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Original Works

  • The Dungeon Kingdom System

    The Dungeon Kingdom System


    An accient let Lucien be reborn in another world as a dungeon core. Witness his rise. ——— I am not a english native so forgive me ^^ I write the story in my freetime because i ever wanted to write on. I am not really good at writing a synopsys.. sooo i will upgrade this from time to time ^^ Put on hold, it will release again but not now.

  • Trails of the Eternal

    Trails of the Eternal


    What will he do? How will he live? What is his goal? Where will he go? Watch and see his journey. ____________________________________ I write this novel to improve my writing skills so don't expect that its the best at the beginning but I hope you like it more the more you read it. Hope you enjoy it :) Release schedule: 2 per week (now at the beginning, I see how it goes)


I somehow want mc to learn the beast language ^^ View More
Supreme Magus · C73
14 hours ago
I still dont understand where his resurection is a problem? Its a nice ability to live every few hundert-or-so years a new life ^^ View More
Supreme Magus · C61
22 hours ago
On the other hand it gives the mc more personality so.... its ok i dont like it but its still a good read ^^ View More

Legion20: yeah, she took the ballot before s**t hit the fan.

Supreme Magus · C59
22 hours ago

Eddicted: Common college crushes on cute professors.but almost all of them become a funny memory and doesnt succeed.i guess it will be same here.

Supreme Magus · C60
22 hours ago
Ok why did you do that..... i was so in hope i whould get a good mc, a nice novel with a mc who cares not and no romance... at least not so early... not such a hormone driven guy..... View More

Legion20: yeah, she took the ballot before s**t hit the fan.

Supreme Magus · C59
22 hours ago

wolven: =| I'll quote a fucking meme to describe how that last line made me feel "My disappointment is immense and my day is ruined" I wont read the next chapters because i dont feel like seeing the MC embarass himself even more

Supreme Magus · C59
22 hours ago
As if Ainz cant handle something like that, what does he plan this time? ^^ View More
Supreme Magus · C52
1 day ago
Just a question: I just dont understand why he still wants to kill himself? I mean he has a nice life now and even a full magic world to explore. So why go away from that?

Or do i miss something? View More

Legion20: corrected, thanks

Supreme Magus · C44
1 day ago
You think? I find it pretty fun maybe he even finds friends there, maybe even friends that are as strong as he is and he dosnt need to safe them every god damn time (like in most other novels...) View More

Saltberg: Thank god no Academy Arc with arrogant young masters and all these other things, thanks for the chapter

Supreme Magus · C44
1 day ago
„His little brothers care“ -> „her little brothers care“ ;) View More
Supreme Magus · C43
1 day ago
„Disowned sons“ -> „disowned son“

He has only one disowned son right? :) View More
Supreme Magus · C38
1 day ago
„To make his debut“ -> „To make her debut“ ;D View More

Legion20: lol, the beauty conspiracy? no man. wait and see :P

Supreme Magus · C37
1 day ago
Will you give him some magic pet to later? ^^ View More

Legion20: actually when he was 4. My mistake, i corrected it. thanks ;)

Supreme Magus · C33
1 day ago
Be careful not to make a male mage enemy just to let him get killed by mc because of his genius and power

You self said you dont want to go that way in a earlier chap ;) View More

Legion20: decent male as in good as a mage or as a man? cuz mages, you'll see as much as you want(both males and females) as soon he leaves the village. as a man, imo MC is not good at all. He is broken from all the traumas on earth.

Supreme Magus · C32
1 day ago
I just wait for it: he becomes strong and makes the true magic aviable for all (because if he does it before he is strong it can be his or his familys death)

That whould be enough for the magus title ^^
How he get the supreme magus title than, i dont know. Maybe invent new magic? Like necromantie, shield magic, dimensional magic, time magic etc ^^ View More

Legion20: kek, ikr. I plan on showing as little as possible. Is not easy to come up with something like that every time, especially since the more complex is a spell, the more complex the goddamn signs

Supreme Magus · C29
1 day ago
Why dont he just heal his lisp thing? Or did he do that already?
Great story so far ^^ View More

Legion20: ^^ how could he? The MC comes from our world, after all. And with his background/baggage he is bound to be merciless. I am trying to write a realistic story, with an MC that is really smart and scheming, unlike those that have those traits in their description and then act like idiots/saints. He doesn't get to be an irredeemable optimist, or full of undeserved confidence. Hope you keep to enjoy my story.

Supreme Magus · C24
1 day ago

NotYetAnAuthor: More assertive yes, though in his circumstances being more assertive would naturally lead to being more ruthless.

Guess that's where self-discipline comes in...

Babel · C34
1 week ago
I think he needs to be a little more ruthless ^^

Not a senseless killer but he should stop holding back, i mean he is strong. Even he himself knows that now ^^ View More

thewayofKABOOMMMMM: Oh noise ,he cleared one floor in one chapter 😆 hopefully this crucible of souls arc provides him with the missing something know, like he is The mc ...but not mc enough to be mc of this story, something is missing 😑 be that be something in his character or power or ability hmmm and I still feel that his love was introduced too early all the possible romance arcs... 😔 now I have no choice but to hope that this is story is h&r$m-ish

Babel · C34
1 week ago
Yes please edit this... ^^

I just cant read it.. i mean nothing against this story i just hate this writing style where you put the name and than the writing like:

Julian "blablabla"
Oak "blabla" View More

SupremeAuthor: Hey Author, would you be fine with me being an editor, you have quite a few grammar mistakes along with the switches between 1st and 3rd person. I am a Author myself though not nearly as large as you, but I do feel my English is decent and I can help you with the grammer and POV issues.

Journey Towards Greatness · C3
1 week ago
Pogostemon stellatus = its that grass that is mostly seen in a aquarium

if you dont know ^^ View More
Dark Moon Era · C5
1 week ago
*gives chipotle with extra beans*

So now mass release :D View More

Einlion: Mass release requires chipotle with extra beans.

Babel · C33
1 week ago

Djacked: Please don't make her a love interest. Ryuuna is just a more vicious and crueler version of Saht. Ryunna has become what she hates, someone who believes 'Might makes right', with no mercy. The ONLY reason she spared him was because she was curious about him and even then before she heard Linnaeus story she intended to use him as a gopher and maybe kill him off later. Even now she intended to have him killed by the weather cuz she felt insulted. I've read too many stories where the protaganist has morals but are blind to 'evil' actions simply cuz they're friends or lovers, don't go that road plz.

Babel · C31
1 week ago
[...][Barrer] Magic on the First[...] -> [Barrier] magic

;) View More

Einlion: Dude, this is like saying a GM in a game was a dick because they gave you a beneficial title and a private grinding area. Your argument doesn't seem to hold any water.

Babel · C31
1 week ago
I feel the whole tower climb starts really after the 10th floor

In the earlier chaps you wrote that after the first 10 floors you can leave the tower so i think the first 10 are like a tutorial + selection, after that the real tower starts View More

Einlion: Dude, this is like saying a GM in a game was a dick because they gave you a beneficial title and a private grinding area. Your argument doesn't seem to hold any water.

Babel · C31
1 week ago
I really feel the chill... because my window is open and its winter xD View More

masterplayr99: Its chapters like this that show Eins skill the most. I could practically feel the chill while reading this

Babel · C30
1 week ago

music_ALBUMS: Pls kill her I don't like her character one bit till now

Babel · C22
1 week ago
I think there will be a reason that he stays in the tower ^^

1. His sister is there, maybe oath bound or so to climb
2. He must swear an oath and join some guys/clan/group to climb, tor protect whoever he wants to protect in this moment
3. I learns of his parents or some othe secret that he goes up the tower
4. Something happens and his personality changes and he wants to be the strongest
5. or something else xD View More

Einlion: He was being actively hunted down so his [Stealth] and [Presence Concealment] would obviously gain experience.

Babel · C21
1 week ago

REDLAW: I don't really like his current personality even though I can understand and accept the reasoning behind it. I don't mean that he should be a battle maniac. But a bit of proactivity wouldn't be bad. The more he stall the greater the difference in power between him and the other grow. One day, he might not be able to flee even if he wanted to

Babel · C21
1 week ago
Do you really mean trees and planets? Or trees and plants? ^^ View More

Einlion: I'd say he is closer to a half-fairy than an elf.

Babel · C15
1 week ago
Nice story till now, but please dont make that a huge harem like in EPIC xD

I mean harem is ok (if its good written) but at some point its just to many ^^ View More

Einlion: I'd say he is closer to a half-fairy than an elf.

Babel · C15
1 week ago
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