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Neoangel: There’s a lot of problem in this novel. I tried to keep on pushing thinking oh probably it’ll get better. But nope.
The main character Aria is just extremely selfish. She lacks empathy and genuineness. That everything she does, she did it because she wants to gain from it.

There are a lot of novels who succeed in creating such characters like Shi Sheng the badass from SCT But Aria only came out as superficial. I get it that she despises Mielle for what she had done... and wanted to be the same “wicked lady” like she is. But calm the frig down.

She went back to the past. Mielle is only 10 for god sake. She’s a child! Even though the author tried to justified Aria by saying “no no no Mielle’s already evil from childhood”. But to me what Mielle did was only a child throwing tantrums, getting jealous, and wanted attention from her parents.

Of course, this kind of child isn’t healthy mentally. But it doesn’t mean Aria can just blatantly bully her like that. Remember that Aria is an *****..... bullying a genuine kid. Like, those events that happened between them happened in the future.

Welp. it’s not like it’s extremely bad... I just can’t stand the mc. So yeah, If you’re intrested go ahead and read it.

The Villainess turns the Hourglass
1 month ago

IntanLestari: I've read 51 chapter as i review this novel, the translation and language is a little bit confusing, and it has slow pace story, not really worth it to unlock

Main character is so selfish and not genuine, it almost feel like she just love to use anyone without any emphaty or feelings, she wasting her power of hourglass despite knowing it have negative effect on her, so i'll drop this novel, thank you for editor, translator and author, keep up ❤ i'm looking forward to your next better story 😘

The Villainess turns the Hourglass
1 month ago
Reading Status: C247
This is your typical revenge villainess time-travel story, and what I like about this compared to other novels is that Aria is self-aware that she's a b*tch. It's a breath of fresh air to other mopey MCs or those who are "perfect". The story is great if you're okay with slow-paced novels because if you're here for the romance be prepared because things don't get going until like 100 chapters in. So yeah the story is fine... until you're 200 chapters in.

The thing about Aria is that she is TOO fixated on her revenge. There is one big battle in the story which seemed like the perfect time for Mielle to die... except she doesn't and the author drags it out for the next 50 chapters. It's to the point where she prioritizes her revenge over her love life and also almost ruins her best friends wedding because of it. Revenge is fine, but I need fluffy love scenes to balance it out too! So yeah, the problem with this novel is that the main characters don't really develop. They're just evil and the audience has to accept that and love them for it. Also, the villains are made to be stupid so the main characters look like gods and goddesses.

I liked the first 200 chapters of this novel, but reading it is now becoming a drag. I'll still finish it though... eventually. View More
The Villainess turns the Hourglass
1 month ago

PandaKittyKnight: I don’t mind her tormenting her but I feel like she should have done it a day it wasn’t Sarah’s wedding. Like come on this is her big day!

The Villainess turns the Hourglass · C239
1 month ago
😍 View More
Secret Wardrobe Of The Duchess · C50
4 months ago
Lmao this chapter is hilarious I honestly can't with Ann 😂 View More
Secret Wardrobe Of The Duchess · C25
4 months ago

Yoshinocchii: It's Arman 💕 He came for her 💕

Secret Wardrobe Of The Duchess · C4
4 months ago
Love this! View More
Julietta's Dressup · C49
4 months ago
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