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We were currently in a battle with a group of velvet red ants. The Ants were mainly black with a red velvet pattern on its body. The ants were the hardest Beasts we had faced so far in the forest. Their strength was far greater than the other insects but still fairly easy to handle.

My Dragon System

My Dragon System

Fantasy · JKSManga

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Yeahhh....... these people exist i promise You.......

"...does this mean those two like me?" He thought aloud.

Otherworld Adventure

Otherworld Adventure

Fantasy · xxAlter

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The specter cat is chos

But as soon as the wound was done, a red fire began to leave Alex's wound, burning any harmful bacteria or organism while the mana heals the wound with the help of Alice, the little mana spirit.

Being a Cat in a Dungeon, It's not easy

Being a Cat in a Dungeon, It's not easy

Fantasy · AlexzY

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