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Original Works

  • The Dungeon Kingdom System

    The Dungeon Kingdom System


    An accient let Lucien be reborn in another world as a dungeon core. Witness his rise. ——— I am not a english native so forgive me ^^ I write the story in my freetime because i ever wanted to write on. I am not really good at writing a synopsys.. sooo i will upgrade this from time to time ^^ Put on hold, it will release again but not now.

  • Trails of the Eternal

    Trails of the Eternal


    What will he do? How will he live? What is his goal? Where will he go? Watch and see his journey. ____________________________________ I write this novel to improve my writing skills so don't expect that its the best at the beginning but I hope you like it more the more you read it. Hope you enjoy it :) Release schedule: 2 per week (now at the beginning, I see how it goes)


See this! I just gifted the story: Sword View More
World Domination System · C1
6 hours ago
Or: "The Username is taken!" View More

Leioc: Don't you hate it when you spend a long time at the character creation screen, thinking of a name, only to end up hitting confirm before noticing a typo?

Cultivation Chat Group · C967
16 hours ago

Skaz: Who else first read clash of clans? xD

Abyss Domination · C2
6 days ago
Phillip - the new selfie stick View More
The Legendary Mechanic · C474
6 days ago

Lebensohl: Translator: Your "Enter" key is broken. Please make paragraphs next time

Abyss Domination · C57
1 week ago
Who else first read clash of clans? xD View More
Abyss Domination · C2
1 week ago

EpicEvan: Oh **** the tree sap is back

Abyss Domination · C1
1 week ago
"minor spoilers"

from the author xD View More

M_x_R_x_Y: Ling Yu did not know that he would really face this extremely difficult dilemma in the future // father-kun alive?

It's Not Easy to Be a Man After Travelling to the Future · C57
1 week ago
See this! I just gifted the story: Ring View More
World Domination System · C1
2 weeks ago
See this! I just gifted the story: Crown View More
World Domination System · C1
2 weeks ago
Part one till part 10 View More

KyodoZosen: You mean Preparing to visit Misery.

Monster Paradise · C1170
2 weeks ago
I think it should be a mmorpg.

And you start as a normal human and can choose wich way you go.
Church, Tarot club, evil organisations maybe even found your own faction ^^ View More

ronaldadrian: I'm will very supported if this novel become a RPG game. It will be verry good game because if a player can choose to become one of the member of the tarot club and have different story line character that's will be AWESOME..

Lord of the Mysteries · C515
2 weeks ago
Just imagine the quill and the mirror work together xD View More

ResidentialPsycho: Man... Whoever had to hunt down and capture this quill in the first place must have had a helluva time.

Lord of the Mysteries · C475
2 weeks ago

Skaz: And with this last chapter this great novel ends :'(

See you around guys, in the other novels :)

A Valiant Life · C1239
4 weeks ago
Hm maybe i dont know if its ironbloods or oroborus

Or even something else ^^ View More

ReiXIX: thanks maybe go to ironblood

Trails of the Eternal · C6
4 weeks ago
15 chapters left View More
A Valiant Life · C1224
1 month ago
Till the end of the novel View More

Zairys: ?

A Valiant Life · C1223
1 month ago
16 chapters left View More
A Valiant Life · C1223
1 month ago
or they just skip it View More

Joysanz: Not so interesting chapters, coming up!😭

The Legendary Mechanic · C422
1 month ago
you want to know for research reasons right? View More

CaTastrophy427: Question: If her power only affects herself and not other things... is she naked when she changes back?

The Legendary Mechanic · C422
1 month ago
Free to play but pay to win? View More
Black Tech Internet Cafe System · C514
1 month ago
The fillers are strong in this novel... View More

WhiteDaoist: Argh... the fillers...

Monster Paradise · C1138
1 month ago
Ca. 9 days View More

3DImmortal: How much longer do I have to wait for the rest of the chapters? and don't wait for someone to buy that privileged thing

A Valiant Life · C1221
1 month ago
18 chapters left View More
A Valiant Life · C1221
1 month ago
Now they all get blacklistet xD View More
Black Tech Internet Cafe System · C512
1 month ago
Haha yeah ^^ View More

Ineedaname: Only intelligent thing about the MC.

Monster Paradise · C1135
1 month ago
Why did you choose to use a original character from naruto? Why didn't you create a original char for your fanfic? View More

TheLoftyOne: First

The Birth of Nihility God · C1
1 month ago
22 chapters left View More
A Valiant Life · C1217
1 month ago
24 chapters left View More
A Valiant Life · C1215
1 month ago
25 chapters left View More
A Valiant Life · C1214
1 month ago
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