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Knightsire: Lol...that was my first thought as well. Gotta love the author’s sense of humor. Well, ISStH has the best comedy of his stories in my opinion.

Renegade Immortal · C124
22 hours ago

VaibhavKronos: Thanks for clearing the confusion , I actually thought same as him , lol .

Renegade Immortal · C124
22 hours ago

ChaosGears: Lol it's a Chinese style bra they used to wear back then

Renegade Immortal · C124
22 hours ago
While I agree whole heartedly with you, I find it annoying that he is spending so much time explaining the results of his plot, and then describing the plot as it occurs. I would have shortened this chapter significantly by saying “after the fatty tells his father/grandfather... all that is left is for me to watch the show unfold! HAHAHA” View More

TiltedTurtle: yo just wanna say that THIS is the way you write a story. Not murdering and slaughtering your way through the story. There are repercussions for any actions made. People complaining about how hes not killing? please, hes an assassin, not Hitler. (the 'evil' name isn't necessarily the right name for him though)

Otherworldly Evil Monarch · C22
22 hours ago
Maybe, but she might also be the Asuna type character. Completely badass, completely whipped upon meeting someone more badass. Typical act of a S being a M View More

PaleSnow: arrogant, demading, annoying. never gonna get a husband type of character 😂😂👌

Otherworldly Evil Monarch · C14
23 hours ago
“An assassin blends in” im mean to be a worthless pos playboy who knows nothing and does nothing except shoot blanks at empty targets. “Hey uncle, I know how to fix you, tada!”
Pulling off that assassin card mighty fine View More
Otherworldly Evil Monarch · C4
1 day ago
My guess is he is “evil” due to how many he killed... “I killed 20,000 people to save 100 children.” Kinda evil View More

Trojianmaru: The author talks about how evil this guy is, how truly evil he is, then goes on to describe him as an assassin with a heart of gold. So was the author making a joke? Or do they truly think an evil person would rescue children and refuse to hurt someone innocent. Where exactly is the evil in that description?

Otherworldly Evil Monarch · C1
1 day ago
Ima just say this... holding space accessory <.> View More

kjrubberducky: I wonder if he can enchant an item w ith a racial ability; then he could imbue his giant's size change skill into a sword sheath so that it would shrink down the huge sword to a nortkumal size when it is pu]

Spending My Retirement In A Game · C299
2 days ago
Because I’m this novel type it doesn’t particularly matter. This is a rapid cultivation to the top and therefore everyone will be shoved to the side by the genius of the MC. It’s typical IET stuff that his main character has too much talent and always leaves others behind to find more on his level, till he leaves those behind. So everyone already knows what is at the end of the journey, and that everyone except the MC will be irrelevant, and I’m just letting my feelings be known View More

Chad6556: Then why would you go back in chapters to leave a foreboding comment? That's spoiler enough, having read ahead and knowing more of the plot than one is supposed to at this point in the story doesn't make you important by replying to these people's comments when they weren't "asking" what happens they were "hoping" and you felt the need to go back in the chapters to passively show off your knowledge after you know the outcome, thus tainting the content section for all those to come after you

The Desolate Era · C150
2 days ago
Common thing about cultivation novels, if one does not live and experience, then one has nothing to contemplate. If you have nothing to contemplate, you have nothing to cultivate. Iow, he needs to fight different people to get sudden insights on what direction he should train in rather than blindly winding up in the wrong path View More

dheerajsingh00002: I agree I mean he can live in that dimension for billion of year and can reach the peak

Last Wish System · C554
4 days ago
I suppose... I’m more how the originals are gonna act when the prince says he wants to meet them for confirmation. But I’ll find out now since the next chapter is out :p View More

Kyle_Hope: But what will the prince’s reaction be is the cliff. We all know what Komer is going to say

Spending My Retirement In A Game · C291
5 days ago
This isn’t a cliff lol. “I’m working with the 5 that peaked” tada 😂😂 View More

Kyle_Hope: Every book I’m currently reading has had some major cliffhanger(this book more than once) and man I’m getting pissed lol

Spending My Retirement In A Game · C291
6 days ago

olanrewaju10: H

War Sovereign Soaring The Heavens · C46
6 days ago
Well I’ve forgotten many things after 2+ years, however... even if the core isn’t in his brain, if you get stabbed in the face you do generally die 0.0 I can’t say anymore than that because it’s been far too long View More

: You forget his core us not in his brain anymore, hence he can regenerate it after any damage

Swallowed Star · C514
1 week ago
I’m certain that I have no idea what it is that you Are talking about View More

: Now you are just being retarded😒

Swallowed Star · C514
1 week ago
Ok, thanks View More

pxrince: It’s relatively normal. I’m not too familiar with the release schedule but it’s not something unusual. I grew to just be patient with the novel. If I see an update, then it’s a happy surprise.

Godly Model Creator · C786
1 week ago
Heyyyy... do you know what’s up with the release? I’ve been marathoning so idk if an 8 day break is normal? View More

pxrince: 😮😮😮 Finally! Been too long. Model Analysis is making a comeback soon.

Godly Model Creator · C786
1 week ago
But his “other self” developed 100% disconnected from him... View More

Lazy2Name_2: Nope...
Wang patriarch consumed his clansmen.
Meng Hao gonna fuse with his other self.

I Shall Seal The Heavens · C1446
2 weeks ago

Cell: You were supposed to graduate after becoming a professional, right? What is the point of the college now?

Godly Model Creator · C470
2 weeks ago

Hiri: Lol you just made my day

The Invincible Dragon Emperor · C11
3 weeks ago
Then you should know what Get! Is man 0.0 every time they got a card -insert card name- GET-O! View More

CloudLegend: Ok what the hell is GET? Its annoying me seeing it on all chapters and not knowing what it is

Godly Model Creator · C107
3 weeks ago
Ahhh that’s right. The guy who kept trying to get the fairy who took pictures of white expecting the retribution View More

anitahegerland: Cultivation Chat Group

Godly Model Creator · C100
3 weeks ago
*points at Linley from coiling dragon, and Ji Ning from desolate era* View More

ParagonAmmer: Finally a MC who doesn't offend everyone in his school/ or is despised by everyone.

Godly Model Creator · C110
3 weeks ago
Alternatively hunter x hunter greed island arc... View More

Alreth: GET-gaming terminology commonly said when a player or Main character does something worthy of the games praise and that something can be a achievement, beating a record, getting a new or significant item
synonyms-Achievement Gained/Get/Attained/Acquired

Godly Model Creator · C107
3 weeks ago
Go watch hunter x hunter greed island arc lol View More

CloudLegend: Ok what the hell is GET? Its annoying me seeing it on all chapters and not knowing what it is

Godly Model Creator · C107
3 weeks ago
I know what that’s from... why can’t I remember the name... can ya remind me? View More

anitahegerland: Thrice Reckless Mad Saber is that you?

Godly Model Creator · C100
3 weeks ago
I’m lying through my teeth! Your tears are the only payment that I need~ -Voltaire View More

anitahegerland: It feels so lonely being evil~

Godly Model Creator · C88
3 weeks ago
Nice hxh reference. I approve 👍👍 View More

NightHunter: Face-Slapping MC! GET!!!

Godly Model Creator · C62
3 weeks ago
The master plan was specifically to buff his younger brother with a fighting essence, have him hide it, then have him abuse it. Sucks to suck tho m8 View More

SLEEEEEEP: Wait...what? That's the ultimate plan of the terrifying and scheming viper? Beat the living **** out of the dude who is flirting with his brother's fiancé? Some scary mastermind he is lol, was expecting poison or drug doping, or forcing the dude to take something that would cripple him or something, man what a let down.

Godly Model Creator · C23
4 weeks ago
Ya know, I’ve been thinking about that. When he copied the cultivation card from the teacher it didn’t have the lower level; it only had it at the teachers current level. How much energy would be required to fully activate a grandmaster medicine card I wonder...? View More

Vetrage: MC for being so smart didn’t think to copy the card for pharmaceuticals so disappointing. Not smart at all

Godly Model Creator · C16
1 month ago
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