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    you will regret it if you click it



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  • Starting life in another world

    Starting life in another world

    Anime & Comics


    This is just fanfic I'm very lazy to write something like a disclaimer or anything like that so I will just leave a word here "if you're the owner of the original story and doesn't like my story please tell me" and for you who leave bad comment or review with intentions to make it a better story, I will be very thankful. but for you who leave a bad comment or review like something that didn't have a brain I just want to say "G.F.Y" And lastly English is not my forte so I know there is a lot of mistakes but I will try to learn more about it. ugh, I know this is a place for the synopsis but I can't find right synopsis for this so I just want to fill it with something, and if I can't find good synopsis I think synopsis below while serving as a temporary option. "a sick boy felt brokenhearted and died. that's not the end because he will go to another world " that's your synopsis boy!


At least I'm trying here and there is quite a lot of people who like my work (I know they just have to much free time). And I not just jumping here and there pointing it's bad, it's boring, it's trash or anything that incompetent people like to said.

I'm waiting for you to show me your novel, where I can see a perfect gramar with good story for reference.

I feel better to be a five years old asian kid who didn't know about grammar rather than... ah whatever, you know what I mean. View More

CornboyRay: Not usually on end to complain about grammar but JESUS CHRIST... I feel like I'm reading something written by a 5 year old Asian boy who has just learned English but hasn't quite figured it out yet.

Starting life in another world
1 month ago
That's it! So please don't use logic here when there is a whole world who didn't even have it 🤣🤣🤣 View More

Azashram: I will I can understand that it have a good effect too but c’mon couldn’t he wear a hat or something to cover his hair ? If you think green lantern is bad then what about Superman ?? The guy literally just remove his glasses and change his hairstyle and no one notice him 🤦‍♂️

Starting life in another world · C98
1 month ago
Because it's have good effects?
Well there is a lot of people worse than him though... what Robin and Green lantern use can't even be considered as hiding their face 🤷‍♂️ View More

Azashram: Honestly why did he even wear the mask if it did not cover his hair ? You know that white hair is really rare right ? 🧐

Starting life in another world · C98
1 month ago
You're still too young to read this Kings plot 🤴🤣🤣 View More

Sekz: thanks for the chapter, you will write when those who work in the competition infect the cad, and Arthur unleashes his fury

Starting life in another world · C91
2 months ago
I feel curious with your experience that can make you feel cringy when you f*u*cking View More

AllenNeedsToWakeUp: Dude not gonna lie calling yourself king is cringy af

Starting life in another world · C93
2 months ago
Its not dropped... but crippled 😨 View More
Other Dimension's Knight · C0
2 months ago
Thanks for reading my book, but can you help me? there is someone say Arthur forget about two things because I want to follow the original plot, which one it was? I thought it was the first time because in Mari's case he was doing it intentionally. View More

Rimuru_Tempes_T: Thanks for chapter

Starting life in another world · C91
2 months ago
It's very unfortunate if you think it was a stupid decision for me to follow the original story, I hope you can found out more interesting fanfic out there better than my novel and all of those novels that you called as trash.
And I'm here waiting with full of anticipation for you to write your own fanfic so I can read epic fanfic without stupid decision like mine 🙂
Please tell me the name of your book after you make it, thanks. 😉 View More

topak: On both accident he forgot lol,u just wants to go with the plotits stupid

Starting life in another world · C91
2 months ago
I write in there if I complete a new chapter for this site so both of them will not be abandoned View More

Lize: 😂🤣😂🤣

Starting life in another world · C91
2 months ago
Yes, as I said, it was a rewrite 🤣🤣 View More

Lize: Are there only 2 chapter? O.o

Starting life in another world · C91
2 months ago
Maybe it was like that...🤔 View More

Lize: Errr.. lack of action?
If you look at re zero part..
There are a lot of action going on..
And get to mahouka..
It more slice of life rather than action..

Anyway.. thank you for the chapter..

Starting life in another world · C89
2 months ago
Yes, it was. Maybe he just wants to fulfill the release number of chapter 🤔 View More

Rumere: Did the translator summarized the chapter? Correct me if im wrong but i think the raw is much longer...

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator · C11
2 months ago
So we have the same opinion about harem 🤭 View More

Lucas_Victor: I recommend you make a harem with at least only 2 or 3 girls because it is more difficult and boring to manage the relationship and conceptually some of the women of the harem will not appear much .... so in my romance when I put harem only 2 or 3 girls not to complicate the situation for me ..... because I do not like girls without personality who is only there to be deposit of cum

Starting life in another world · C73
2 months ago
What I mean change here is the degree of injury, if there is no accident happened to Mari then the involvement of No Head Dragon will not be found out.
Well, maybe I didn't write it clearly. My bad. View More

BlaqueLyte: Well of course just sending Echidna will never change Mari getting into an accident. If you read the canon, then you know that Mari's particular trap was set up from long before the competition started, and only needed to be activated (and that could be done from a long distance away). The trap was set to use spirit magic to disrupt the water balance of the first person there during the very first race because it was a known fact that Mari would be the first based on her reputation and past performances, and was undetectable until activated.

Starting life in another world · C86
2 months ago
Honestly, I do think the irregular world has a weak plot but I plan to not lingering in this world too much and make development characters for Arthur and Emila ... Well, that's just plan thought.. View More

ADD: it doesn't have to be a robbery, any other "right place at the wrong time" event would be great, I just said theft because it's the most common example that came to mind

Starting life in another world · C85
2 months ago
I'm more interested in the reason why you so hell-bent on the robbery thing 🤣🤣🤣 View More

ADD: I'm sorry if I took my imagination too far and just suggested a fanfic crack, but what I mean is that you should create more comic characters, it would be interesting

Starting life in another world · C85
2 months ago
Then that will make me rewrite the whole thing 🤣🤣
Look at how many chapters have Subaru perspective and if I cut it into one chapter then... Boom Boom Boom I need to edit all of this 🤣🤣 View More

Lize: Nah.. its correct..
I infact found it funny and refreshing..
I already reread your book 3 times now..
But i always skip the part when subaru first come..
Maybe you should change that to mc prespective..
Not subaru..

Starting life in another world · C85
2 months ago
Then that will be out of the personality of their character ... Right? View More

ADD: The beginning was going well, but these last chapters are kinda weak, I don't feel too eager for the chapters as before, I always found the mahouka plot very weak, not much to expect if you just follow the mahouka plot, nothing interesting happens. and Mahouka's characters, besides miyuki and tatsuya, may be out of their story and few would care about it, they always seem to be forcing themselves in the way of the protagonists just to fight for their screen time, it's just a nuisance. .
I just watched mahouka because of miyuki and tatsuya ... it's my opinion, I think the mahouka plot sucks, I wonder if anyone thinks differently.
I think if Emilia and Arthur didn't join the tatsuya group and just interacted with tatsuya and miyuki and followed their own lives to find friends with interesting hobbies, it might be better, I don't think anyone would care if you created your OCs since OCs are unrelated to multiverse theory. They could make friends with the mafia, get involved in some confusion and rob a bank for fun. When has Emilia been against the law? someone could help her get out of line a bit, you should play with their fate by putting them in one mess after another ... they could make friends with bad guys too, just because one person is mean doesn't mean they don't can be friends

Starting life in another world · C85
2 months ago
You are damn right 🤣🤣🤣
I use that a lot too 🤣🤣🤣 View More

JflyN_J: No need to rewrite... The readers just use SkipJustu.... LoL

Starting life in another world · C85
2 months ago
Not, that's bothersome. Maybe just several early chapter? View More

Lize: Errr.. you want to rewrite the whole thing? O.o

Starting life in another world · C85
2 months ago
Then maybe I need to rewrite it again when I have the time? 🤔 View More

Lize: Yeah..
To be honest..
This book have a bad start..
But become better later on..
And become one of my most fav book..

Starting life in another world · C85
2 months ago
Eh, this is that bad lately?
I try to make it more natural thought...
I think this is what will happen if someone who distanced himself from other people will react if there are people who care about him...
Maybe I'm wrong 🤔 View More

Morning_Fragrance: Ehhh~ First chapters are fine, I'd say the latest chapters feel iffy.

Like is this becoming a harem..?
MC has honestly been pretty restrained by those around him as of recently. Along with pretty much being pushed to do things by others. I miss the carefree MC before he became a true slave to Emilia who's naive ideals makes my sociopath aspects show perfectly.

Starting life in another world · C85
2 months ago
The police are the one who captured them.
Heck, they use our tax money and leave the terrorist to high school students handle it? That's insane 🤣🤣 View More

BlaqueLyte: I'm going to assume they took out the Blanche headquarters in the factory district with that student's brother since it was never actually mentioned.

Starting life in another world · C83
2 months ago
Oh, that's very unfortunate. I like the original story but it changes become full of sex scenes. Sometimes it was good but if it appears nearly all chapter it was disturbing... Well, maybe that's because my preference is different. View More
Starting life in another world · C84
2 months ago
But thankfully because of that, I will not need to write a lot of chapters in this volume 🤣 View More

Lize: But in re zero case.. they repeat the episode..
I mean the event..
Like episode 1.. how many time did subaru get die and repeat the whole event..
So its look longer in re zero..
While in mahouka there are a lot of time skip..

Starting life in another world · C83
2 months ago
When I read this chapter there is a sudden realization hit me, This world is facing the start of the emergence of another Witch Cult and they worship Echidna. 😱 View More
Starting life in another world · C83
2 months ago
Sorry, have some problems with my health. There is one now. View More

Lize: Wha?
No chapter?

Starting life in another world · C80
2 months ago

GreatSage_Master1: This guy just copied my novel... I´m truly disappointed seeing that this happens in a Fanfiction. I have read that the author is going to start his plotline after the rescue of the Neko, but... I spend over 3 hours writing a chapter and now someone is taking 30 of them. 90 hours of my time men, it truly rages me.

Please give a like to the review so everyone can see it. (Don´t even try to delete it, I would repost it 10000 times)

Fate/Problem child in dxd
2 months ago
Thank you for your review, I know it about he didn't have a dream or goal, but I make it like that because there willl be a time when he will change, i have a rough idea about how to develop his character but it's not the time yet, and I hope I make it look more natural when I do it. View More

CapGrizzlyBear1203: I can say that despite the atrocious grammar and spelling, it is a very good fanfic. Sometimes the story can be annoying and sometimes it can be exciting, but overall enjoyable. I also like how the story/Author doesn't solely focus on the MC too much and actually shows some of the other characters opinion and perspective. But Jesus Christ the grammar and spelling is a major turn off for new readers, the only thing that made me stick around was the story and the fact that I liked where it was heading.

The one thing that I don't like, the one character that I actually don't find interesting is the MC. While the Author has done amazing with the direction the story is heading I can't say the rest for the other aspects as most of the world-building and characters were already established. The MC often calls and treats Emilia as a kid or naive, but I also think that the MC is naive, like a child trying to act tough, serious and *****-like. He cant let go of the past and surprisingly neither can the past, which is kind of annoying looking at it from the outsiders perspective.

Now, these reasons aren't the reason I don't find the MC as an interesting character, in fact, I don't see him as a character at all, more like a tool. The MC is reincarnated and has barely done anything fun because of a disease that forces him to stay at home in his previous world. When he is reincarnated into a different world he still clinging to that world and the relationships in it, which I can understand, but is very annoying. The reason I think of him as a tool is that he has no ambition and only wishes to have the bare minimum to survive which is fine and all but is extremely boring.

The fact that he starts to take interest in Emilia is also ****ed up as he kind of just wants a replacement for his ex-lover. An emotional support pillar I guess you could say. But what bugs me the most is that he has no drive, no goals, no dreams, and anything particularly noteworthy that separates himself from the common rabble except his strength. He has so much power but he uses it to support Emilia instead for his own goals and does everything for Emilia, it feels like watching a loyal dog doing all sorts of tricks.

Now I don't want to be that guy that I'm pretty sure we all hate (or maybe that's just me) but "Make a harem". It is actually so annoying to see that he has no one to cling to except Emilia and only uses his awesome abilities for someone else. If he had a harem he wouldn't seem that attached to Emilia and **** like that and maybe he might have his own ambitions not just following Emilia around just like Rem following Subaru, or Subaru following Emilia. It doesn't even have to be a harem, just make it so he does not live only for Emilia cause it's actually annoying as **** in my opinion when someone has no motives and just does what other people tell them to.

Also while I think the MC "thinks" he is in love with Emilia, I feel like it's more sinister than that as I feel like instead of looking at her as Emilia, I think he's see's Emilia as replacement for his past lover that he had to break up with due to his disease. I feel like he does all these amazing and wonderful things for her to burry the guilt in his heart so that he convinces himself that he loves Emilia, he himself has somewhat recognized and even touched upon that subject in his thoughts. That's all I had to say and I hope that the MC gets better.

Starting life in another world
2 months ago
Thanks, but that slightly impossible View More

Fanfic98: Thanks for the chapter. Hopeful the authors will release 2 chapters a day 🙏

Starting life in another world · C79
2 months ago
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