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Lever talk confused me View More
A Sorcerer's Journey · C150
1 month ago
"A" the fantasy name generator is the only one we'll ever need View More

forgottenundying: awesome thanks and why don't u google a fantasy name generator

1 month ago
I was really here View More

Arigami: Thx what's release schedule?

A Sorcerer's Journey · C99
1 month ago
I think it's updating, it was at a hard standstill a year ago View More

Veloth: I'm done with this novel for now, I'll look it up again in maybe a year or two.😑

A Sorcerer's Journey · C97
1 month ago
Leak contract info View More
Outcast (Dragon Cultivation series) · C36
1 month ago
Eat the cat girl View More
My Life as a Salamander · C52
1 month ago
Jstyles Big gay and most likely is the alt account of an author that writes the webnovels You flame. View More
Summoner Sovereign · C160
1 month ago
K just take my stones View More
Way of the Knights · C0
1 month ago
Wrong chapter View More
A monster who level's up · C0
1 month ago
Hope this isn't stolen, sir. I remember reading this but not author name View More
A monster who level's up · C1
1 month ago
This chapter feels messy? Anyone else View More
The System of a Vampire · C84
1 month ago
Idk how to feel about it then. Imagine you're doing evil Draig stuff and your childhood personality that shouldn't exist comes and does magic and screws stuff up View More

Drunkendaoist: Who said he was done?

The System of a Vampire · C79
1 month ago
U-U. Childish draig favorite character. It was a good 2 chapters View More
The System of a Vampire · C79
2 months ago
Spent whole day writing. Thank you View More
The Greatest Gene · C49
2 months ago
Honestly, mythological genes stuffed so much bs down my throat just to extend word count. Im preferring this one right more despite how it feels rushed View More

nothinsnew: now it feels like im reading mythological genes novel, maybe itll change?

The Greatest Gene · C5
2 months ago
2 months ago
Very nice first impression. Thank You author View More
Way of the Knights · C21
2 months ago
People that speak in several languages don't think in any language in their head View More

cosmiccomment: he literally speaks human tongue. i don't even know what your saying anymore

My Life as a Salamander · C32
2 months ago
Stealing mc luck View More
Dungeon Prowler : One Man Army · C43
2 months ago
First View More
My Life as a Salamander · C19
2 months ago
First View More
My Life as a Salamander · C18
2 months ago
Thank You brotherphoenix, plz write more View More
My Life as a Salamander · C17
2 months ago
Thank You author, i enjoyed this . Quotation marks would be nice though View More
Eternal Slinger: Divergent Destiny · C4
2 months ago
I caught up, and author, i don't wanna share this book with others, then it'll turn premium and eat my stones View More
Omni-Mastery · C137
3 months ago
Bye guys, we'll see each other again I'm sure. View More
Evolutionary Liberator · C70
3 months ago
F chain for author. May his life be filled with good vibes. View More
Trope World · C51
3 months ago
Alright bois, theories on the future sight? Other than just " he uzen Prince ". Since The soul World exist in here, i think something like the aether/fate/akashic records exist and that he has the ability to access it. The virtual prison uses his mind as a base which causes it to just be one big prediction. I think main events would stay the same, like his dad and Olivia dying in an accident, and smaller details changing. And that's it View More
Evolutionary Liberator · C64
3 months ago
Evolutionary Liberator · C63
3 months ago
Author making me sad View More
Evolutionary Liberator · C62
3 months ago
Thank god there wasn't a **** ton of yelling View More

Nav15: I felt a little eren vibe from the fight against the peak rank 3

Birth of the Demonic Sword · C104
3 months ago
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