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Alessan: Current Stash:
~15199 Pounds

Dark Emperor Card (Priceless)

Sea God Scepter (Lots)

Corrupted Tinder (???)

Azik’s Copper Whistle (N/A)

Creeping Hunger (37500 Pounds|20000 Pounds + Characteristics inside)
- 1x Interrogator Characteristic (1500 Pounds)
- 1x Baron of Corruption Characteristic (4000 Pounds)
- 1x Zombie Characteristic
- (4000 Pounds)
- 1x Desire Apostle Characteristic (8000 Pounds)

1x Priest of Light Characteristic (8000 Pounds)

Biological Poison Bottle (~3000

Midsummer aka Sun Brooch (2000 Pounds)

1x Nightmare Characteristic (1500 Pounds

1x Interrogator Characteristic (From Capim, 1500 Pounds)

1x Lunatic Characteristic (650 Pounds)

15ml Thousand Faced Hunter’s Blood (45 Pounds)

= ~69,400 Pounds + Dark Emperor Card + Sea God Scepter + Corrupted Tinder

Lord of the Mysteries · C700
6 hours ago

Alessan: Known Potion Names: 140/220
Known Potion Formulas: 30/220 + 1 incomplete

8-9 Low Sequence Names: 41/44 (13 Formulas)
5-7 Mid Sequence Names: 60/66 (12 Formulas)
3-4 Saint Names: 22/44 (2 Formulas +1 incomplete)
1-2 Angel Names: 7/44 (2 Formulas)
0 True God Names: 5/22 (1 Formula)
Unsure: 5

[] = Ancient Name
✓ = Known Formula
X = Known Incomplete Formula
* = Mid Sequence Starting Point

Corruption Pathway: (10/10)
9 Lawyer ✓
8 Barbarian ✓
7 Briber ✓
6 Baron of Corruption* ✓
5 Mentor of Confusion ✓
4 Count of the Fallen ✓
3 Frenzied Mage ✓
2 Duke of Entropy ✓
1 Prince of Disorder ✓
0 Dark Emperor ✓

[Devil] Abyss Pathway: (7/10)
9 Criminal
8 Unwinged Angel [Coldblooded]
7 Serial Killer
6 Devil*
5 Desire Apostle
4 Demon
0 Abyss

[Dragon] Dreamer Pathway: (8/10)
9 Spectator ✓
8 Telepathist ✓
7 Psychiatrist* [Psyche Analyst]
6 Hypnotist
4 Manipulator
2 Discerner
1 Author
0 Visionary

Creation Pathway: (7/10)
9 Savant
8 Archaeologist
7 Appraiser
6 Machinery Specialist [Artisan]*
5 Astromancer
4 Alchemist
3 Arcane Scholar

Deception Pathway: (7/10)
9 Seer ✓
8 Clown ✓
7 Magician* ✓
6 Faceless ✓
5 Nimblewright Master ✓
4 Bizarro Sorcerer
2 Miracle Invoker

Demoness Pathway: (7/10)
9 Assassin ✓
8 Instigator ✓
7 Witch* ✓
6 Pleasure ✓
5 Affliction
4 Demoness of Despair
2-3 Unaging Demoness

[Elf] Hurricane Pathway: (7/10)
9 Sailor [Keeper of the Sea]
8 Folk of Rage [Guardian of the Storm]
7 Seafarer [Storm Priest]
6 Wind-Blessed* ✓
5 Ocean Songster [Elvish Songster]
4 Cataclysmic Interrer
3 Sea King

Order Pathway: (7/10)
9 Arbiter
8 Sheriff
7 Interrogator
6 Judge*
5 Disciplinary Paladin
3-4 Law Weaver (Likely 4)
3-4 Imperative Mage (Likely 3)

Sun Pathway (7/10)
9 Bard ✓
8 Light Suppliant ✓
7 Solar High Priest* ✓
6 Notary ✓
5 Priest of Light [Envoy of Light] ✓
4 Unshadowed X (Main ingredients only)
0 Sun

War Pathway: (7/10)
9 Hunter
8 Provoker
7 Pyromaniac [Fire Mage]
6 Conspiracist*
5 Reaper
4 Iron-Blooded Knight
0 Red Priest

[Giant] Combat Pathway: (6/10)
9 Warrior
8 Pugilist [Gladiator]
7 Weapon Master
6 Dawn Paladin*
5 Guardian
4 Demon Hunter

[Phoenix] Death Pathway: (6/10)
9 Cor**e Collector
8 Gravedigger
7 Spirit Medium
6 Spirit Guide*
5 Gatekeeper
3-4 Undying (Almost certainly 3)

Journey Pathway: (6/10)
9 Apprentice ✓
8 Trickmaster ✓
7 Astrologer ✓
6 Scribe*
5 Traveler
4 Secrets Sorcerer

[Vampire] Moon Pathway: (6/10)
9 Apothecary ✓
8 Beast Tamer
7 Vampire*
6 Potions Professor
5 Scarlet Scholar
4 Shaman King

[Mutant] Mutant Pathway: (6/10)
9 Prisoner
8 Lunatic
7 Werewolf*
6 Zombie
5 Wraith
4 Puppet

Mystery Pathway: (6/10)
9 Mystery Pryer
8 Melee Scholar
7 Warlock*
6 Scrolls Professor
5 Constellations Master
4 Mysticologist

[Demonic Wolf] Night Pathway: (6/10)
9 Sleepless
8 Midnight Poet
7 Nightmare
6 Soul Assurer*
4 Nightwatcher

Thief Pathway: (6/10)
9 Marauder
8 Swindler
7 Cryptologist
6 Fire Bandit
5 Dream Stealer
4 Parasite

Fate Pathway: (5/10)
9 Monster
7 The Lucky
5 Winner
2 Soothsayer
1 Snake of Mercury

Secrets Pathway: (5/10)
9 Secrets Supplicant
8 Listener [Whispered]
7 Shadow Ascetic
6 Rose Bishop
5 Shepherd

Sage Pathway: (4/10)
9 Reader
7 Knowledge Keeper
6 Polymath*
5 Mysticism Magister

Life Pathway: (2/10)
9 Planter
? Doctor [Healing Pastor] (Likely Low or Mid Sequence)

Unknown Pathways: (3)
4 Prophet (Likely Reader Pathway, possibly Secrets Pathway)

? Planeswalker (Almost certainly High Sequence, Likely Journey Pathway)

? Weather Warlock (Likely Saint Level)

Known Pathway Connections:







Lord of the Mysteries · C700
6 hours ago

GoodWithAToaster: Gherman Sparrow, Dragonrider

Lord of the Mysteries · C699
20 hours ago

Alessan: A confirmation of Adam’s status. If I had to guess I would assume that the title Imagination refers to the spectator pathway but it’s impossible for Adam and Ankewelt (spelling?) to exist at the same tome. Adam is also said to be the son of the Creator so perhaps it’s most likely he was born after the Creator took back the God’s authorities? Also it seems very likely that similar to how Demigods can give birth to Sequence 5s, the Creator can give birth to Sequence 1s? His two sons (Adam, Amon) both seem to be at that level.

Lord of the Mysteries · C698
1 day ago

DeadmanWhisperer: By reaching top ten alone, we can get 5 bonus chapters. Imagine we reached top 1 every week, our TL will provide 15 bonus chapter per week! 😂😂 lets tire him to dea- .. I mean lets vote for top spot!

Lord of the Mysteries · C695
2 days ago

Randompasserby: I'm just trying my best to not picture Klein as a walking censorship mosaic for those of the Monster and Mystery Pryer Pathway lmao 🤣

Lord of the Mysteries · C689
3 days ago

TrueBlue: DANITZ!!!! Just in time, now that Anderson isn’t unlucky anymore and Frank is gone, we need someone else to lighten up the mood.

Lord of the Mysteries · C689
3 days ago

Surely_Panda: Look like the TL is sticking with Bizzaro Sorcerer, hopefully Klein will not feel the need to put on a cape and speak in reverse after advancing. Also, too short on Leonard chapter. A little more different POV would round out the current situation nicely.

Lord of the Mysteries · C688
3 days ago

Randompasserby: Lol Klein having a bit of a "Showdown of Ultimate Destinies!" moment there contemplating just going to hell with it a straight for Demigod level brawl 😅

I hope he truly does get the opportunity to one of these days. Would be epic.

Lord of the Mysteries · C687
4 days ago

rg4g: He'll probably lose but he will gain more experience

Martial Arts Master · C644
6 days ago

Dex2: The people of the Tarot club will become desensitized to Kings of Angels at his rate 😂😂. Time to tell a story

Lord of the Mysteries · C680
1 week ago

Great_Y: Hangmen is at his mid life crisis.

Lord of the Mysteries · C680
1 week ago

photocopy21997: Actually, only Audrey and Derrick can be called devoted. The vampire boy believes that he is an “emissary”, the hanged-man and the magician are terrified of the Fool and one even wanted to leave once she could suppress her curse (at least now she realizes that staying has way more merits)
Ah well, at the very least, Mr Fool can always count on The World, who will always stay ‘loyal’ to his cause ;)

Lord of the Mysteries · C680
1 week ago

UnrivaledSolicitor: Huehue everyone gather around for Little Sun’s story time! It’s like a little brother recounting the school day for his fam. But instead of schoolwork, it’s what monstrosity tried to kill him today. #FamGoals.

On a more jealous note, Hangman is feeling threatened by Cattelya’s willingness to participate. Lol he finna need to climb that Stormy corporate ladder since it looks like Catt finna take over all oceanic connections/intel.

Lord of the Mysteries · C680
1 week ago

Hilers: Main reason is for acting cool. Would you rather learn "Myriad World Crushing Palms" or "Super Fast Slapping Technique" Same in essence, one is just named exactly as is.

Martial Arts Master · C640
1 week ago

Randompasserby: That's a really good call there by the Hanged Man, it didn't even cross my mind at first because we're too conditioned that MC does everything in their story. Respect to Author + 500 👍👍👍

Lord of the Mysteries · C679
1 week ago
We need a GOT crossover where our Sky Shaking Hou of Ice and Fire just goes in and demolishes the **** out of Westeros. View More
Martial Arts Master · C638
1 week ago

jazdaz: Cheng goes woof

Martial Arts Master · C638
1 week ago

CloudyDays: Ke is part of your family already!

Martial Arts Master · C638
1 week ago

GoodWithAToaster: Anderson is like the main character of a Final Destination movie, and Death is getting impatient.

Lord of the Mysteries · C676
1 week ago
Klein is so petty. Lost cuff link = **** list forever :’D View More
Lord of the Mysteries · C675
1 week ago

UnrivaledSolicitor: Huehuehue the Fool finna throw his hat in the loan-sharking ring. His first client is already the Strongest Adventurer. By the time he hits Demigod, half the planet will owe him money 😂🤣. Meng Hao 2.0 is hurrrr.

Lord of the Mysteries · C674
1 week ago

Baphonmet: I can think of a newspaper story about a crazy adventurer and three beautiful female pirate generals.
1. Gehrman Intruded into Rear Admiral of Ailment's room at midnight. Happened a lot of verbal and physical conflict, seemingly to break up.
2. Gehrman Stay in a room with Rear Admiral Iceberg for a long time. It's said that Rear Admiral Iceberg was reluctant to let him leave.
3.Gehrman and Pirate Admiral Star had a long journey together. Witnesses said Miss Cattleya entered his room on her own initiative, and leave dejectedly after a while.

Lord of the Mysteries · C674
1 week ago

Surely_Panda: The silence was deafening after Klein revealed that little tidbit about the activation word. There was no lightning or punches thrown but verbal thrust and parry is just as exciting. I wonder how eager Bernardette is to pick Klein's brain now.

Lord of the Mysteries · C669
1 week ago

Ozwin: “Bernadette.” Beautiful one up Klein, masterfully done. *golf claps*

Lord of the Mysteries · C669
1 week ago

Flowerbed: she didn't say anything he didn't already know, he knows will auceptin will do whatever is in his favor and he already guessed that azik may change when he retrieved his full memories, this woman is just angry her spying got cut short lol

Lord of the Mysteries · C668
1 week ago

Surely_Panda: By now Gherman Sparrow would probably being known as crazy and very constipated.

Lord of the Mysteries · C667
1 week ago

UnrivaledSolicitor: So quick and clean. You won’t get that kind of customer service with the normal, run of the mill Gods. Klein is like Escape Rope of the Tarot Club.

“I don’t want to explore any more, Oh Mr. Fool...”

“My body is poisoned and I won’t make it to any healers in time...Oh Mr. Fool”

“I think I’m about to lose my sanity and go on a murderspree...Oh Mr. Fool”

Mr. Fool is the Tarot Clubs’ plot armor personified. Between the free abort button; information gathering and dispersal; power creeping; hidden alliances; and Intel on a Godly scale. The Tarot Members have basically subscribed to the Protag Plot Armor Package. That’s not even including the possibility of resurrections based on the foreshadowing of Klein’s future powers.

Hot meat on a stick am I excited for when the Tarot Club officially enters the stage for world dominance.

Lord of the Mysteries · C667
1 week ago

Alessan: Taking control of other beyonder powers seems to be pretty common around Sequence 5. At minimum there’s already Nimblewright Master, Shepherd, Scribe, Polymath and the Marauder Pathway. If you wanted to stretch it one could even add Baron of Corruption and a Wraith’s possession. We don’t even know all the Sequences in that area, something like Spectator Sequence 5 could easily have a similar ability. I’m liking these so far.

Lord of the Mysteries · C665
1 week ago
Aw, Auman is so adorable. I was rooting for her! View More
Martial Arts Master · C628
2 weeks ago
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