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There had been 3 eras and we are currently transitioning to the fourth and it is about 3 to 4 venerable per era but never has there been 2 venerables Alive at once cuz fate (as broken as it is) and heavens will will never allow it and revival is possible but returning to the venerable level is impossible as purple mountain lord said when in the previous timeline spectral soul revived but without being able to destroy fate hi he was never able to reach venerable level View More

Daoist268367: Just need some clarification. Each era there can only be one venerable? Or two? One immortal, and one demon?

Reverend Insanity · C1683
16 hours ago
In this novel I have experienced the biggest impact from a difference in talent ever
Fang yuan had to spend so much time just to upgrade his dao while the venerable talent here and in every example giving are just progress like there is no tomorrow and I doubt anything other that supreme grandmasters and above will trouble them View More

DaoistCitizen: Wonder what happened after FJH rebuked duke long regarding what he said about her fate? That chapter was so striking but we saw no direct follow up save for the recent red lotus chapters which mirrors those really well.

I feel FJH is absolutely nowhere near the end goal of the story. Theres so many sinister underlying currents that confuse me. The murderer of spectral soul, the one which raised thieving heaven, the underlying conflict of Human luck/fate and the heavens will and their tribulations. Fated to be venerable yet heavens will absolutely would've killed red lotus had he not been protected as a baby.

And then the aspect of star constellations heavens will, is that her who wanted to kill the birth of red lotus? Not to mention giant suns 'favour'... and the other missing venerables who NOT A SINGLE ONE is in the door of life and death save spectral soul back then. Weve even got the limitless demon venerable crazy dao cave, like **** so much is happening. Surprised fy hasnt plundered that cave tho.

Reverend Insanity · C1683
19 hours ago
I love the power scale system in this novel you have rank 6,7 as a blessed land and 8,9 as a heaven grotto and final if a rank 10 is ever born then it will be a world and the energy that is generated is purple something and we don’t know if there is something above it as rank 10 can only be the peak of immortal View More

DaoistCitizen: The current sovereign apperture can be called fang yuan apperture right? Then fang yuan grotto heaven when placed?

Reverend Insanity · C1683
20 hours ago
I can’t w to check his current karmic luck value View More
Paragon of Sin · C50
1 day ago
This author is also great friends with cliff sama View More
Reverend Insanity · C1681
1 day ago
I did not get the methods of stealing luck mind if you explain in a bit more detail View More

KevinAscending: To explain, I'll start off from what's been said thus far from the start. Firstly, the Heavenly Daos is like god, and it's decided three thousand sets of rules that should be followed by those who live within its world. If it is followed during one's lifetime, the Heavenly Daos weigh this and it accumulates. When they die, that accumulated value is then passed onto their next life.

If they go against the Heavenly Daos rules, they are instead given a negative karmic luck/karmic luck subtraction(if they have any) or karmic sin, which is negative karmic luck value. This can affect you in your current life, bringing all sorts of ill-omens and "bad luck" engineered by the Heavenly Daos.

As for the MC, he has a karmic luck value that can increase and influence his "current" lifetime, unlike normal.

You are both correct and incorrect. If it was a normal person with 172 karmic luck value, then they would essentially have accumulated it during their past life and it can only be decreased through lucky chances or eventful encounters. If they accumulated it during their current life, they wouldn't be able to use it until their next one(which would be set unless a special circumstance happens).

However, there are quite a few special features for those with a "live" positive karmic luck value that haven't been explored yet. All in all, he's different than others.

Hope that helped, if not, I can try to word it better and explain it a little more. ^_^

Paragon of Sin · C20
1 day ago
Also will he receive a title for comprehending a grand concept or for passing a lightning tribulation View More

AhmadElkodary: The long chapters are my favorite part and I hope you can continue doing so

The Grand Duelist · C155
1 day ago
The long chapters are my favorite part and I hope you can continue doing so View More

TheAdventurer: Thanks~~~

The Grand Duelist · C155
1 day ago
Thank you for all your hard work View More
Divine Seal of Chaos · C81
2 days ago
I liked into the novels of the author View More
Divinity: Against the Godly System · C73
2 days ago
Will there be a soul or mental cultivation View More
Transmigrated in a xianxia novel · C30
2 days ago
No paradise immortal will never force saint to sacrifice themselves and bring calamity on the world View More

Curium255: I'm thinking there is no Demon in the Regret Sea, I think it is just a lie to get the locals to keep the seal strong until FY arrived. After all it would be too dangerous if something went wrong. And now the sea has lost the core Regret Gu and FY got ejected from the Paradise and couldn't do anything about the weakened seal even if he wanted to. That just doesn't sound like PE to me.

Reverend Insanity · C1679
2 days ago
Really foreshadowing the time reversal View More
Reverend Insanity · C1679
2 days ago

Demon_Venerable: Say it with me guys. Say it loud and proud: THE HEART OF A DEMON NEVER HAS REGRET, EVEN IN DEATH!

Reverend Insanity · C1678
2 days ago
Can he control the concept of life like he did the concept of disorder View More
The Grand Duelist · C154
2 days ago
Will he keep all the concepts that he comprehends other than order and justice and take it back to the main world View More
The Grand Duelist · C153
3 days ago
It would have been futile because he wouldn’t have been able to harm it at all if it wasn’t for love gu and I believe love gu is outside the control of fate View More

Demon_Venerable: Duke Long said he received revelations from Fate Gu that Red Lotus should choose Time Path. Given everything that happened subsequently, doesn't that imply it was Fate Gu's fate to be destroyed eventually?

Reverend Insanity · C1677
3 days ago
Thank you very much for a great story but can we have more xianxia crossovers View More

TheAdventurer: Thank you, fam. Words like these really motivates me well haha

The Grand Duelist · C153
3 days ago
Convince Alice to become your girlfriend View More
Divinity: Against the Godly System · C70
4 days ago
Red lotus really deserves to be the venerable that was closest to achieving when even the first human could not escape and that is to destroy fate View More
Reverend Insanity · C1675
4 days ago
He gives the feeling of “ I would kill only if I have to or if it is the best choice “ View More
The Grand Duelist · C152
4 days ago
Shouldn’t the variant core count for more than one tier 1 core View More

Mystiks: If Li Jing could kill Teng Fen after only 25 chapters I would not have written a story like that but a traditional "reincarnated in a cultivation world" novel...

Transmigrated in a xianxia novel · C25
5 days ago
Why what ? View More

Ree_Trace: Why??

This Earth Is A Bit Fearsome · C9
5 days ago

Demon_Venerable: Wow… I mean, what do you even say to this chapter?

I understand now why the heart of a demon never has regret. What is there to regret when you’ve truly lived every moment of your life to the fullest?

I understand now why Fang Yuan was laughing facing his own death when Spring Autumn Cicada failed to active on Yi Tian Mountain. Why fear death when you’ve given everything you had and died in pursuit of your goals?

I understand now why only perseverance remains in Fang Yuan’s heart. What greater ideal and self-fulfilment is there than to live life completely according to your own intentions?

You call a person like this a lunatic and a madman? Fine, then I don’t want to be sane.

You call a person like this a true demon? Fine, then I don’t want to be righteous. Fang Yuan is Human beyond Ren Zu.

This is why it’s impossible for me to dislike Fang Yuan despite everything he has done. There is something about this level of commitment toward a goal that may not even be possible to begin with and voluntarily choosing to live in a way against and hunted by the entire world that even death is no deterrent that deeply resonates with the human spirit. I just can’t help wanting to see someone who “wants it” this much succeed.

I must express my gratitude to this author. His work has taught me much more about how to live my life than I ever thought could be possible.

What boggles my mind is how this author was able to craft such an intricate world with so many unusual ideas not seen elsewhere and weave them into a multi-thousand chapter long story across more than half a decade with so few inconsistencies and at the same time incorporate so many different areas of knowledge together such as philosophy, sociology, politics, and psychology in a way that is easy for the readers to understand and appreciate. What’s more, from the picture of the author, he appears to be quite young, around his mid to late 20s or so. It is quite an achievement.

Reverend Insanity · C1673
5 days ago
Are there stronger concepts or is it decided by how much he comprehend from said concept View More

TheAdventurer: He can learn more :)

The Grand Duelist · C148
1 week ago
Rival View More
Divinity: Against the Godly System · C66
1 week ago
I just hope that it stays at the same quality View More

Zim_Zimmerhanzel: Gosh I love this novel so much that it’s starting to make my soul ache when I finish reading the latest chapter and have to wait for new release. Ugh please I need more chapters ASAP brooooo. I beg I beg please I’m loyal supporter I give powerstones everyday. I comment frequently. And I love this novel as it’s my go to favorite. I beg please release more my guy.

I Am A Prodigy · C156
1 week ago
Will he be limited to the concepts that come with his class or can he learn more View More

TheAdventurer: Nice suggestion, your suggestion is actually better than my method haha

The Grand Duelist · C148
1 week ago
More Xianxia please View More
The Grand Duelist · C146
1 week ago
Thank you View More
The Grand Duelist · C146
1 week ago
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