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My goodness, will Lu Shu carry out Benjamin Franklin's kite experiment next? View More
Spare Me, Great Lord! · C599
3 weeks ago
Indeed! revenge is a dish best served cold View More

Lastear: Delicious revenge

Spare Me, Great Lord! · C564
1 month ago

Crystal_Kei: thx for chapter
that my boi Yifan!! damn so glad to see him got screen time!! really i like him since he is humble and his determination to be strong really is great read... changing class ain't easy thing to do because we all know how bad Fang Rui got bullied by Ye Xiu and Wei Chen in past chapter XD

The King's Avatar · C1625
1 month ago
My my hahaha....maybe this was a conspiracy set up by Heavenly Network to earn extra side income 🤣🤣 View More
Spare Me, Great Lord! · C545
1 month ago
Lu Shu's confidence is admirable! Cheating his first customer outright 🤣🤣 View More
Spare Me, Great Lord! · C544
1 month ago
What a sin to know top much *bang* 🤣 View More
Spare Me, Great Lord! · C543
1 month ago

Kurosawa00: TR: If you're fine, press 1
If you want us to harass the healer, press 2
If you want to harass the whole team, press 3
If you want to harass the audience, press 4
If you wanna give the announcers a faceslap, press 5
If you want the map to be destroyed, press 6

The King's Avatar · C1618
1 month ago
ROFL the tactic when Lu Shu replied there was another poisonous strawberry was ingenious 🤣🤣🤣 View More
Spare Me, Great Lord! · C536
1 month ago
What a backfire! Hahha
In malay we say "bagai tikus membaiki labu" View More
Spare Me, Great Lord! · C534
1 month ago

LadyTass2001: Omg, little fury. I love you.

Spare Me, Great Lord! · C533
1 month ago
Reading Status: C199
Worth your time of reading 😁👍 There were so many beautiful misunderstandings between MC and her friends and the plot twist between MC and her father is so interesting 🤣 View More
It's Not Easy to Be a Man After Travelling to the Future
1 month ago

Arkusar: Lu Shus nickname will be "The Unmoving King" xD

Spare Me, Great Lord! · C521
1 month ago
Lu shu's spirit resembling a mischievous Peter pan View More
Spare Me, Great Lord! · C520
1 month ago

Pizzavu: What a valiant spirit, too bad he'll never be seen or heard of again.

Spare Me, Great Lord! · C518
1 month ago
😱😢 RIP Liu Xiu View More
Spare Me, Great Lord! · C518
1 month ago

just_some_cat: The content has been deleted

Tales of Demons and Gods · C471
2 months ago
Will it even end?🤣🤭 View More

sexydragoon: see ya next month and 5 years from now when the book ends

Tales of Demons and Gods · C468
2 months ago

SpMile: Samsara sends Zhou Zekai to intimidate Happy.
Tang Rou: Let me at him
Steamed Bun: Senior I'll deal with him
Mo Fan: ... (good map)
Mumu: :)
Fang Rui starts planning a sneak attack
Wei Chen goes smoke in a corner
Yeah they're soooooo scared.

The King's Avatar · C1582
2 months ago
Nie Li, a guy, an expert in shopping 🤣 is definitely of every girls' dream companion in a shopping mall View More
Tales of Demons and Gods · C347
2 months ago
Nie Ting must have been irritated by Lu Shu to warrant arrest notice for him 🤣 View More
Spare Me, Great Lord! · C463
3 months ago
She may probably employ help from Anthony from far 🤣 View More

Mihawk270: Lu shu "...."
+999 distress points

Spare Me, Great Lord! · C461
3 months ago

FujoshiHypeee: Ahhh Little Fury is so naughty 😂

Spare Me, Great Lord! · C460
3 months ago

Johnsons: When Lu Shu's away.. the hyperintelligent squirrel will play...

Spare Me, Great Lord! · C460
3 months ago
Somebody is about to get robbed hahaha View More

DickWrinkles: Bout to get daddy on his knees

Tales of Demons and Gods · C107
3 months ago

Jaqen: Lord Grim, that you?

Tales of Demons and Gods · C106
3 months ago

DickWrinkles: Kung fu panda

Tales of Demons and Gods · C74
3 months ago
I can't wait to see Lu Shu causing it distressed View More
Spare Me, Great Lord! · C450
3 months ago
Lu Shu the bugminator View More
Spare Me, Great Lord! · C446
3 months ago
Team happily shameless View More

Byakuei86: thx for chapter
Zhang Jiale : just b'coz he usually didnt do it doesn't mean he won't do it.what Team is Mo Fan on?
Me : Team Shameless!!..er Happy shameless is in their blood and inborn passive skill XD

The King's Avatar · C1547
3 months ago

Tidy_nerd: Let us now recall the first time ever Han Wenqing was introduced as a character in this novel.

Zhang Xinjie watched as he failed the hand exercise by failing to jump on a platform to continue forward.

Because he didn't pace himself.
Because he wasn't as fast as before.

So the question now is...

Will Han Wenqing make the jump?

The King's Avatar · C1536
3 months ago
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