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But whats more surprising is the fact other peoples time in summit is not easted while in divine stairs.. But mc lost 8k while at stairs... Thats more shocking right??? From no one will loose time when inside the divine stairs... To lossing it regularly like being in the summit... Fucking ridiculous. View More

Mischief_Mat: Are you surprised? There has been no balance whatsoever in the game to this point everything about the game has been broken since the beginning.

Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God · C1582
2 days ago

Didint it say that when your inside the divine stairs it would use time for summit??? So why did it fucking reduced 8k for the mc??? From 13k+ to 5k+... I know that you want to power down mc author but what the hell is this??? View More
Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God · C1582
2 days ago
No they dont... What everyone knows is that zhang ye drop the soap between two men... So they are shocked that he can still sing! View More

Vash_the_Stampede: Yeah, don't they force you to drink glass in prison to destroy your voice?! Everyone knows that!

I’m Really a Superstar · C1556
2 days ago

Jshay: I can’t help but feel that the author wanted to write a 10 year time skip but changed it to a 4 year time skip but decided to keep writing as if it was a 10 year skip.

I’m Really a Superstar · C1556
2 days ago
No one is playing it even tho its been out for days now lol...

But when they do.. Gansta gonna be in the house! View More

Eterealise: i wonder what the benefits from GTA?

Black Tech Internet Cafe System · C318
3 days ago
You dont see it??? Really?

One: think first before you act if you know the one who owns it.

Two: you gonna raid someone elses places because he stole it from others huh??? Okay im cool with that... Specially since these guys dont know who they attacking... But if you know who it is... No matter what reasons you have... You dont send anyone to kill themselves for a stupid reason of he stole it so we can steal it back. Since you know that the owner has a backer that has king tier mobile pet... You only do that **** in Games not in rl... You need to know your limits first. View More

Nostre38: Since Gao Peng stole it by killing its inhabitants I saw no qualms others cannot kill Gao Peng to obtain it.

Monster Pet Evolution · C383
3 days ago
So they found the labrynith gao peng owns??? Vut since they dont know it they gonna try and ransack it... Even if they know it they still gonna ransack it... And these guys onoy have low level lord tier and just few or couple of them at that... Can they even enter inside since no one can even get in??? View More
Monster Pet Evolution · C383
3 days ago
Please add more chapters in you release~
And make us readers happy~ via via

Even tho we are greedy~
We still love you for your hard work~
Via via. View More
I’m Really a Superstar · C1553
5 days ago
Guys has lu li turned his ring from supreme four ring to supreme five ring yet??? Or his book of ur to max upgrade or was he even able to upgrade it? View More
The Great Thief · C1079
6 days ago
Why the hell is this ring taking too long to Fucking upgrade???
Mc be like... Lets go upgrade this ring first!!! Just 1 more misc item needed!!!
Author be like... Bitch shut up... You aint getting no upgrade till i say so...
This goes for the next 5 million year of this story... No legend item foe you!!! Not till you get other legend cause Fuck you thats why. View More
The Great Thief · C556
1 week ago
I bet stripey will become like mjolnir... Small in size but is immovable cause of its weight lol. View More

DaoistIceIce: i bet when he become small. itll be really really really small lol

Monster Pet Evolution · C373
1 week ago
The better quwstion is... How the hell does 30k player overcome that wall or deep abyss pit in the center which seperate east and west? Mc and fatty only overcame that because they had the frog... But what about these guys that suddenly raid an impassable area...??? View More
MMO: Pierce Heaven Til' It Breaks · C169
1 week ago
He has mislead and camouflage skill so that thing is not even a problem.
Like what he does everytime he gets attack by mobs... Use pig to taunt then mislead them to it then use camouflage to get rid of agro. View More

Landsraad: Good thing he didnt get that bow. For PvE especially Raiding it would be suicide. A chance to fire at all enemies with 1500 yards to 300 yards? That's asking to offtank and pulling some crazy mobs in a tight. Haha
He was a PvPer though. Sigh

MMO: Pierce Heaven Til' It Breaks · C136
1 week ago

Lancron: Hmm I wonder if the gold fish would be a super mount where like magicarp evolves into a gyarados

MMO: Pierce Heaven Til' It Breaks · C136
1 week ago
Your reasons are your own assumptions and i wont even take it as real... For one all those are already proven wrong except the first part i guess... So hear me out...

First the 3 day thing... 3 day = 1 day in rl??? Okay... 1 day no eating nor drinking while been stressed inside a game??? Damn every people would be ejected out of that game if that happens.... Its not good for the health....

2nd reason its already explained when you die 5x straight in under 2 hours you automatically be respawned in a temple near you...

3rd reason.... You loose exp 10% per death but when you reach you 5th death in less than 2 hours thats auto matic 1 level loss while being killed the 3rd time automatically drops equips....

Now imagine this... You die every 10 seconds to 30 seconds due to being idiotically brain dead and just die alot...
And that lasted 3 days... Even if the system deducta the exp loss by continous death... At that time they or atleast the one that died is just 21 or below level... If he died 3 day straight WITHOUT rest... Then he should be technically be level 0 right then while having no more equips... Thats how the game should had work from author owns system.... But like the mc CRAFTING 3K ARROWS while using it to kill a boss for few hours which used more than that by alot... This Shit of a plothole is made again by the author... Dont defend this idiotic plothole by another presumption of yours... If you want to defend it then use the authors words.... If not then you dont even have to argue since you are already having invalid arguments from the start... View More

SnowRose: I think that ‘3 days’ is referring to in game time. The main plot of this story seems to take place within the game world and only mentions irl when it’s necessary. It said in the beginning there was like a 3-1 time difference or something, meaning ‘3 days in game’ or the entire day irl. And when the author says things like ‘he thought over it for nearly half a day’ I think it means it figuratively, and only a few min have passed.

As for the killing, it said there was a 10% exp penalty for dying. But is that true under all circumstances?

It said that during a sanctioned ‘guild battle’ there is no exp loss. Maybe they are in a ‘duel’ and death does not mean loss of exp?

If it isn’t a duel or under similar circumstances, then maybe the exp lost is reduced when you die from the same person within a certain amount of time. A countermeasure to spawn camping the game creators implemented?

There are many factors we, as readers, do not know. Would it be nice if the author explained it? Yes... does he really need to? Maybe... Will him not explaining it kill the story? I don’t think so, so long as you take it in a comedic light.

MMO: Pierce Heaven Til' It Breaks · C95
1 week ago
But really tho??? Been killing each other 3 days straight.... They have no sleep nor been eating or drinking.... They shouldve died in rl....

Also shouldnt it be that after the first 5 death in around two hours shouldnt they be atleast forcibly loose a level and drop items and also be resurected at the temple???

So much flaws in this plot... That everybody be slipping out of Fuck... View More
MMO: Pierce Heaven Til' It Breaks · C95
1 week ago
Its the third day of the month tho... And they said they will release it at day two of the beggining of the month... Also we didint reach the top 10.... For some reason when qe reach top 11 we suddenly drop to 14 by tommorow lol.... Seems like a conspiracy!!!!😂😂😂😂😂 View More

RainBreaker: Read his caption it will be released in 2 days, he needs to stockpiles first

Black Tech Internet Cafe System · C273
1 week ago

ICBPenguin: Only old Wu can say if he’s the fastest draw

I’m Really a Superstar · C1545
1 week ago

cassiopea: .im wodering when will b d science project something to announce s contribution of ZY ..so ppl know dat ZY

I’m Really a Superstar · C1538
1 week ago

AntiBallisticMayo: Freddy may have to jump through hoops, but his reputation and his memory won't be as missing in 3 years as to what zhang ye had to contend with. That is the most immersion-breaking subject in this novel for me. Not the lottery system, or the zhang ye luck and whatnot.

The loss of total fame and rep is so outlandish. Heck even with a scandal as being a world wanted hacker, you Zhang Ye's infamy would at least keep him fresh in peoples minds. He is practivally a household name with his books, textbooks, nursery rhymes, and radio tapes. Schools teach materials made by him!

The point stands... the author's 3 year amnesia is such an ass pull.

I’m Really a Superstar · C1538
1 week ago

DigitalJunkie: Here is a little rant. I hope you can understand.

I just don't understand why the author is trying to push the idea that 3 years is long enough for the MC to be forgotten. It's gotten so bad that people are saying it makes sense and then giving some twisted reason to support the claim. It's such a foolish thing to say that even the author is trying to extend the once "3 years" to "3 and a half" and then to "4 years".

NO one in there right mind should forget the MC. If you're a young kid then the nursery rhymes the MC wrote and preformed should be fresh in the mind. If you're a older kid then the MC computer game should hold their attention. If you're a child who is at school then there is the simple and new equation that the MC invented to help ChenChen. Older kids who are at school would repeatedly read the MC poems and study his calligraphy. Certain students entering university would hear about the MC turning Dream of the Red Chamber on its head in literature and others would study the math equations he made.

Leaving education would only be met with the MC songs on the radio and the many tv programs he invented. Every person who was on social media couldn't avoid hearing the many fights the MC had with other famous people and even the government. There is so much but what i'm saying is from the Cradle to the grave all aspects of popular entertainment was reinvented, enhanced and molded by the MC. NO ONE IN ASIA SHOULD FORGET THE MC.

Some one wrote that it makes sense that the MC was forgotten because if you take Arnold Schwarzenegger last movie can you even remember it. And i say "you can't remember the latest movie but you still know who Arnold Schwarzenegger is and it's the same for thew MC but only grandeur in this story

You know who Albert Einstein is despite being dead for over 70 years. And yet the MC who has created equation and become the greatest hacker in the world is forgotten in 3 years.

You know who Elvis Presley is despite being dead for over 50 years and yet the MC who created a number of legendary music shows and became the greatest singer/performer was forgotten in three years

How about Freddie Mercury and his legendary performance at LIVE AID that happened 40 years ago. This was equal to the MC last concert that was never seen before and blew the minds of everyone watching it

I’m Really a Superstar · C1538
1 week ago
He really has no cash?? What happened to his investments then??? Like his dong pao leaves??? View More
I’m Really a Superstar · C1536
1 week ago
See this! I just gifted the story: Balloon View More
Black Tech Internet Cafe System · C1
1 week ago
I remember about gao pend blabbing how he is now 26 or 28... So how the hell is it only 4 years since the appocalypse???😑😑😑 fuck this time line. View More
Monster Pet Evolution · C342
1 week ago
Author: afterall he cant fight a whole world right?

Me: didint he just wiped out the whole spirit world forcing them to fused quicker?? You on drugs bro? View More
The Lord’s Empire · C956
2 weeks ago
Chisel only really???

Theres hammer, saw, pliers,tape measure, the balance thingy etc. There are alot of stuff specific for carpentry... And all you can think of is just chisel??? View More

fredom: A chisel... the rest is usually equipment for creation, and is more equipment than tools, if I remember right

Spending My Retirement In A Game · C10
2 weeks ago

LazyDeath: Author isnt it about time to wipe out the midlands already??? Like seriously... Just go to the middle with just mc and wipe them out... No taking over just wipe them out... They cant really resu anymore.... They got no power over him... No matter how much they Fucking team up or fuse their power...is it really more powerfull than 5 gaurdians infused with world power? They dont have world power to boot since they have fused in that world and is now over with thier begginer stage.....Fuck this Shit.

The Lord’s Empire · C955
2 weeks ago
Author isnt it about time to wipe out the midlands already??? Like seriously... Just go to the middle with just mc and wipe them out... No taking over just wipe them out... They cant really resu anymore.... They got no power over him... No matter how much they Fucking team up or fuse their power...is it really more powerfull than 5 gaurdians infused with world power? They dont have world power to boot since they have fused in that world and is now over with thier begginer stage.....Fuck this Shit. View More
The Lord’s Empire · C955
2 weeks ago
Where the mass release T.T View More
Black Tech Internet Cafe System · C267
2 weeks ago

LazyDeath: Once again... How the hell do they know his identity??? Other than the qin family... How does the whole world knew in an instant after the whole qin family saw him? Wth... Such big plot hole.... Spies? Where the Fuck can there be spies in a place that was free of players just few hours ago....they need the main characters permission to actually leave the qin kingdom...they have no way of actually sending that info across the world...author gonna say mc did it himself?? Again why??? What could be the reason that he should do it? Is there something he can get from it??? His identity is unknown and he can keep it that way incase he wants to disguise himself... Now?? Every Fucking world knows who he is...

There is nothing he can get from it...

This is BullShit

The Lord’s Empire · C953
2 weeks ago
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