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When I picked up this book, Swift Hand never believed that Dystopia Theme could be excellent. Yes, it is. But in the Webnovel site, where the majority of the trending novels were dominated by Eastern Fantasy, Fantasy, Contemporary Romance, and Magical Realism, I don’t think so. That was until I met this book, though. To organize my thoughts carefully, I’m gonna chronically write it starting from Writing Quality. Note, Swift Hands is not an English Native, as a long-time reader, but I can spot some errors and grammatical mistakes, though it doesn’t feel so glaring and obvious. The grammar is definitely a 4.8/5 for me. Update Stability — As the latest chapter, I can see the Author is constantly updating daily chapters, so 5/5 for me. Story Development — Since the story is still the exposition, I can’t rate the story development yet. But I can see the central idea of the story is pretty interesting. Character Design — As said earlier, the story is still early stage so I can’t rate it. But from what I’ve seen currently, the protagonist seems okay to me. World Background — Earlier chapters, Author really take the time to give us the necessary information for a Dystopia Theme. I totally okay with it and I like it. To the smaller details and bigger details, Author doesn’t overwrite or underwrite explanation, though sometimes it did. Anyway, the World Background is definitely something I’ll be interested in so 5/5 Overall, Story seems legit. Supporting the Author. Goodluck 👍
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