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  • Hm... let see what to say. Well, forget it long story short enjoy to read in my free time. So if you have any book recommendations not only including light novels send it my way.

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#2 Please

It would great to have the mc have to discover the mystery behind the plot every one awhile. View More
Grandpa Universe In Multiverse · C19
3 days ago

PreHIZtoricDevil: Translator needs more support so we can get more chapters.
So Guys and galsss i plead u to rate this novel cuz im liking it soo much already that i want 2 chapters a day...im sure my fellow readers will help me or u could read this story and judge yourself and review it.

Pet King
4 days ago

burntpotato: (actual review below)

Chapters: 926 Chapters
Status: Complete
Year Started: 2019/01
Year Ended: 2019/11
Views: 13.13M
Total Recommendation: 1.41M
Fans: 660K
QiDian Rating: 8.8 (278)
QQ Rating: 6.1 (1026)
Author: Get Lost 滚开
Rank: Great
Author's Other Works (Translated):
【The Wizard World】
【Mystical Journey】
【Way of the Devil】

Link: https://book.qidian.com/info/1013861765
Rank 【All Categories】
* #64 Men's Monthly Ticket List (August 2019)
* #64 Men's Monthly Ticket List (September 2019)
* #60 Men's Monthly Ticket List (October 2019)

Rank 【Genre】:
* 【XuanHuan】#15 Men's Monthly Ticket List (August 2019)
* 【XuanHuan】#13 Men's Monthly Ticket List (September 2019)
* 【XuanHuan】#13 Men's Monthly Ticket List (October 2019)
* 【XuanHuan】#76 Men's All Time Recommendation Ticket List


[1] Recommendation Ticket/Pass is similar to WN's Power Stone, you get them daily. Users usually get 3 if the level meets.
[2] Monthly Ticket/Pass is a higher tier Power Stone in which you could only acquire by becoming buying and spending paid coins. Users are usually limited to 5 tix monthly.


I've seen at least 2 novel pickup request of this in the forums and have been looking forward to it ever since this has been on the voting pool.

[Ch15 read]
✔️Great start, very descriptive. I like it that way so much, makes my reading experience imaginative. I don't know why some readers claimed it as fillers or dragging
✔️Calm and rational MC.
✔️Very intriguing dream world with horror and thriller tone but very bearable to readers weak at those.

I hope there would be a review who actually read further from translations.

Nightmare's Call
4 days ago
Thanks for the chapter 😁 View More
Morningstar of Sin · C30
1 week ago

Luxus_Logo: Superman was nothing special (excepr being a noble of kryton)all his overpoweredness was for entertainment sake and someone bred to be a warrior with superior Gene's he should be close if not on the level of superman I can understand you not wanting to make his so overpowered but making him so weak is just as harmful to the story you have to find a balence in between them or else it'll get boring

Dio El · C30
1 week ago
Lol you win there, I could only think of two reason. One the author deemed it it a important descriptive trait or he/she could not thing of anything else to describe the Mc by so it was decided as a easy way out while helping the word count. View More

gregster: okay fine. . . . but what does that have to do w/ everyy paragraph having 'said in a girlish voice' tho?

WTF I am in the Marvel Universe ! · C18
2 weeks ago
On a side note, you mention 'IRAS' had problems due not being in a different world, I had thought it was set in a parallel world or was it different? I have read it in at least a year I was being prepping it but heard it ran into some problems and haven't picked it back up yet. View More

Killerbee: I don't get money from free passes. Authors only earn from coins.

Top Star: Journey to Become a Global Star · C184
2 weeks ago

OldTimeTea: I really love this novel it is super funny around 40ish chapter . Hopefully this gets popular and translated daily :P . Anyways how come i can't vote for this novel with power stones and energy stones ??

Divine Card Creator
2 weeks ago

Eternal_Mystery: It's one of the 'trial read novels', but I am also confused of how I can support it without using power stones or coins/spirit stones.

Divine Card Creator
2 weeks ago
😁👍 View More

Oto: Yep, no rng or championship type test to become a master for no reason. Simply looking at their ability to forge a weapon which is what a blacksmith is.

Abe the Wizard · C25
3 weeks ago

Oto: Yep, no rng or championship type test to become a master for no reason. Simply looking at their ability to forge a weapon which is what a blacksmith is.

Abe the Wizard · C25
3 weeks ago
Thanks for the chapter 😁 View More
Alucard_Path of blood · C9
3 weeks ago
Big, small or none at all you should pick how comfortable you are with each time skip. Small or none you will lot more chapters but but more details and thought process of Mc to work out. Big however their will be less chapter and just need give a broad understanding of what happen during that period. I mean you could write a draft for both see which outcome better suite your story. View More
Twilight beginning · C8
3 weeks ago

ChowYong117: Metal pincers XD are they not tongs

Skyrim system in Harry Potter World · C20
3 weeks ago

MrMerlin: Probably. I don't know their names even in my original language))
Description is clear enough for imagination)) XD

Skyrim system in Harry Potter World · C20
3 weeks ago
Thanks for the chapter 😁 View More
Twilight beginning · C7
3 weeks ago
No problem glad to help, I will take a look on web again in a bit to see if their are better versions. Do you perfer the book or maybe an animated version instead? View More
I’m Harry Potter (MCU Xover) · C23
3 weeks ago

This link should take to a picture that on top showing harry as he progresses in age (Movie Version) View More

AlienWarLord: Da fuq?

I’m Harry Potter (MCU Xover) · C23
3 weeks ago

Snowstar: Hello, This is Snowstar. Author of this novel. There a few things that I would like to say about the novel that readers must know.
Those who don't like to know even a tiny bit of spoiler, Ignore this and proceed. As for those who want to know what this is about, Please continue.

1. The protagonist of the novel, Neal Slytherin is the direct descendant of Salazar Slytherin and not a descendant from the House of Gaunt like Voldemort.
2. Neal won't be too cold or arrogant like how everyone expects Slytherin to be. He might act friendlier towards strangers because he was taught to do like that from his Orphanage where he grew up.
But that's it.
3. Neal won't be like a hero who forgives anyone or helps others. He's a Grey MC. Please don't judge him at the starting chapters.
4. Neal won't involve much in Harry's events and have his own story. So, aside from interaction from time to time, they don't be involved much in each other stories.
5. While the overall plot doesn't change, the story between start and end might be the same or different.
6. The progress of MC training the spells can't be shown as it's a bit boring process for me to write as well as take too much space and time to research about it. So, please don't think how did MC knows such strong spells or something like that.
After all, this is not some jutsu or sword technique training that needs to take a lot of time. All it needs his comprehension.
MC is being portraited as the most talented student and often gets compared to Voldemort indirectly from time to time. Although he still might need a lot of training when it comes to real battles.
7. History sometimes will be changed from the original to my comfort for the story. So, please don't point out that it is wrong and it isn't that way on the books or movies
8. And finally, the most important point in fanfic that everyone curious about. Is this a Harem or not? The answer is "NO". MC will end up with only one person. As for who it is, it will remain as a question mark until the end of the novel.
Please do comment, Add to Library and Vote power stones to support me, if you like the novel.

The Last Slytherin
3 weeks ago
😲Nice! I will head over today and try it out. View More

_Serene_: Check out Passion Honey's new book Forensic Doctor, Moe Wife in the trial read!

Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard
3 weeks ago

Catman: Why this is a good fanfic?

1- Doesn't have cultivation bull**** like (Magic Core) or (Body Strengthening Technique).
2- it isn't [Copy->Paste the books + MC] without any change in the plot, like the majority of H.P. fanfics.
3- Voldemort is not the Final Boss and this OC Antagonist IS NOT stupid(like most of HP villains).
4- MC until now hasn't show the Hero Syndrome.
5- MC didn't create "Magical Iphone" neither he care about "Magical Community progress"(technological) and "Magical Creatures Wellbeing".
6- MC is not a "Once in Billions of Years Genius", he is HARDWORKING and FOCUSED.

Rebirth in a Magical World
1 month ago
Has no one been paying attention? Everyone keep asking why is still young and girly looking/sounding. It was said by the Ancient One that it is all due to his blessing ( basically his source of power) it the effect of his gain in power the stronger he get the more girly he going to look as all those blessings enhance as person charm and feminine side. Plus it not like his looks and voice are harming him, you could say it leads to people looking down on him but that good that give hime an edge over his foes. View More
WTF I am in the Marvel Universe ! · C18
1 month ago
Thanks for the chapter 😁 View More
Dio El · C24
1 month ago
Reading Status: C3
Author's Works:

I loved all of the works coming from this author, this one included,. The author does a great job in the merger of the Mc and those around them, avoiding the common stale character interactions. The grammar has always been a pleasure to the eyes, having never had problems understanding or any interruptive reading flow issues.

Current Work:

It has only been three chapter so far for me which has mostly been Character/World building and I can say I did not waste my time reading. For me (not sure of others) the system is rather unique on it's own as I have not read similar version of it yet.

(Will edit this twenty to fifty chapters in)

Ps Author:

Be more confident in yourself. Taking suggestions is an important process of learning and improving upon oneself. However, one most known their own line otherwise what your doing would be no longer be your own but manual labor for others, and there is only so long one can go before they break. View More
Part Time Star Full Time Dad
1 month ago
Thanks for the chapter 😁 View More
Part Time Star Full Time Dad · C3
1 month ago

Kaeri17: Name: I Don't Want To Go Against The Sky
Author: Xin Feng
Year: 2018
Status: 660 Chapters(Completed)
Original Publisher: Qidian
Genre: Action, Comedy, Fantasy, Martial Arts, Wuxia
Description: When I became a rich young master, I had to enjoy it.


That is so boring.

I have a system, no need for training.

Are you hungry? Come I'll treat you to with some food at a luxurious restaurant.

What a poor homeless. Come, I will give you a house.

I, Lin Fan am a good person.

I Don't Want To Defy The Heavens
1 month ago

prisims: Honestly mindblowing. Especially as a new reader I can't help but feel that this novel will be fun.

I Don't Want To Defy The Heavens
1 month ago

herbert: By the same author who wrote The Strongest System and A Valiant Life. His novels are kind of repetitive but they are the only two I’ve ever binge read to the end.

I Don't Want To Defy The Heavens
1 month ago
Loving it 😁 thanks for the effort. View More
Brightest Doom · C6
1 month ago
Thanks for the effort 😁 View More
Uchiha dragon [naruto fan fiction] · C0
1 month ago
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