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Xueme View More
Lord Xue Ying · C1201
4 months ago
I am thinking that the translation probably missed somethings as I felt a bit like when I read machine translations (like I know what’s going on but in some sense but miss all the subtle context) View More

Zuzu15: I'm not sure if I understand the ending completely but as long as Ning Que and Sangsang are together then I'm happy!!😊 Thank you!

Nightfall · C1118
6 months ago
I quote “no paywalls” back in the day when they scraped up all the novels from all the fan sites...and now not only is there one paywall - there are two ...yes one needs to have the “privilege” of giving them more money...WTH View More
The Card Apprentice · C555
6 months ago
https://***.behindthename.com/imagebank/images/roland.jpg View More
Release That Witch · C1492
7 months ago
When do the apes show up ? ;) or was that the substance of that last private conversation he had with the watcher AI. Thank you. I’m going to miss this novel like an old friend... View More
Joy of Life · C746
7 months ago
Nice View More
Joy of Life · C745
7 months ago
No service!!! View More
I have a Mansion in the Post-apocalyptic World · C668
11 months ago
Not even for a second View More
I have a Mansion in the Post-apocalyptic World · C667
11 months ago
Super awesome incredible! View More
Shadow Hack · C493
12 months ago
It’s far more complicated than you could imagine... View More

SerBlueom: I feel that as well. Wanna give me some discreet hints~~

Nightfall · C356
1 year ago
Aka “crowned stumpy” View More

Birisora: i guess 2nd brother broke through and evolved. Time for a turnaround! And birth of the strongest one armed swordsman

Nightfall · C766
1 year ago
Chills View More
Nightfall · C766
1 year ago
Nice View More
Nightfall · C750
1 year ago
Nice View More
Nightfall · C750
1 year ago
So hungry for some chocolate View More
Nightfall · C729
1 year ago
Somehow what you wrote sounds a bit dirty... View More

francis578: Edith makes a really good character. She’s really well developed and her character is interesting too. That’s why. I like this novel so much

Release That Witch · C1302
1 year ago
The war ended? View More
Nightfall · C711
1 year ago
All this nonsuspense is killing me View More
Nightfall · C706
1 year ago
It’s good to be a Tang in the end...not so much in the middle though.... View More
Nightfall · C705
1 year ago
Too funny View More
Joy of Life · C563
1 year ago
Did the author change to Fang? Suddenly! View More
Nightfall · C703
1 year ago
We need some action ! View More
Nightfall · C701
1 year ago
Wasn’t that just in the drama? View More

Oweme1cannoli: Was there a dispute between the young emperor and nq over sansang? Or am i imagining things... i have feeling nq will follow in fuzis footsteps like when he killed the tang founder.

Nightfall · C698
1 year ago
That maybe true but then that would be a different novel than the one we are reading View More

zipposwims: This is actually the fault of the Emperor who just died. He should have never chosen Six and should have cultivated Li Huiyuan to be the future Emperor and a good leader. There should never have been any question who would be Emperor and there should have been a plan in place for the Empress and Six. Why? Because the Empress was a Saintess of the Devil. He thinks people don't know, but a secret like that at the level of power he was in would almost always become known. Likewise, the Empress didn't stop meddling in politics as has been stated since she had her people placed in so many high positions. The Emperor allowed this. So. Like so many in monarchial powers in the past, he failed to raise a successor and thus thrust his Empire into chaos and possibly civil war.

Nightfall · C698
1 year ago
And she should be View More
Nightfall · C695
1 year ago
Isn’t he the star of the novel? View More

Birisora: headmaster became the moon, while sangsang is the sun huh?
Wonder what nq will do now?

Nightfall · C694
1 year ago
White stone , black stone , feet and fear , only the headmaster can come near. View More
Nightfall · C692
1 year ago
...well Hoatian wanted to eat HM, the first emperor wanted to eat HM...and the last several chapters were about eating.... I’m detecting some foreshadowing... maybe since HM says he doesn’t t have much time left he will let Ning eat him.... View More
Nightfall · C690
1 year ago
I gift the headmaster a balloon View More
Nightfall · C688
1 year ago
Yeah that chapter title and the proximity of the river kingdom made me think something far more mundane and dignified would happen.... View More
Nightfall · C686
1 year ago
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