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Im2LaZy0002: Shit! This novel is definitely not for me. I still haven't read this and I will definitely not read this. I always imagine the mc as me so when the review of others said his(mc) mom gets @#$$ while he's watching in my mind I'm thinking FUCK THIS NOVEL!!!

I don't like it when my/mc's girl gets @#$$ by another man. Sorry I don't usually give rates low 3 cause even if I don't like this novel some probably like it but this novel I HATE THIS!!!

Sorry author I have fragile heart so whenever mc's girl (or probably my girl cause I like I said ^) flirts or have s*x with other men it hurts my heart. I can't read novels like this

Amoral Village Head
1 day ago
Wow now they use free pass for every new novel from chapters 40, it's fucking ridiculous when there is a lot of free chapter out there, bye alll View More
Divine Card Creator · C39
1 month ago
Udah tanggung top up doang jadi lanjut 🤣 View More

Lize: Mabinogi serukah?

Btw.. thks for chapter..

Starting life in another world · C41
1 month ago
Wow... well how I said it... my curent level is 1343🤣 View More

clockz: I checked my account just now... currently I'm at lv 310+ 😁

Starting life in another world · C38
1 month ago
Play again! 😁
It's not hard to catch up with the old players... maybe 🤭 View More

clockz: great chapter... thanks 😋

I also play mabinogi thought I haven't online for several days, maybe weeks 😆

Starting life in another world · C38
1 month ago
Play again then! 😁
Don't worry it's not like they wouldn't kick me out if I didn't online for several day consecutively without any reason 🤣
I'm waiting your mail in the game! 🤗 View More

Cestaria: If I'm not wrong I play that game once and someone invites me to join a guild, Knightmare? Well, I was offline for several days because I didn't have time to play the game, and when I online again I was kicked out of the guild 😁

Starting life in another world · C38
1 month ago
Ofcourse I'm alive... thanks for reading and comments View More

Linds: He is alive!!!!!!
Also thanks for the chapter~!

Starting life in another world · C37
1 month ago
Thank you for reading my novel, well I will try it in the next chapter 😁 View More

A_Canadian: FallenCat thank you for the new chapter! No need for daily chapters if they are as high of a quality as your usual, but dont forget to make them have a satisfying word count!

Starting life in another world · C37
1 month ago
I make this novel because I want to read it for myself and hope there will be someone who can offer me some pointer. . Well although my temper is bad when facing some hars comments 🤣 View More

Dantaliens: So glad you're not droping this

Starting life in another world · C37
1 month ago
Ofcourse no, I'm still alive and kicking... I just feel not motivated to write lately... and as you know this novel is kind of my own wish and I think after I reach the mahouka world and finish that arc I will go for short travel in some peaceful world to fulfill my wish 🤣
It can't be said as a spoiler because I atill faraway from the mahouka arc 🤣 View More

Hassan_Hadi: at-least you are not dead as I thought 😂

Starting life in another world · C37
1 month ago
07:01 gmt+8 View More
The Monk That Wanted To Renounce Asceticism · C957
2 months ago
Although you are late to realize that... Congratulations 🎆 View More

ZaneAmbrose: Wait a minute it just clicked, are Kise and Ludwig from the game epic seven?!

Starting life in another world · C36
3 months ago
🥳🥳🥳🥳 that's right View More

Diego_Miranda: Characters of Epic Seven?

Starting life in another world · C35
3 months ago
Right, who is colin? 🤔 View More

Fefe117: Who is Colin?

Starting life in another world · C35
3 months ago
Maybe he confused because I cut out the scan Subaru talking with Crusch before he leave her residence? View More

Hassan_Hadi: basically they are fighting against Beetle juice(ithink that was his name) and the witch cult and at the same time using illusion magic on Rem and the asshole to make them relive the same events that happened in the original story when Rem died and asshole was broken

Starting life in another world · C35
3 months ago
Sorry will fix it later, didn't have a time View More

barkbarkbar: What is happening in this chapter? (seriously someone please explain because I really like the storyline so far 😭) Feels all over the place and kinda choppy like parts are missing, and there's more grammar mistakes than previous chapters??

Starting life in another world · C35
3 months ago
Same here 🙋‍♂️ View More

GRUMBLES: I dont like subaru or whats his name is

Starting life in another world · C34
3 months ago
I want a cute girl 🤣
Like mirage memorial global
If I'm not wrong View More

Sternl: Try Potion Maker game

Thanks for the chapter

Starting life in another world · C33
3 months ago
Paramedic, but our work time is longer than the doctor 🤣 View More

Alfan_ricuh: you doctor? and happy writing au chan

Starting life in another world · C31
3 months ago
07:03 gmt+8 View More
The Monk That Wanted To Renounce Asceticism · C925
3 months ago
What? 🤔🙆‍♂️ View More

Alfan_ricuh: Au chan who was not the one who mc resurrected witches and why not for mc to raise up all wizards!

Starting life in another world · C30
3 months ago
07.42 gmt+8 View More
The Monk That Wanted To Renounce Asceticism · C921
3 months ago
You're a returnees and you worrying about copyright... I'm bowing my head to you 🙇‍♂️ View More
The Sword Deity in Tokyo · C8
3 months ago
07:02 gmt+8 View More
The Monk That Wanted To Renounce Asceticism · C919
3 months ago
Reading Status: C51
It's good until our stick mc meet with a suppose to be a female protagonist stick... But well I'm still trying to continue the story, just hope author stop to make the female stick always stronger than the stick mc View More
I Reincarnated As A Stick
3 months ago

Neveryoumindme: This story is a massive disappointment, i'm not sure if i was spoiled by other translators who selected better stories or what, but i expected a lot more from a korean novel. In my experience they are usually better written then chinese ones and shorter, being shorter is usually what helps them because the author doesn't repeat the same plot points every arch to pad the word count.

The story start is pretty weird, we are introduced to the main character and a villain whose action are baffling. The mc "luckily" manages to return to the past, he's now got a FULL YEAR before the game starts and he pisses it off.
From what it's described he does nothing other then finding a very important location in the first few days, only to leave it and do nothing for the rest of the year. He doesn't try to maybe, i dunno, find and kill the guy who he hated so much before, try to connect with figures who are going to become deities or possibly very strong allies in the future.
He could have reincarnated within a few days of the start of the game and the story would still be the same while leaving the readers with less doubts about the author and protagonist intelligence.

Now we get to the juicy part, he gets to the location he scouted a year before and becomes the first to transition to the new deva mode.
He gets a pretty sweet +200 stats bonus for every aspect of his character and proceeds to tell the reader that such a huge bonus, even higher then what he expected, would definitely propel him to the ranks of the top devas.
It actually makes sense since reaching such stats would apparently take a year or two. That would have been a good point where the author should have stopped the *beep* plot armor and sent the mc into the wild, but nope.
The protagonist has not enough of a leeway so we get another stupid scene where he "totally randomly" gets a whooping +1000 stats in each attribute. That results in the mc having now better stats then what he achieved in 7~11 years before the reset while still being a level 0.

He's now ready for adventure, the revenge is probably forgotten for now but i'm pretty sure we'll meet the antagonist later in the story where he proceeds to trounce the mc anyway or gets blasted for sins he has not yet or may not ever commit. Anyway the protagonist finds a low level dungeon he goes in and is immediately confused, apparently in 12 years of surviving in the "hellish" world he never learnt how to fight or think since he fights like a toddler who just learnt he has arms. I should stress that the basic stats for a normal lvl 0 deva is 20 across the board, our mc has 1200 in each, by all rights he should be having trouble just moving without having spent some considerable time adapting to such absurd stats. He should be having fun and being mildly frustrated trying to take a few steps without accidentally breaking the sound barrier.
The power level is so high he should atomize anything that he touches, especially low level mobs that have their name preceded by the word "weak". He kills them easily enough but apparently the stats are meaningless since he only manages to crack some skulls and he's considerably astounded by the fact.

One last thing that really baffles me is the protagonist choice of future development, apparently being adaptable is stupid? He's got stats that could lead him down pretty interesting development paths but he's going to throw such an advantage away and just focus on being a melee class. Really? The argument for why he should go down that road it's pretty flimsy too.

Anyway avoid like the plague unless your favorite decent korean author pissed you off. If that's the case, read this and you'll understand that the tiny mistake that upset you is not that big a deal when compared to this burning pile of trash.

The world turned into a game after I woke up
3 months ago

Royal_Lurkers: I am the exp of my sword.
webnovel is my body, and exp is my blood.
I have created over a thousand useless review.
Unknown to death, nor known to life.
Have withstood pain to create many reviews.
Yet, those hands will never hold anything.

So, as I pray...Unlimited Exp Works!.

Aatrox, A God King in a Modern World.
3 months ago
Me too T_T View More

Light_snow: I want to see some fight TT

Starting life in another world · C25
3 months ago
The content has been deleted
Starting life in another world · C25
3 months ago
07.20 gmt+8 View More
The Monk That Wanted To Renounce Asceticism · C915
3 months ago
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