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Why not use names? The last chapter had 3 people in a scene, you kept the female as "I", but referred both of the others as he. Readers should not have to review a previous paragraph to figure out who is talking over and over. I can deal with the changing 1st person choice of writing, but not the assumption that I have remembered a person that you barely introduce earlier in the chapter.

{For anyone who wants to complain about the POV save your breath. I am still doing it my way and there is no reason you should have problems understanding it. For example: Cera makes his way down the trail and sets up camp and logs off as night falls. Back miles and miles down the road he came from. The guards and travelers have also set up camp. There is a discussion between Kursco James and the butler Relomal from earlier. This is how I change POV's in this chapter as well as all my other chapters, there should be no problem following the story unless you are a poor reader or are using google translate. I will never do (POV of Example) in this story. I will continue to delete any comments pertaining to this sort of thing.}

The Ancients World

The Ancients World

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