, I'm almost 70% sure ML is the sweet dumpling. Or at least.. one of the MLs? He's already showing a bit of possessiveness.

I'm speculating he'll grow up introverted though, despite being a troublemaker. Neither of the parental figures seem to give him much attention and this really does impact a kid as they use their basis with their parents to form interpersonal relationships with others... in most cases anyway. There are exceptions to that ofc.

I don't have a big impression of Li Du yet other than he's using her to help look after his kid. Neither a saint or villain type of character.. Pragmatic is probably the closest I can describe him. View More
[BL] Is it Better to be a Beta? · C24
5 days ago
Ah, of course the Professor can't be a worm. He has far too many limbs.

Well... that can be arranged, no? :)

[Ding, ding! Reader's Malevolent Intent increased to Level 3!] View More
[BL] Is it Better to be a Beta? · C23
1 week ago
JHS really captures that role. Tbh I haven't really thought about what goes on in the thought process in the ghost's POV in these horror scenarios, so this was a really interesting way of looking at it.

And no worries, it's December and it's gon get really busy. owo Take yer time and will see you when you get back o/ View More
[BL] Is it Better to be a Beta? · C22
1 week ago
'If a sex dungeon is in a house and no one knows it's there, is there really one in the house?' HAHAHA More nuggets of wisdom from JHS. His lines are gold, lol. View More
[BL] Is it Better to be a Beta? · C21
2 weeks ago
The content has been deleted
[BL] Is it Better to be a Beta? · C21
2 weeks ago
'Revenge is like orgasm denial. And Jia Hyson is a pro at being a tease. ' - I almost spit my coffee at my monitor. (long pause) Well he's not wrong..

'Tough words for a single old man with a doll room.' OOohhHHHH..!! Gonna need a lot of ice for that burn.

Yes, I'm enjoying this a lot. Can't wait to see him get stronger and more malevolent in this arc. View More
[BL] Is it Better to be a Beta? · C20
3 weeks ago
dflahsfghhahahah The AmazingYoungMasterJin is a gnome- I just cackled out loud. I'm sorry, nothing against gnomes and short races, it's just.. man, to create a new character have to buy a new VR helmet is a bit harsh. :'3 Wonder if there's a change race option in-game.. View More
The Return of the God Level Assassin [BL] · C26
3 weeks ago
ew.. whatever that was he drank sounds nasty.

I hope they remember and put every one of his last words on a golden plaque. :) Actually despite liking horror genre, I am very weak and easily nauseated by torture scenes > <.

But with the assurance that he'll come back as a vengeful ghost, I can somehow bear it :'> haha.. looking forward to what happens next~ View More
[BL] Is it Better to be a Beta? · C19
3 weeks ago
Thanks for the chapter~

flajhklghgh despite being tied up by intestines, he has a craving for noodles. hahahaha thumbs up to JHS. But man.. that original plot, even I'd almost want to jump into the fire after going through it.

Looking forward to how he can fix this mess of a plot x'D View More
[BL] Is it Better to be a Beta? · C18
4 weeks ago
[shiny eyes] ooh, I like the world building of the system world as well. I haven't seen a novel that expounds on this and it's crafted very well in this one.

yiii... wow this character background story is so tragic. lighting a candle for the system and JHS.

Also *taps fingers* this one likes horror genre. So I'm looking forward to it~ :3 View More
[BL] Is it Better to be a Beta? · C17
1 month ago
Damn lucky. In this real world Noctis and several variations of it would have been taken already XD Hi, it's my first review of this story. I've added it to my library after seeing as it will be taking place in the gameworld too. :> I love these types. Looking forward to the story \o/ View More
The Return of the God Level Assassin [BL] · C19
1 month ago
As for the next world... uhhhmm I have no clue owo; it could be anything. I'll make a wild guess then. Since modern is already done.. it'll be either futuristic or fantasy. soo... ABO? View More
[BL] Is it Better to be a Beta? · C16
1 month ago
Ooh.. can relate with this. My brother has car motion sickness if he's not the driver. Long car rides as a passenger are hell for him that he has to take meds or force himself to sleep. ^^;

0-0 curved glass that was actually ice? It survived the trip? But then melted once it has done its part. that's so mysterious..

A*** Lex and Daniel >W< this is a cute ending for them. For almost all of them. ; ;" feels some heartache for Monroe but also.. yeah. Good ending for all is not always the case. But overall, I think it was wrapped up nicely. Including the original author being motivated at the end.

Character too OOC -15 LLOOOL aw cmon Bebe

Now, I'm excited for the next world~! View More
[BL] Is it Better to be a Beta? · C16
1 month ago

LittleBlueLake: Haha I can tell you that it is 1v1 however this terrible author likes unrequited love, pining and threesomes 😏 though don’t worry, the unrequited stuff should pass after one or two arcs... probably

[BL] Is it Better to be a Beta? · C15
1 month ago
Oof... it is plenty awkward for someone you thought was a family member to suddenly pull that.

I mean, it wasn't exactly the smartest thing to do but well, emotions, hormones, soaked in vinegar for so long.. kaboom. @.@; Poor Monroe..

(COUGH.. I won't object to a threesome) but well, pseudo incest is.. still kinda.. borderline iffy for me. But I don't mind if it's headed that way in later arcs. View More
[BL] Is it Better to be a Beta? · C15
1 month ago

rilamo: Lol drake was so worried abou the sibling at the contest that he missed the real danger at home.

[BL] Is it Better to be a Beta? · C15
1 month ago
Abstinence play snrk, also got sent to jail for drugging someone who tried to drug him first--yeah I like Jia a lot. XDDD

Ah, eh....so i-it's sweet owo; ah.. uh.... (puts away the chocolate bar I was eating while reading)

But it does line up with the OG author's world... uh, building owo;; View More
[BL] Is it Better to be a Beta? · C14
1 month ago
I like this version of Maddy too compared to the original :3 View More
[BL] Is it Better to be a Beta? · C13
1 month ago
...I am getting hungry while reading this chapter as they are preparing the food. uuu...

But woow, that car ride. I am hungry again but for a different reason this time. >o< View More
[BL] Is it Better to be a Beta? · C12
1 month ago
Hieeee.. the side CP is sailing, I repeat the side CP is sailing. :>>>> heheh

Ah Drake, this sticky vinegar tank ML, still hasn't connected the dots but ok X'D it's fun to see what happens when he doesn't -listen- listen. Aihh but they're cute. So cute, ohh. Cuddling is also actually one of my favorite parts to read about. cough.

And @LittleBlueLake - don't worry about it- a story doesn't have to have a huge plot twist that gives its readers a whiplash. x'3 laid back stories are nice too. I mean, we've mostly probably read quite a number of CN novels so we kinda know where it's going but it's the journey getting there that still keeps readers like me coming back for more, right? :p View More
[BL] Is it Better to be a Beta? · C11
1 month ago
Maddy, oh Maddy.. unknowingly making the hole on the ground bigger for Adrian. XDD I can't- ahahah

I don't know whether I pity or envy Bebe for having front row seats to all this. View More
[BL] Is it Better to be a Beta? · C10
1 month ago
Oh Lord... the perception of the rest of the contestants and the ML towards Maddy & Adrian's relationship. Also wtf what kinda canon fodder endings are these x'D it's supposed to be a warm hearted book about family ties.

Well.. Jia did like his love interest that had tankfuls of vinegar, right? He's marinating the ML before setting him over a low burning fire.

o v o eats popcorn View More
[BL] Is it Better to be a Beta? · C9
1 month ago
omg Jia... your twisted S side is showing.. (squeee)

And (former) beast ML has turned into a puppy. So cute. KLHSDGIG:Hefainted. hghghajhahah View More
[BL] Is it Better to be a Beta? · C8
1 month ago
OHO, is this a side CP I see? 0 v 0

These bunkers and their usefulness when one wants to be ambiguous. :> huehue

"What is this, a sh-tty teenage drama?
Oh right.

HAAHAHAH. (welll.... looks at the system :> ) View More
[BL] Is it Better to be a Beta? · C7
1 month ago
Ooh, cool~ yeah I'm definitely enjoying what's going on so far. Eheh.. it's not as though I have incredibly high morals either XP Looking forward to reading the next chapters, ^o^ View More

LittleBlueLake: Hahaha author here (yeah it’s original lol or maybe I’m just a great translator with incredibly low morals?) I’m so glad you like MC (super important for a story after all lol). Hope you keep enjoying this as much as I’m reading your comments 😂

[BL] Is it Better to be a Beta? · C6
1 month ago
BFKHLFHGHsladfhhahaha yeah the MC is cute. A lot of CN novels tend to try to stress how their MC is the best at something, so handsome, so sexy, so good at selling meng to the point where it feels like they NEED to say it as a disclaimer to convince readers but it sometimes tries a little too hard, but this one is seamless and more natural. Yeah I can believe he is a handsome gentle beauty. That he's someone relatable and not perfect but he's just so endearing and sometimes silly. I like this MC.

I'm not actually sure if it's translated (if it is, it's done rather well) or if it's an original story, either way it's imo a lot more polished in terms of writing and storytelling overall.

Also props to MC being a switch! <3 Poor Bebe tho, no filters from MC's more NSFW thoughts at all. ahahah ALSO BIG OOP for the reveal. View More
[BL] Is it Better to be a Beta? · C6
1 month ago
>A< aw family moment. It's cute. And of course, our favorite system and host bickerings are still hilarious.

"do you think he could cry or maybe punish me and lock me up?" :eyes: COUGH. Careful what you wish for. Or it could be both.. you know, two birds, one stone, and all that. (knows I used it wrongly but oh well heheh) View More
[BL] Is it Better to be a Beta? · C5
1 month ago
The content has been deleted
[BL] Is it Better to be a Beta? · C5
1 month ago
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