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Idk about you, but if I got a beautiful woman beast soul transformation... there are 3 paths depending on desperation. The first would be obvious, if it’s strong use it. When going to the second sell it.
If desperate for money sell it immediately.
If desperate for women... congrats. You won the lotto View More

Pipps: "Han Sen naturally wanted to be assigned a beast soul in the shape of a beauty and become rich overnight" Seriously? How stupid and short-sighted must someone be to get a useless soul just to sell!@?! Might as well get a strong one and just bloody earn that cash and get stronger in the mean time... Writer must be smoking weed when writing this part.

Super Gene · C94
6 days ago
It’s still better than that one where the dudes shadows could grind for him... he wasn’t even in the tournament but they had 10 chapters of “oh look this one will win, oh look that one is winning, no way! It’s gonna change. Its the last round! Where is the prize! The MC has it 😒” Mc wasn’t even mentioned in those 10 chapters View More

WonderDuckie: Why is that in Chinese LN if there is a tournament arc 90% of the arc is about people in the audience hedging bets against the MC. 9% about how amazed they were when the MC wins. 1% about the actual fight...

Super Gene · C84
6 days ago
Good deal right? View More

MengHaoDS: damn..

Swallowed Star · C585
6 days ago
So that we know that none of them are possible love interests View More

Morvian: kinda hate this author style, why he create so many annoying girl or woman here and there?

Super Gene · C77
1 week ago
And then you find out in 300 chapters or less that she ain’t even worthy of a booty call 🙄🙄 View More

WakelessMars: I really hope they dont become a couple this is not cute to me its just fucking annoying. She's a ***** you would think she would want to stay away from a "pervert". No she actively pursues him its irritating might drop it dont understand why authors make love interest like this.

Super Gene · C26
1 week ago
-cups hands- a greetings to you fellow disciple. Please enjoy the trek up the mountain of literary cultivation. -walks off with cape flowing in the wind despite a lack of wind- View More

Ty_Huling: well said! you are indeed a disciple of the literary sect.

I Shall Seal The Heavens · C47
1 week ago
Let it be known, that at this time... on this day... I shall leave qidian while reading black belly miss. Using a whole voucher for chapters that can be read in 2 minutes is no longer justifiable... congratulations qidian you have lost another reader View More
Genius Doctor: Black Belly Miss · C116
2 weeks ago
I’m now remembering that 2’ tall woman who makes outfits for the incredibles. NO CAPE. View More

daoist617: Picking on a small point: Wearing a cloak while sitting in a wheelchair? And it is flapping in the wind? *shakes head* there should be no capes.

Genius Doctor: Black Belly Miss · C108
2 weeks ago
No it’s right. 80m-(10%-5%)=80m-5%=76m View More

Shankuro: You should work out on your maths~

Coiling Dragon · C539
2 weeks ago
I’ve read 89 chapters today... I still got a few more hours before bed. Get on my level :p View More

D_Teach: it's already 2:30 in the morning and i'm still reading. eyebags attack.

Genius Doctor: Black Belly Miss · C97
2 weeks ago
Yes and no. Yes someone from that family did die, but how many others did as well? No they don’t have to treat them fairly. They should actually prefer to do it poorly as they have been to remove the threat of the public masses saying “screw the politician put in the military as our leader” which would cause them to lose everything View More

Megpoe: arent they ungrateful ppl?? Someone died for the country yet they treated the hero's family poorly. A countrt like that will not prosperous and will be eradicated sooner or later

Genius Doctor: Black Belly Miss · C38
2 weeks ago
Friggin spoiler dude(tte) View More

1saile: I'm going to read from the beginning😅😅 again😂😂😂 cuz I miss my little xie so much😉😂😂😂😂

Genius Doctor: Black Belly Miss · C2
2 weeks ago
I like to think of it as them aging mentally at a rate of 1:10. So she’s actually 20 years old mentally View More

JayPan: "Daaaaad! Uuuuucle!" said Ina the 200-year-old women - wtf is this dialogue

Coiling Dragon · C620
3 weeks ago
LOL I haven’t thought of that novel in ages. Ever since it was at chapter 650 I dropped it View More

patienceisavirtue: If this gonna turn to a trashtalk battle then.....time to get Steamed Bun of King's Avatar over heyah!! Woot woot!

Coiling Dragon · C616
3 weeks ago

Chapeau: Reading over 600 chapters and to dare to say that.. shameless

Coiling Dragon · C604
3 weeks ago
So true. -looks at swallowed star- never could get through that one. Got bored 600 chapters in... View More

JohnKenett: if theres no schemers the novels would be very boring

Coiling Dragon · C581
3 weeks ago
Turns off when he can’t focus on it. I imagine it’s hard to focus your soul while it’s under attack View More

Pelham: Holy crap that was pathetic... How did some manage to flee? What happened to his gravity locking groups of opponents down?

Coiling Dragon · C580
3 weeks ago
Cuz the further they are from the first generation, the weaker they are. Linleys defense is comparable to possibly the second generation because of the sovereigns technique. But if you recall when he was in that wind castle maze, his scales broke hella quick, until the technique absorbed that sovereigns might View More

Tau_Dvore: If every member of the clan can dragonform and dragonform is a strong as pimped steel then why do they wear armour?

Coiling Dragon · C573
3 weeks ago
Sub paragon is my guess. Keeping in mind it’s only cuz of gem gems training that he has that... and the gravity ofc View More

therandomguy27: a God with a Seven Fiend strenght.. I wonder if he ascends to Highgod he will be reaching the foot of Sovereigns

Coiling Dragon · C572
3 weeks ago
I wouldn’t call him a douche. I’d call him in cahoots with the enemy lol View More

Tau_Dvore: Thinking back, Hodan was a bit of a douche.

Coiling Dragon · C557
3 weeks ago
I mean, that would be optimal. But it’s not required. The idea was “as you are learning the stuff fuse it as they seem further apart further down” but that doesn’t mean he HAS to fuse them all as a God. View More

Indiana_Jones: He isn't going to become a High God until he fuses all the techniques. It takes longer, but there is a massive payoff at the end. Probs give it 100-150 chapters.

Coiling Dragon · C548
3 weeks ago
+5% tax 🙄🙄 View More

Shankuro: 10% deducted from 80M is 76M? 😂😂

Coiling Dragon · C539
3 weeks ago
The better answer is, the entire mountain isn’t only amethyst. It just has a lot of then View More

Shankuro: why doesn't Linley absorb the whole Amethyst Mountain Range into his Coiling Dragon ring?

Coiling Dragon · C513
1 month ago
Fair enough lol View More

Tau_Dvore: No, he just looks younger. I won’t clog up the chat with my opinions about the differences in the manwha.

Coiling Dragon · C193
1 month ago
I’m late to the party but, it’s explained later that magic is literally the laws, just complicated and put into chants. That’s why the void cutter spell could show Linley the velocity View More

BunnyJei: *sigh* Poor maguses, no attention anymore besides beung mentioned a few times by Linley... It would be nice if Linley would use magic as often too not just as a warrior. (Yes, I do understand that Sainy Warriors and Saint Magus basically become the same upon becoming a deity but still... Their knowledge differs and spells can still be used)

Coiling Dragon · C484
1 month ago
If nothing happens, it’s 2 stars. When something happens, it’s 7 stars lol View More

Devils_Advocate: How is this a SIMPLE? "2 Star" Mission, when you have a 6 Star Fiend participating

Coiling Dragon · C481
1 month ago
Space. Go to New York City and some other major city and find a plot of land that no one has built on and that no one owns. View More

Paulone: Why leave in the hotel?
Linley can create their own house.

Coiling Dragon · C458
1 month ago
Probably? Dude loves to the point where his puppy love made him spew blood and then advance a rank and a half. You think someone like that would leave the one who “finally” got his love for multiple thousands of years without a way of talking to her to say “I’m alive I’m ok”? View More

Toaster_1: Am I the only one who thinks Linley is an absolute idiot for bringing his wife around with him to the Infernal realm??? Drives me crazy.

Coiling Dragon · C457
1 month ago
Or got kidnapped by the horn*y sovereigns View More

jyunpey: I'd imagine the majority of female deities went to other milder natured planes, like the plane of life, the plane of light, or the plane of fate.

Coiling Dragon · C453
1 month ago
I imagine it has to do with the food chain in its own way. As humans we “usually” are the weakest but come up with ways to be the strongest, and our reproduction rate is honestly ridiculous.
Therefore, if you cantbeat em, join em. View More

Eight_Path_Finger: why is that all beasts become human at the deity level? What's so special about humans? Why can't it be the case that all Deities transform into attack helicopters or w/e?

Coiling Dragon · C450
1 month ago
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