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Fekin furry View More
Reverend Insanity · C454
5 hours ago
Fang yuan is playing 5D chess tho View More
Reverend Insanity · C449
1 day ago
200 iq fang yuan View More
Reverend Insanity · C447
1 day ago
Bruh how tf snake men gonna fek the girls tho View More
Battle Through the Heavens · C182
1 week ago
This ma guy is another mc from revenge cultivation novel View More
Reverend Insanity · C441
1 week ago

WTFox: Fang Yuan is such a conscientious environmentalist. He's creating fertilizer for the new trees and flowers and showing everyone, wolves included, the virtue of recycling. Long may the Dragon reign supreme

Reverend Insanity · C436
1 week ago
Ge yao: *love speech*

FY: i'm gay lol die View More
Reverend Insanity · C435
1 week ago
Why are they making the medicine if they know this gonna happen tho... View More
Battle Through the Heavens · C173
1 week ago
Our kind mc chang shan yin is truly wise, taking his own face by his corpse and killing the host without pain. View More
Reverend Insanity · C432
2 weeks ago
Gu Abortion lolol View More
Reverend Insanity · C431
2 weeks ago
Fang yuan is so kind. Ready to be hated even though all he wants is to save their home View More
Reverend Insanity · C414
2 weeks ago
Face slap to slave him View More
Reverend Insanity · C400
2 weeks ago
Truly a beautiful chapter. You are our eternal mc fang yuan View More
Reverend Insanity · C399
2 weeks ago
Everyone betray our kindest hero so sad View More
Reverend Insanity · C398
2 weeks ago
The content has been deleted
Reverend Insanity · C398
2 weeks ago


Reverend Insanity · C396
2 weeks ago
This is just endgame portal scene lol View More
Reverend Insanity · C394
2 weeks ago
Chou jiu nice guy tm.

Chen jiu thot

Fang yuan our god mc thot slayer. View More
Reverend Insanity · C385
2 weeks ago
All according to keikaku View More
Reverend Insanity · C379
2 weeks ago
EZ KILL View More
Reverend Insanity · C378
2 weeks ago
This ren zu is has that old testament vibe. Only the gu is god. View More
Reverend Insanity · C371
3 weeks ago

kdiz: Honestly I do love our MC, but I feel that poem needs a bit of work.

Reverend Insanity · C361
3 weeks ago
Our hero fighting to protect waifu bnb View More
Reverend Insanity · C359
3 weeks ago
Fang yuan is too kind. Adopting dogs and sanic left and right View More
Reverend Insanity · C349
3 weeks ago
Our hero doesnt want to make his opponent suffer from backlash of their vital gu. Thats why he finished them off painlessly View More
Reverend Insanity · C341
3 weeks ago
Fang yuan teaching her not to use looks to gain benefits. What a good teacher View More
Reverend Insanity · C337
3 weeks ago
Bruh i love the comment section so much View More
Reverend Insanity · C336
3 weeks ago

GuraduGilgida: If it's Fang Yuan, he'll eradicate those evil people to prevent more tragedies in the future. What a shame, Fang Zheng is a horny arrogant young master from a great sect. Moreover, he also ignorant that he doesn't know that his own ancestor was a demonic gu master too and yet he's cursing him. Unfilial bastard! No wonder no wonder.

Reverend Insanity · C336
3 weeks ago
Cant believe our villain is getting power up to fight our kind hearted mc View More
Reverend Insanity · C334
3 weeks ago
These animal phantom sounds like stando View More
Reverend Insanity · C317
3 weeks ago
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