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Original Works

  • The Dungeon Kingdom System

    The Dungeon Kingdom System


    An accient let Lucien be reborn in another world as a dungeon core. Witness his rise. ——— I am not a english native so forgive me ^^ I write the story in my freetime because i ever wanted to write on. I am not really good at writing a synopsys.. sooo i will upgrade this from time to time ^^ Put on hold, it will release again but not now.

  • Trails of the Eternal

    Trails of the Eternal


    What will he do? How will he live? What is his goal? Where will he go? Watch and see his journey. ____________________________________ I write this novel to improve my writing skills so don't expect that its the best at the beginning but I hope you like it more the more you read it. Hope you enjoy it :) Release schedule: 2 per week (now at the beginning, I see how it goes)


Just purchase the cheapest technique than load it in your origin card till you have the ultimate encryption technique ^^ View More
Divine Card Creator · C36
1 day ago
Now he only needs to learn how to encrypt it.
Because if he dont do it... yeah than he gets nothing. Again xD View More
Divine Card Creator · C15
2 days ago
Maybe later but i guess for more he just dont have the energy ^^ View More

Hnn17: wth? you got internet and videos, whats the point of fruit ninja illusion card when the video game is possible in this world

Divine Card Creator · C12
2 days ago
Yey we have privilege here to now... xD.... View More
Abyss Domination · C252
3 days ago

meddiman: since when is he a pirate?

Abyss Domination · C244
5 days ago

Ombrelongue: . . .
ROGUE ! And not "pirate lvl 7" !!!

Abyss Domination · C244
5 days ago

reyou_leo: Something that is lost for eons never to be found? A SSR item that rng-esus denied giving you? Have this problem caused you to lose hair thinking about it?
NO WORRY! We have the solution! Presenting Senior White! With the appropriate price(life threatning event), senior white can find you what you need or more!(considering you manage to live).
Call us at 1-800-tribulation space. And bring immortal food to improve your chances of him blessing you.

Cultivation Chat Group · C1111
1 week ago

Daoist5664: I'm looking forward to your list

A Valiant Life · C1239
2 weeks ago

Arch_Bishop: Welf: and that your honor, is when I stabbed him to death.
Judge: case dismissed.

Endless Path : Infinite Cosmos · C317
4 weeks ago

FIREAGE: Song Shuhang's seal of approval.

Cultivation Chat Group · C1095
4 weeks ago
I like the combination of both like in solo leveling View More

caiiio_x: Assassins are cooler >_>

Abyss Domination · C111
1 month ago
What do you have against necromancers? ^^ View More

caiiio_x: Nooooo don’t become a shadow lich! 😩 that’s obviously what’s gonna happened based on the chapter’s ending and the book’s cover! 😩 I hate lich/necromancer the most 😩 why can’t these novels just let the MC be an assassin and thief 😩

Abyss Domination · C111
1 month ago

MadThelric: I believe she lost it before having a high constitution

Abyss Domination · C80
1 month ago

Esoril: In the previous timeline her brother had likely died, causing her to seek revenge against humanity who killed her brother, thus falling to the evil path or something

Abyss Domination · C28
1 month ago
Wizard = i am smart learn a lot of stuff and can use magic because of it
Prist = i have my wisdom and faith
Sorcerer = i dont know... i just smile? View More
Abyss Domination · C27
1 month ago

BlackLily: > Able to use divine magic.
> Book immediately talks about deitys leaving soul fragment that take over body's.
> Shes a lovable character.

Unfortunately her safety is doubtful.

Abyss Domination · C25
1 month ago

Imperial_Monarch: you know the novel world is ****ed when you have an 8 year old that is happy to be the bad guy. 10/10 would read again

Abyss Domination · C9
1 month ago

Ancient_Devil: We're the bad guys 😂😂😂

Abyss Domination · C9
1 month ago

Alessan: Can you imagine how many people would be willing to pay for it if it was like $10 a month? I wouldn't be surprised if they made way more that way.

Lord of the Mysteries · C475
1 month ago
I somehow want mc to learn the beast language ^^ View More
Supreme Magus · C73
1 month ago
I still dont understand where his resurection is a problem? Its a nice ability to live every few hundert-or-so years a new life ^^ View More
Supreme Magus · C61
1 month ago
On the other hand it gives the mc more personality so.... its ok i dont like it but its still a good read ^^ View More

Legion20: yeah, she took the ballot before s**t hit the fan.

Supreme Magus · C59
1 month ago

Eddicted: Common college crushes on cute professors.but almost all of them become a funny memory and doesnt succeed.i guess it will be same here.

Supreme Magus · C60
1 month ago
Ok why did you do that..... i was so in hope i whould get a good mc, a nice novel with a mc who cares not and no romance... at least not so early... not such a hormone driven guy..... View More

Legion20: yeah, she took the ballot before s**t hit the fan.

Supreme Magus · C59
1 month ago

wolven: =| I'll quote a fucking meme to describe how that last line made me feel "My disappointment is immense and my day is ruined" I wont read the next chapters because i dont feel like seeing the MC embarass himself even more

Supreme Magus · C59
1 month ago
As if Ainz cant handle something like that, what does he plan this time? ^^ View More
Supreme Magus · C52
1 month ago
Just a question: I just dont understand why he still wants to kill himself? I mean he has a nice life now and even a full magic world to explore. So why go away from that?

Or do i miss something? View More

Legion20: corrected, thanks

Supreme Magus · C44
1 month ago
You think? I find it pretty fun maybe he even finds friends there, maybe even friends that are as strong as he is and he dosnt need to safe them every god damn time (like in most other novels...) View More

Saltberg: Thank god no Academy Arc with arrogant young masters and all these other things, thanks for the chapter

Supreme Magus · C44
1 month ago
„His little brothers care“ -> „her little brothers care“ ;) View More
Supreme Magus · C43
1 month ago
„Disowned sons“ -> „disowned son“

He has only one disowned son right? :) View More
Supreme Magus · C38
1 month ago
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