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keep going man!!!! I love this story, the grammar is impeccable, and while the MC is OP he isnt being stupid about it!!! View More
Gamer Naruto · C41
4 hours ago
Keep it up man, while the grammar can use some work the story is fantastic! 😁 View More
Here I Come One Piece World !! · C64
4 days ago
I like the story so far, but please run it through something like grammarly, and learn from the mistakes it shows you, because honestly your grammar is not good, don't get me wrong it's not horrible but it needs work. Keep writing and don't give up and constantly improve! View More
Here I Come One Piece World !! · C1
4 days ago
Nope, needs a better name, the most legendary ferret I know of? Tobi-Kadachi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! View More
Carefree Path of Dreams · C9
4 days ago
Can anyone say nutjob otaku? literally just read the "dude riding a black bike shouting/singing an anime OST" View More
Rebirth: Tales of Demons and Gods · C1
6 days ago
these are common xianxia phrases that have been butchered "proffont realms"=> Profound Realms "Culture" =>Cultivation View More

Rawr_Kitten: .... nothing youve said here makes sense can you try to english a tad more

Reincarnate with 7 wishes
1 week ago
Reading Status: C1
This novel needs to be repaired, I cringed when Tony stark was mentioned as he is the epitome of sarcasm, but all I got when i read this was clown this clown that actor clown, that doesn't convey his personality at all, the grammar also needs to fixed, there are redundant clauses littering this fanfiction. View More
Saitama in Marvel
2 weeks ago
Nope, he got smashed in the head by truck-kuns precocious little brother the Hogwarts trunk View More

BaKaYarou: I think *trunk* should be truck

In Marvel as a Slime (MU) · C1
2 weeks ago
I agree with you on that the bezoar is able to prevent any poison from effecting you however Venom is different to poison, poisons are ingested where as Venom is directly inserted into your bloodstream which means it doesn't touch the bezoar in your stomach. Therefore the effectiveness of the bezoar is nullified. View More

SkyGayleWolfstein: I think the author might have forgotten about the bezoar in HP and the half blood prince.. It would be a great way to find out why poison can be neutralized by it..

New Dawn- A Harry Potter Transmigration Fanfic · C109
2 weeks ago
Reading Status: C5
Doing great man, seems to be better than the last, keep up the good work! I would mention the possibility of a memory imparting skill gained from soul cultivation though, it makes more sense than a kid telling you to copy him and Bamm! View More
Ascending the Heaven's
3 weeks ago
Sorry author but after seeing the names of his parents you have kind of made me hope they die... Brutally! with all of the ketchup and all of the bad luck in the world I hope they seriously die a brutal brutal brutal death, Serena Pedro really?! View More
Naruto System Within Naruto · C2
3 weeks ago
Dark, ignore the salty *****, she has a filthy mouth and a trashy attitude, yes your story has "minor" glitches but let's be honest it's not bad at all, And you! Salty ***** miss bad fortune, go play in a highway, you want to bad mouth an author that is trying to learn the ropes and become a better writer, and you can't even give constructive criticism?! even though he isnt even charging you spirit stones? Go screw yourself! Dumbass...🖕 View More

Darkest_Night: That's fair, it's been a while since I read desolate era so when I began writing this books I went over everything that I could find about its cultivation system and power levels. The problem was that it was ridiculously vague and I couldn't make out the power levels of each stage because they varied so much. The next problem that I had was how to compare the desolate era power levels to the marvel verse. I honestly thought I overpowered the system because I made it so you could destroy a universe ( which I compared to a chaos world) when he reached the world god level which was stated in the light novel. If you could explain to me where I 'nerfed' the cultivation system I'll try to make some changes.

Ascending the Heavens in Marvel
3 weeks ago
Reading Status: C21
Ignore what most people are saying, their reviews are frankly stupid, yes there are a few hiccups here and there but that isn't to say that the story is "trash" people that lable it as such for a minor story glitch are morons, HE ISNT EVEN CHARGING SPIRIT STONES!!! SHUT YOUR GOBS YOU KNOBS! View More
Ascending the Heavens in Marvel
3 weeks ago
Reading Status: C100
Keep going mate, I love the story, I just have 1 gripe, harry seems to be getting more edgy as time goes on, would it be possible to tone that down a wee bit? View More
New Dawn- A Harry Potter Transmigration Fanfic
3 weeks ago
Reading Status: C0
Ok, these is going to seem rhetorical, but where is the story? all I can see is "coming soon" which is a lie because it "was" here but now its not?! View More
Hacker Status
3 weeks ago
Reading Status: C2
I honestly cant read more, I tried, I got up to chapter 8 and my brain couldn't take it, I am going to be perfectly honest, I am sure you are not a native english speaker and I respect you for writing outside of your comfort zone, but you really need help with grammar and punctuation, you are missing almost every quotation mark in the story. Its hard to transition between speaking and background info when there isn't a clear divide between the two, my recommendation, use grammarly or even Microsoft Word spell check, there is a huge amount of resources online that are free, use them, see where you go wrong and use that to improve. good luck View More
GameShark System In the World Of Pokemon
6 months ago
Reading Status: C83
I absolutely love this story, please finish the planning asap I want moar!!!!!! 😜, This is a great cliffhanger, and you nearly got me done with Karin "dying" but I am glad that you ensured she lived on with twice the sassyness... If you can can you also include the god realm... View More
Reborn in the Narutoverse
7 months ago

jfl_ee: "Oh you! Poisoning my tea with grade 7 poison that will make my body go through extreme pain and implode! John you're to playful!"

Library of Heaven's Path · C994
11 months ago

ImmortalEgg: I bet you $ 13456324567 dollars you didn't read that number. You just skipped right over it. You didn't even realize I put a letter in it. No I didn't but you went back and looked. I want my like😂

Library of Heaven's Path · C574
11 months ago
She's also a practitioner of the breaking wind technique XD View More
King of Gods · C121
11 months ago
Oh boi, his ass is gonna burn 😀 View More
King of Gods · C117
11 months ago
holy shavage!!! View More
Library of Heaven's Path · C323
1 year ago
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