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Having a system don’t mean it’s okay to be screwed by everything View More

DesertRat: If the was real life, I would totally agree, but dude has a system, he deserves to suffer funny and embarrassing things, it's so satisfying to me 😋😄

My Extraordinary Achievements · C127
20 hours ago
The content has been deleted
The Dragoon in Skyrim · C2
1 day ago

lsoma: nahhh man your wak.... you just said it yourself. He wrote it in the authors notes not in the story........ like how tf are we supposed to know he suddenly forgets everything he knew when it isnt stated in the story ???? Plus throughout the story he mentions curtain parts he shouldnt know if that was the case. Many examples but one is saying where he wont let his sis go out with oscar and follow the dumb circus or something. So clearly he knows the story but authors just using it for convenience, something I despise cause it makes no fcking sense.

I agree with schnee tbh dont mind the looks cause tbh I grampa swords look better. However this could have easily been sorted out by writing about a mutation during birth where sword used his sp to help with the birth or something. Just lazy writing. Could have even just said he got his genes from sword and hes a distant relative or something.

Finally the thing that prob annoyed me most wasnt even how he forgot everything. Its the whole writing. I mean the block writing is bad enough then author goes and adds all the symbols and monologs every other line. Theres something called spacing out... his whole training arc I skipped cause I found it just so annoying to read. Plus when he did that test like my god why must you make a 1000 year move that complicated... all you had to say was he gains 25% atk while decreasing his opponents by 25%. not a whole chapter..

To me the story could have been interesting with his sword de buffing his enemies while buffing his at the same time then with his sword intent he could become op. However he suddenly becomes a defensive swordsmen ?? why ?? whats the point of his de buffs if his fighting style is defending ??? Obv to make him weaker for the story

to me the author has butchered his own story.

Douluo Dalu: 9 Treasure Sword
1 day ago


Douluo Dalu: 9 Treasure Sword
1 day ago
I’m not minding cause I’m picturing it has Joker in mha, just reading to pass time View More

DaoOfNothing: the story is good but i don't like that he killed his mother.


My Hero Academia:"Just a bad day" · C3
1 day ago
Someone is traumatised i see View More

Sabth3607: Don’t she is the single biggest slut In comics, she has dated nearly every main dc hero often while they were dating other people (every main member apart from Martian manhunter) and on a few occasions got pregnant as well then proceeded to ruin those relation ships and NTR’d them openly. She has also cheated on her partners repeatedly and even abused then and her biggest weakness is bondage. Luckily this is no longer cannon because of 2019’s political correctness.

A New Hero in DC? · C12
2 days ago
I wishes he would cut ties with his mother over it, not permanently but until she understand how not funny it is when you take a joke too far and how serious it can get View More

DesertRat: Am I the only one waiting for the implosion when he finds out his crush is his new god-sister ??

I liked this chapter and progression, but everything in me is anxiously awaiting the family fun 😁

My Extraordinary Achievements · C127
2 days ago
What’s wrong with a teaser tho? In the end, teaser or not, the chapter is still on it’s way View More

RAGNAROC511: Worthless BS, a stunt like this makes me NOT want to give you power stones and/or gifts EVER!
I'll stop at this point otherwise I'll rant, rave, and be rude to no point or effect. I bid you good day.

Godly Devourer System · C49
2 days ago
You are devious and vile View More

kurosakichigo: MENG Fan should release a book containing his laughing faces. If anyone is sad then they can see that and laugh

My Extraordinary Achievements · C125
5 days ago
Why would she? She had other thing to think about... View More

Outi_Lehtinen: I’m sorry, but I think it’s completely ridiculous that Hela never heard or asked her own name in five years. FIVE YEARS! Wasn’t she ever curious at all?

The Goddess of Death · C3
6 days ago

CDR_Grae: Thank you so much! I tried so hard to make it a 'realistic' reaction when a person does reincarnate. I know if that happens to me, I'll probably be in shock, cry for a while for all I left behind, learn as much as I could in the new life I have, and be determined to live my life to the fullest this time. I tried to apply that process to Hela and it looks like it worked! Thank you again and please stay tuned!

The Goddess of Death · C2
6 days ago

Nidian: This chapter is an example how you make a reincarnator, who you can believe, that she reincarnated.
Great work👍

The Goddess of Death · C2
6 days ago

AlmazDa: If the person Harley is talking about meeting up with is Ivy then the next chapter should be interesting. Ivy has a very similar outlook on the world as the Mc with the whole “indifference to killing humans” and can probably help the Mc organize his thoughts on the matter as she has much more experience with it. The Harley and Ivy dynamic has also always been very interesting, so I hope you can do it justice.
Anyway, great chapter and keep up the great work.😁👍

6 days ago
In my opinion:
1) and 2) were already shown (with the flower to Mina)

3) is a strange concept to add in, how does stealing weight works with space/time mani.

4) is possible by bending space (which bend the light) so illusion is possible, light speed is something different, he isn’t made of light

5) are way too abstract, his light manipulation is the result of bending space in a way, again no actual relation to actual light so feeding on light is plainly ridiculous View More

Illusory_Reality: Can you write a status auxillary chapter ??

Also....I have a suggestion for 2 more abilities :
1) time advancement =decay : advance the effect time has on things and biological creatures ..ageing people to ash and making elements radiate into nothingness
2) time backward :return things to the state when they were first created

3) a sub ability of the gravity arrays :stealing the weight of things permamently and encasing it in his gravity barrier/bag within himself ...can unleash it when he neads to increase and condense his weight and thus his strength

4) light control :create illusions ... can change the way he appears and create non-physical projectins
Maybe when proficient enough ...be able to travel at light speed

5) light lifeform : be able to use light stored within himself to breathe and get nutrients .....not needing oxygen or food (becoming superman in the process)

Spacetime Anomaly: MHA Fanfic · C54
1 week ago
Tbf trusting someone with infinitely growing power is for the best, if you trust someone with finite prospect in a world like this, it can easily lead to mistake from overconfidence in your trusted one :c View More
Spacetime Anomaly: MHA Fanfic · C50
1 week ago

MagMods: Just go for the 2 of them I mean others aren't important momo is over used and ochaco oh god talk about a plain character those 2 were the only 2 aside from the girl that shrinks stuffs

Spacetime Anomaly: MHA Fanfic · C33
1 week ago
What are you excited about (● ˃̶͈̀ロ˂̶͈́)੭ꠥ⁾⁾ View More

Shameless_Buddha: *flips table excitedly*

Gifting this Unfortunate Guy with Blessings · C0
1 week ago

Daoist666017: ┻━┻

Gifting this Unfortunate Guy with Blessings · C0
1 week ago

Nirvanic_Sun: ┬─┬ノ( º _ ºノ)(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

Gifting this Unfortunate Guy with Blessings · C0
1 week ago

Daoist666017: *flips table*

Gifting this Unfortunate Guy with Blessings · C0
1 week ago

Daijena: Could someone explain to me why Chris should be with Jason? She has so many high relationships with other boys and I don't get why they aren't recognized as potential targets. Author please help. :c

Harry Potter and the Fortunate Queen · C78
1 week ago
I started bing reading today and can’t help but notice the 3-4 same guy every chapter singing the praise of some kinda strange romance between the MC and the tsundere boy who spoke 4-5 time in 70+ chapter... View More
Harry Potter and the Fortunate Queen · C75
1 week ago

Rakokus69: Kill.. Just kill him.. Kill RON.. Eh, what I mean kill RAT..

Harry Potter and the Fortunate Queen · C58
1 week ago

leonel551: Okey im dropping here should just read DxD as this shouldn't even be call a fanfiction! As the MC is nothing but a side character that sometimes has to fight, if it was not for the mysterious background (as he is from a different world) i bet no one will ever bother with him!

Reborn: Ulquiorra in DxD world · C46
1 week ago
Actually, I would View More

azurekite: If you suddenly had the power to go to different fantasy worlds and anime and could still go back to your own world would you be 100% certain that your world isn't just another fantasy world instead of the so called real world

Absolute Fantasy · C3
1 week ago
Since he said 25%, he might be talking of grand children and descendant who came later since their child will have 100% but mix with random bloodline View More

In_Human: If two pure bloods have a child then shouldn’t the child also be pure blood and not 50%

Otsutsuki In Mutiverse · C5
1 week ago

TheMMs: luna

Harry Potter and the Fortunate Queen · C19
1 week ago

LordTouchMe: What a horrible father. I'm glad he's taking in the kids! Thanks for the chapter!

Overlord and the Seraphim · C32
1 week ago
You either die or live long enough to see yourself become Karen View More
Overlord and the Seraphim · C32
1 week ago

Dragonia_101: thanks for the chapter

Godly Devourer System · C39
1 week ago
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