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Definitely Grinch. Jim Carrey's acting always cracks me up in that movie.

On to the chapter.

Well, it's nice to the Marauders having actual fun with the Slytherin trio (Rowan, Severus, Terry), without going overboard as to injure them. Shows how accepting they are to the Serpent's House now. At least, Rowan, Severus and their friends.

Also, huh. I wonder why Georgine is being asked to attend Black's bethrothal. Maybe a proposal or something of this sort.

I love the sheer aura Reginald was able to project, showing EXACTLY who is superior. Even if Walburga disapproves or hates the twins, that doesn't change the fact that, through their own influence, they have earned the friendship and loyalty from nearly all First Years. Including her youngest son. And her eldest's friendship.

Very well done! View More
A Bend in Time · C133
5 days ago
Very true. Huffelpuffs would have an advantage with their dorm location being close to the Kitchens. The heat from the cooking will heat the stone walls. And we know that sort of thing is possible since in Game of Thrones, (while is a fantasy story, does rely on some form of realism) Winterfell has a plumbing network that connects the castle to the underground hotsprings. That's why the castle is warm. View More

uptownhat: Yeah that's a very different circumstance in Hufflepuffs case I assume it's probably decently warm because they are right by the kitchens the heat will radiate off and warm the common room nicely honestly I'm not sure either of the towers would be that warm either heat may rise but once you go high enough it just gets colder and honestly syltherins room should actually stay about the same temperature for a while because of the lake water retains heat a lot more than ground so until about halfway through winter the lake should end up being bit of a tempture regulator for them neither too hot not cold till the lake actually cools off completely then it's be hell

A Bend in Time · C132
5 days ago
Personally, I would maybe be a Beater since I'm so bad at throwing. I'm probably really bad at noticing things that are small and can move quickly, i.e. The Snitch.

Now for the chapter. I love how the girls only focused Rowan's sudden fascination to Macmillan. I wonder how the boys will react.

Very well done! View More
A Bend in Time · C131
6 days ago
I love this.

Rowan is using her cunning to 'aim' the Marauders at Adric. Or something like this.

I do wonder how the Basilisk will react to Rowan and maybe Severus. They're still both Heirs of Slytherin from another branch, even though Rowan is the only one who can use Parseltongue, for now.

I think I remember something, maybe it was mentioned somewhere, that the Basilisk only answers to Slytherin and his bloodline. So even if Tom is still alive, she (the Basilisk) is bound by... Oath? Vow? Something, to obey anyone who is a direct descendant of Slytherin.

I wonder if Rowan will tell Reginald about the Basilisk and the Chamber of Secrets.

I love Sirius' reaction to Rowan's request, it is a bit out of character. I love how Peter immediately pinches him for real. Hilarious.

Wonderful chapter! View More
A Bend in Time · C130
6 days ago
This was a fun chapter to read, although I admit my annoyance to Adric. He really should learn to read the room. It's not nice to antagonize ghosts or spirits.

I love how the Bloody Baron immediately goes into his role to help Rowan. Admiring her cunning.

Severus is still acting like a lovesick puppy but again, he grew up differently. And with other friends, so he would be more blunt and honest with his thoughts.

I do hope he learns his lesson in this. Sometimes, you just have to reign it in.

Also... I love how Rowan and Severus aren't the least bit fazed by Tiffany's story. Yeah, with the way their lives have been, most scary stories don't exactly live up to their standards.

...I kinda hope Severus tells his own scary story, but instead of just being scary, it's also sad and heartbreaking. Adds *******.

Very well done! As always, your writing is amazing! You're awesome and I look forward to the next chapter! View More
A Bend in Time · C128
1 week ago
See this! I just gifted the story: Potion View More
The Goddess of Death · C9
1 week ago
That is true.

Oh and I love how we get to see Arthur in the story, I wonder where's Molly, though.

I do think that Voldemort relied heavily on the element of surprise. He was still gathering power but now that he's maimed in that aspect, I wonder how he will proceed with his plans to rule as a Dark Lord.

Very well done. View More
A Bend in Time · C124
1 week ago

Like, I have always wondered if the Pureblood kids are always all as happy as they seem to act since, with such old fashioned parents, I can see how they might be bitter and just angry at everything.

Seeing people with choices and envying them. Yup... I wonder if Lily and the rest of the Gryffindors are gonna be told about this.

Oooooh, maybe they'll approach Vasco and warn him to not do anything foolish since, in this time era, men are usually given the excuse "Boys will be boys" or "Men have needs"... yeah. I call bull on that. I'm a boy and I do have a thing called manners and self-control.

Ooooh and we get a glimpse of Bethanie's life.

Seeing these characters miserable really aches my heart, which is good because that means I am so invested in the story. You really nailed it.

I hope they can get something out of this. Maybe have some form of payback, or just making sure everything goes okay... like, the fact that Vasco has half-siblings and his father has a mistress... if that is public knowledge then yeesh... but I wonder if they'll ask Vasco about it. That would be a shocker if he doesn't know which is doubtful.

I look forward to the next chapter and I hope you have a wonderful day! View More
A Bend in Time · C122
1 week ago
Heh, Sirius calling Regulus by his nickname without knowing it. That is just heartwarming. It means that his relationship with his brother is improving further. Awesome.

I love how he immediately noticed how Rowan and Severus, being Halfbloods, are getting really creepy attentions from the Pureblood-obsessed Professor.

I love how Pettigrew unknowingly complimented Rowan on her intelligence since she seems to excel at most lessons. No matter how much she tries to convince others, she is being seen as the superior twin. Whether she likes it or not.

This is gonna affect Severus.

I love how Rowan just replies to Adric's comment with little enthusiasm.

Terry isn't really correct, true Severus' interest does revolve around Lily but he doesn't really speak of it. Although I can see how he would think that way since Severus' behavior almost always change when Lily is mentioned.

Excellent chapter. View More
A Bend in Time · C121
1 week ago
The tryouts was surprisingly less packed than I expected in for those who wanted to be Chasers. Then again, you have to take into account the schedules, free time, preferences and the like.

Another butterfly effect into the mix. Sirius is no longer the Keeper. Or not joining with James, at least. And his prejudice is still showing but that is understandable, it's hard to fully break yourself from your habits or views on the get go.

It takes a long process for some people. I say some because for people like Letitia, they are still young so they can be easily swayed in the other direction. Especially when the facts and reasoning make sense, as Rowan demonstrated during the Train ride to Hogwarts.

I love how Regulus is just playing along with Sirius' comeback, just to get the others off of his back. Their brotherly bond will be developing more positively in this, I hope. Sirius immediately lights up when he heard Regulus' plan to join the team in his Second Year. So that's a good sign.

Very well done! All these chapters are amazing! View More
A Bend in Time · C120
1 week ago
True. View More

Weirdo: If not, I think Sirius is definitely on the way to Durnstrang right now...

A Bend in Time · C117
1 week ago
Even though it took Lily literally dragging him, I am glad Sirius apologized sooner. These things are really difficult to handle if they are bottled up. Sometimes, we do need some help alomg the way.

I'm glad Sirius wasn't entirely offended by the bet. People in Slytherin do tend to deal with pain and wounds differently than Gryffindors. Not Severus, though. We have proof of that in canon.

It's nice to hear Sirius being glad over his baby brother. Even though I wish he would show it more to the boy himself.

Heheh, Terry is starting to get too deep into his role of the mother hen. Sheep herder, whatever it's called. It's nice to hear Regulus having some friends to play with but I do agree that he needs to establish a decent friend in his own house.

Severus had only Lily in canon as his true friend and look where that got him. I'm saying, his supposed friends in canon were probably just manipulating him. Whereas here, Terry and Rowan and her girlfriends are genuine and just about manipulative in the sense of mischief... like Loki.

Wow! Three chapters in such a short time! You are amazing! Brilliant! I look forward to your next update! Hope you're having a wonderful day! View More
A Bend in Time · C119
1 week ago
Oooh, so that's why Rowan took Ghoul Studies. I guess it would make sense to study about the supernatural and the more unknown territory of ghosts and spirits if one wishes to understand Horcruxes in greater detail.

Though Rowan's reasoning for learning such a thing is to stop the Dark Lord. I can see how it would be unnerving to the ignorant outsider. Especially Slughorn, who is traumatized by what he unknowingly told Riddle.

Very well done.

The ******* between Rowan's friends, Severus and Sirius is quite understandable. Poor Peter is stuck in the middle of a warzone. I do hope Sirius gets his head together because honestly, the person who did the bad thing should be the one who approaches the victim and apologize, in this case.

Very well done! View More
A Bend in Time · C118
1 week ago
Yup, I actually saw that Howler coming only moments into the chapter. Walburga would be furious for how shameful his son acted towards a Slytherin student, added with Rowan's family ties to Reginald. Yeah, these waters are to be tread lightly.

Almost like how people in Game of Thrones would be frightened to insult Tywin Lannister. The man has power and he is ruthless.

Granted, Reginald is more caring and soft but that doesn't mean his mean streak is small.

I love how Regulus is just so anxious for Sirius to apologize. He wants to be on Rowan's good side and for Sirius to right his wrong. Just the best, really.

I also love how Rowan understands Sirius' reluctance. The irony that Sirius, a Gryffindor who boasts of bravery, has to gather the courage to apologize.

I feel bad for him, but also happy because this could be how his prejudice goes away, somewhat. Hard lessons exist for a reason and this is Sirius' time to learn it.

I love how Regulus is slowly getting comfortable with Rowan's group of friends. And they've really committed themselves to be the caretakers of the First Years. This will definitely have an impact for the next batch of First Years and so on and so forth. A positive influence... they could start a group name too...

A wonderful chapter! View More
A Bend in Time · C117
1 week ago
Definitely. Those can be things that his mother, a proud Pureblood, would take notice but I think the information she got wasn't the full story. So I can see how Sirius was only scolded for some of the things he did. View More

Weirdo: Her mum didn't mention about his double standard, his disdain toward his own ancestor(Even if they're blood supremacist, a slytherin mostly, they are still his ancestor but he conveniently forgot about it and praise gryfindor like it some kind of cult), talk in such stupid kind of style even when he is a noble, and lots more...

A Bend in Time · C117
1 week ago
Of course, learning a new language is no easy thing. Sometimes your voice volume affects what you say, or it could be your tongue positions, then the pronounciations. Just overall a headache of a lesson.

I love how Severus and Rowan had that smug look on Terry. Just twins acting so synchronized. I've always loved that. I imagine them having the same smirk and just overall smug look.

Also, Xenophilius is two years older in this. Huh, I was expecting him to be a year younger or just one year ahead. I love how he and Pandora are having a legitimate and smart argument about Goblins and Wizards, specifically the treaty.

Both sides aren't exactly wrong, but they're missing some key points. Points that Rowan cleverly explained. I love how she doesn't shy away from the argument, merely adding another angle to the problem. A political angle, beffiting of her School House.

Now, about the previous chapter. I almost forgot to put this in, but I disagree on Rowan's thoughts regarding Severus' spell, Sectumsempra. He may create that spell for any enemies that would harm his friends and Lily. Yes, he wears his heart on his sleeves but only because he grew up in a different household. He's still guarded, but not as much as he is in canon.

But I feel as if creating a truly devastating spell would put another rift between the twins. Severus already believes his sister is superior to him, even with Rowan's efforts to tell him that is not the case. Adding spell-crafting, and the inevitable discovery of Rowan's parseltongue AND far-seer, might put another strain in Severus' relationship with his sister...

Actually, that would certainly put them on a path not unlike Dante and Vergil in Devil May Cry. Now I imagine Severus as Vergil talking about power and everything... which would actually go well with my previous thoughts if the Diary will come into play sooner in this AU.

Yeah. Have Tom Riddle offer him a chance to stand out. Awaken his own Parseltongue. Expand his knowledge of the Dark Arts. Manipulate and forge Severus into Tom's liking just like how Mundus turned Vergil into Nelo Angelo by manipulating him with lies that his human half is a weakness.

Despite our, the readers, fondness for their twin behaviour, I can see how Severus would want to stand out more than that. I feel as if he doesn't know that he already does, probably because Rowan always seems to be in front of him. So to speak. I can see how he would see it that way.

I don't think even Lily would be able to stop him from going down that path. She doesn't really understand because her sister is a Muggle... but I can actually see Petunia relating to him regarding this, which would be an interesting dynamic and could actually be the foundation of her reconciliation with Lily and Severus finding a new positive side of Petunia.

Wow, I went ham. Hehe, you've really made me invest so much into this story. Amazing!

This was a brilliant chapter. I look forward to your next update and I hope you have a wonderful day! View More
A Bend in Time · C116
2 weeks ago
This is a good show of brilliance for the Twins. Frankly, it astounds me that in canon Severus' brilliance was only noticed by his fellow Housemates and Dumbledore, but he only acknowledged it later on. Not as a student. I mean, even JAMES used Severus' spell, Levicorpus, during that incident in the Black Lake.

Like, the guy you're bullying and insulting and you are using HIS OWN spell... talk about irony.

Ooooh, I can understand the creepy vibes they're getting from the Professor. It's like how Professor Moody, or Barty Crouch Jr., in Harry's fourth year.

I wonder why that is. Maybe Adric is working for Abraxas or Voldemort. But that would be obvious... or would it?

Brilliant chapter. I also love the concern they all have for the Twins, shows how much they've grown on each other. Terry, deny it as he will, is really giving it his best to make sure the First Years receive proper guidance. He may complain about it, but the way he's doing his duty is really showing great dedication. View More
A Bend in Time · C115
2 weeks ago
And now this is just like Rowan. She's not exactly mad but the way Sirius acted towards her is really unbecoming and just about as hateful as it gets. For a 12-year-old.

I mean, she's still bothered but not exactly fazed too much by it. Severus was just about ready to go all out.

I love Pettigrew's persona in this. He doesn't like Rowan but that doesn't mean he would stoop so low and act so callously towards her. It's more of a frienemies type of situation. Lupin was just brilliant.

And of course, Rowan would reason that Sirius is still a Black and as a connection, could prove useful. Even more so with Regulus looking up to her and her group of friends for guidance... and most of the other First Years.

I just love her counter to Crowley.

And her knowing the power of her words. The seeds, so to speak.

I do wonder how this will impact the Gryffindor's reputation. I mean, it was shown that Lily, James, Peter, Lupin, Letitia and just most of the lions being against Sirius' remark. But even so, some people might be more cautious of the Lions now. Even though we know there are plenty of bigoted Snakes.

Brilliant as usual. I look forward to the next chapter. View More
A Bend in Time · C114
2 weeks ago
Ah yes, the double standard is showing.

Honestly, this is the moment they all needed to have. Also, isn't it Gellert Grindelwald?

Anyway, this moment. They all needed to establish the obvious prejudice. And I love how Letitia, who had similar views on Slytherin, is ranting to Sirius. Shows how ignorance can do wonders. Sirius is just intentionally ignorant of it. That is way worse.

I do hope they resolve this. Also love the cold fury Severus has for Sirius. He basically insulted his sister. Even if she is annoying, again, Rowan is his sister and he loves her and that is just awesome.

...Though I do wonder if there will be a point in the twins' lives where they go like Vergil and Dante from Devil May Cry. If you get the reference, you earn more kudos from me.

Oh boy, and just as Rowan defended Gryffindor House too. I do wonder why Terry is hostile to Mulciber. I know he's a future Death Eater but for him to earn such malice from Terry, there must be something.

Speaking of whom, I love how the First Years are obviously looking to someone of higher status (the 2nd Year, Terry) for guidance. Understandable considering Terry, Bethanie and basically Rowan's and Severus' group of friends are the friendliest of the rest. And the way Terry just unintentionally told them to mingle with their friends, not even specifying their House.

Speaks volumes of how much positivity they are spreading as Slytherins.

Brilliant chapter. An emotional trainwreck! You're an amazing writer and I look forward to more of your updates! Hope you have a wonderful day! View More
A Bend in Time · C113
2 weeks ago
They meant it as a joke, probably. And I kinda see Rowan embracing that, to be honest. Poison her enemies with words... she did it before with Lucius and the rest of the Purebloods who were siding with Voldemort. Granted, her words weren't lies but again, they were meant to 'poison' their minds (so to speak) into not joining the Dark Lord. View More

uptownhat: Poisonous is a little rude deadly maybe but poisonous seems a bit much

A Bend in Time · C111
2 weeks ago
Ahhh, and we begin the year.

I love overprotective Severus. Rowan may be annoying, but she is still his sister.

And them talking about Rowan's possible type, among other things, is just entertaining to read.

Also, the fact that Gobbledegook is a difficult language to learn and how Bethanie deems it unnecessary for the most part is exactly why Regulus, Severus, and Rowan will most likely earn a form of respect from the Goblins that could prove to be very useful.

Overall, a very good chapter.

I love that Severus is keeping his options open. Just try. I have a feeling that Mcgonagall wouldn't giving him a Time Turner to help with his schedule and I can see why. Severus would try to exploit it, somehow. I mean, maybe just for the studies and all but I can see why giving it to a child would be difficult without an amount of trust.

Also... I just remembered that there should be Xenophilius Lovegood and Pandora... and a Scamander somewhere during Severus' period of school. Since Luna Lovegood and Rolf Scamander (her future husband) exists... so there's a Scamander somewhere during this period of time.

Brilliant chapter. The way Regulus just takes in Rowan's advice and her encouragement. I can see him siding with her in the future. I look forward to your next update! Have a wonderful day! View More
A Bend in Time · C111
2 weeks ago
Not even fully into the story and I'm already loving the level of detail you are showing. View More
Game of Thrones - The Second Bastard · C0
2 weeks ago
Huh, conversations like these do work well as a reminder that these people are normal human beings. We often get the ***** perspective where they would often discuss politics, strategies, etc. Or with Harry Potter and the rest of his fellow students, it would be discussing Dark Wizards or Voldemort or the Basilisk and so on and so forth.

Sure sometimes they would discuss about who's with who, girlfriends, boyfriends, the Yule Ball dates and the like. But they progressively get less and less, understandably because of Voldemort's rise.

It's actually grounding how Rowan and her friends would speak of something so normal. Everyday things. I actually would like to see more of Severus' point of view with these normal topics. I know there are some in previous chapters.

Maybe other things like, voices changing, heights, physique, maybe even a party and the like. They are still children in the end, or teenagers/early teens. They're still students going to a school. Again, it grounds the characters. Adds a realism to it.

Very nice.

...I wonder if there will be an earlier Triwizard Tournament? That would actually be cool. Maybe during their 5th year or something? Well, I guess we'll see.

Brilliant chapter. I look forward to your next update. View More
A Bend in Time · C110
2 weeks ago
Reading Status: C9
10/10 This story feels so natural, you have to remind yourself at times that it's a self-insert story. Some SI stories feels weird, in my opinion. BUT THIS!! MASTERPIECE!! MAGNIFICENT!! View More
The Goddess of Death
3 weeks ago
This is a gift of a story, and you are a gift of a writer. The level of detail and characterization. UGH!! IT'S SO GOOOOOD!! I APPLAUD YOU!! I look forward to your next chapter and I hope you have a wonderful day!! View More
The Goddess of Death · C9
3 weeks ago
See this! I just gifted the story: Grimoire View More
The Goddess of Death · C9
3 weeks ago
A very interesting prologue. I actually like how you didn't reveal the main character's name. Adds a level of mystery to it. Only know that he is an orphan. Very interesting. I'm excited to read more. View More
Harry Potter: Orphans Ascension · C1
3 weeks ago
Ooooh, Lily and Severus' first argument. It went very well.

Hehehe, Terry is going into his 'coming-of-age' phase. Severus is as oblivious as ever.

I do wonder, with their many choices in clothing, if Severus or Rowan will try to look badass during, say, the Hogsmeade trip wearing some cool wizarding robes. Maybe during their third or fourth year. I can certainly see that having an effect on their fellow students.

I mean, with his improved looks, Severus could have some admirers... maybe. His inevitable voice change and straight posture... add the robes. I can see it. And as his mannerism changed somewhat since living with his grandparents and having Rowan as a sister, I can see him as being polite but blunt. Manipulating his words to not sound like an insult... much.

Not to mention Rowan. She has already established herself as a confident character and as she grows, I expect many or some will wish to date her. Or court her, for the more traditional Pureblood.

Very well done. And I see a hint of something dark to come from the way Rowan felt when she saw Wilkes. I look forward to your next update. View More
A Bend in Time · C109
3 weeks ago
First. The fact that you are so talented and uploading this story DAILY is just... such a gift. I applaud you!

Now onto the chapter.

Hm, Letitia's prejudice towards Slytherin, and just about anyone really, wouldn't be wrong since the older ones are saying the things about the House of Serpents. And really, Sirius' view is because his parents and family aren't... well, we already know.

But I love how Rowan immediately gives her a lesson. This is one of the times where Rowan has to be blunt with good reasonings to shake and crush the foundations that is building inside the young minds. Best to give the impression early on.

And yup, Regulus is instantly comfortable with her. She isn't moving away from his questions and is actually very knowledgable to give him a wider answer. And she's not being rude or anything like Sirius.

I know Sirius cares in his own way but keeping it hidden and acting the opposite way is going to have consequences. Regardless if he still helps Regulus in the end.

Letitia envying Barty could actually give him a boost of confidence. Having two of the Founders' traits really would sound amazing to the new students since it means that they are special, at least in their own eyes. I can see how that would be appealing... in fact, Severus actually embodies all four Founders in some of his own way.

Intelligent... I mean, Severus' potions book speaks for itself. Adding Legilimency and spell crafting. Loyal, the man still fulfilled Dumbledore's orders even after his death when he could have gone the easier route and fully turn to Voldemort's side. Cunning... he deceived Voldemort until his death, and the Dark Lord never realized. Brave... I mean, he had to meet regularly with Voldemort and his Death Eaters knowing that if he missed a step it would mean death yet he still does it.

Well, I'm done. Hehehe.

Brilliant chapter! I look forward to the next one! View More
A Bend in Time · C108
3 weeks ago
Ooooh and we get another complex character into the mix. Barty Crouch Jr. in my opinion was a bit less characterized in the movies. We only get a few moments and even then I read the Goblet of Fire just to add the missing gaps and it was just... a full mind blowing discovery.

And I am okay with you adding a younger sister to Bones. Seeing as Amelia is gonna be in the Ministry, having a connection with Barty would add another potential dynamic.

Also, Sirius does care but the problem is just his lack of showing it. Makes sense since Regulus has always been the obedient son and the problem with that is... well... their parents speak for themselves. So it would be a bit difficult for Sirius to try and be a normal caring brother. View More
A Bend in Time · C107
3 weeks ago
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