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4 tails and the others ?, 1, 2, 3 after transcend ?, I do not think I understand the idea very well, maybe English is not your native language, and that's why you can not express yourself well. View More
Jinchūriki-ish · C0
1 week ago
thanks, a question, can anyone know, if you post a fanfiction in Webnovel, can you also post it on another page, or is it not allowed to do that? View More
Endless Path : Infinite Cosmos · C973
1 week ago
- I thought that I was going to obtain the Spirit of the Dragon God (the most powerful spirit of all, since in itself, the blood of the dragons created the spiritual beasts).
- The Dragon God could handle all the elements and his body was almost indestructible, and in this world he can become indestructible.
- the MC could in the future become a dragon!
- also I would have been better than nasca with 5 spirits, but bad memory, in douluo dalu 2.5 it is said that a god created the universe of douluo dalu, this was divided into 4 Gods King (god of life, god of destruction ,. ..., ....), there are serious 4 spirits.
- if the MC saw 5 spirits awakened, 4 would be the spirits of the 4 gods king, and the spirit of the dragon god, and when it reaches the rank of god (rank 100), the 5 spirits are merged into one.
- The MC would have after the fusion, a dragon spirit beautiful, imposing, majestic, having an indestructible body, dominates all the elements, can create life, as well as destroy it, create your universe inside, etc, still not invincible , because he has to keep strengthening, besides, although his body would now be indestructible, that does not imply that there is no way to defeat him, they can seal him. View More
Douluo Dalu within a Martial World · C2
1 week ago
- The most logical thing is to destroy those guys and the germa 66 boat, and take reiju as a hostage, and rescue the mermaid, befriends the mermaid, she accompanies him on his trip and in a safe place he leaves her so that she can safely return to the gyojin island.
- then negotiations with the germa 66, to ask for the rescue of reiju, while the MC navigates by sea, the amount of money requested is extremely high (nami wants money !, also tashigi for their swords) the germa 66 avandona to reiju because no It's worth the money, reiju is abandoned, the MC too, and then he treats her like a servant to reiju, because he has nowhere to go.
- In the course reiju falls in love with the MC, then when the MC sees that the germa 66 do something bad in their presence eliminates them, the germa tries to recover reiju by stealing it because it had increased its value (as what happened with sanji), but this He had already fallen in love with the MC and had completely abandoned the germa 66 (in addition, thanks to the knowledge of the MC and the system, he managed to undo the modifications made to the body of reiju).
- Then the annoying MC, eliminates the Germa 66 completely when these are reunited in their base with their attack that is capable of disintegrating, disappearing islands completely (just as enel in the island destroyed in the sky) and thus the Germa is eliminated completely.

Well, I would give it a development, like that, it's a good plot, it can be improved too, and it would be logical, and not something like destroying the germa 66 because yes. I hope you like this idea. View More
Conquering the world with One Piece · C14
1 week ago
error !: sasuke's eye is not the RinneSharingan, but it is the choku rinnegan (supreme rinnegan, that eye is equal to having two rinnegan), the RinneSharingan, is the one of kaguya, the one that has it in the forehead, to me apparently, the best option was the byakugan, which could then evolve to tenseigan and then to Jogan (for me the Jogan is the evolution of the tenseigan), and if there is any juubi for there is a seal (a crossover), it becomes a fruit and he eats it, he transforms, he gains immortality, he gets the rinnesharingan in the front (having the rinnesharingan, you would have all the skills that the rinnegan gives, the sharingan, and many more). View More
Reborn in DxD world with a Fate System · C2
1 week ago
The most logical thing is that Sengoku and the rest, asked him how he got that information, his answer would be that thanks to his fruit, his ability of observation haki is maximized, ridding of suspicion.

It could be that I was going through there and I hear a conversation of vergo thanks to his haki, and he became interested, followed him and found the evidences, so I gave him away. remember that enel he could hear everything that was spoken on the island of heaven with a fairly low level haki.
Now imagine if the MC with a super developed observation haki, or at the limit, plus the amplification of its fruit, could listen to everything that is said on the planet?!, it could also see instead of seconds in the future, now minutes ?! View More
Conquering the world with One Piece · C12
1 week ago
Well, the most logical thing would be to join the marina, because if you do not join, your mom would be devastated.
- could also join the CP, and create their special group, example: the CPX (they are like a ghost group, nobody knows their whereabouts, nor who they are, they only know that when they appear, something big will happen), but if later they want recruit Robin in the future, franky ?, could make your team wear a special mask, given by the system, this mask can transform your appearance in anyone you've seen, perfect for infiltration !, with this mask no one would know their true identities, the MC could possess a second fruit of the devil and no one would recognize what he is.
- the appearance of the group would be that everyone has a mask of different color that identifies them by their abilities, their clothes are black, their design can be the same as when the CP0 appeared, only that instead of their color is white, this is black View More
Conquering the world with One Piece · C8
2 weeks ago
no esta mal, pero creo que se sentiría raro. tal vez sea solo yo.

- también hasta la fecha he leído/ encontrado, muy pocas novelas que traten sobre un MC que sea transportado o reencarnado a un Mundo donde solo existan mujeres, y el MC es el único hombre en ese planeta lleno de mujeres, al enterarse las mujeres la existencia de algo diferente a ellas, sentirían curiosidad, y irían donde esta el MC, y el objetivo del MC sea dominar el Mundo, donde todas las mujeres sean sus esposas, concubinas, etc

- también nunca e visto una novela así: Pero si no existen hombres desde el inicio de los tiempo, como nacen las bebes mujeres?, bueno, podría ser que por medio de algún tipo de magia, aunque también podría ser un planeta lleno solo de elfas, elfas oscuras, chicas demonios, chicas ángeles, chicas bestias, y estas 4 razas son inmortales, pero como nacen?, en el planeta existen 4 continentes, en cada continente, existe un árbol del mundo u un árbol parecido, que es inmensamente grande y alto, cada árbol recolecta la magia del mundo, y cada cierto tiempo, de sus ramas se forman capullos, donde de hay nacen las bebes mujeres.
-entonces seria así: en el continente elfico, en su centro existe un árbol elfico donde su mitad es clara y la otra oscura, de hay nacen las elfas oscuras y elfas blancas, en el Continente demoníaco, existe el árbol demoníaco, donde nacen las bebes demonios, en el continente ángel, existe el árbol ángel, donde nacen las bebes ángeles, y en el continente bestia, tienen el árbol bestia, donde nacen las bebes bestia(chicas zorro, chicas dragón, etc). los animales también son solo hembras, cada especie animal también tiene su árbol, pero en menor tamaño.
- ahora como el arbol elfico se volvió su mitad oscura?, digamos, que en el pasado las chicas demonios querían conquistar el mundo y invadieron a las otras 3 razas, los ángeles y bestias se defendieron bien, pero las elfas a no ser del tipo combate, no pudieron dar pelea, pero las otras dos vinieron a ayudarlas, y expulsaron a las demonios, pero el árbol elfico quedo contaminado a la mitad, de hay nace el origen de las elfas oscuras,
- en la actualidad todavía hay pequeñas guerras, entre 4 razas , cuando nuestro MC es transportado al Mundo (un MC extremadamente guapo, buen cuerpo, etc) es transportado con algunas habilidades: resistencia ilimitada, vida eterna, juventud eterna, gran cantidad de magia, la capacidad de poder darle el tamaño que quiera a su ´amigito´,etc, se propone como objetivo conquistar a las 4 razas y acabar con las guerras.
-el tamaño del Planeta seria del tamaño del sol,, como es fantasía, su tamaño no es un problema. View More
A world of fantasy and inverse beauty · C0
2 weeks ago
points for altering Bellmere's !!! View More
Conquering the world with One Piece · C4
2 weeks ago

Issou: Shouldn't he get points for altering Bellmere's fate? Good chapter 🙆

Conquering the world with One Piece · C4
2 weeks ago
honestly, I think that telling a story in the second person will make the reader not immerse in it, since very few people are used to reading in the second person, since most are used to reading in the first person, but much more in third person.
-I feel that fanfiction is being wasted, since as readers do not like it, they leave him, I would suggest that you rewrite it in third person and you will surely get more readers. Maybe you do not know how to write in the third person, because it is very rare to write in the second person.
Well, that's my opinion. View More
Hollywood Delight · C42
3 weeks ago
they are necessary, besides there is no sense if you do not buy those skills with the amount of points you have, besides that you will earn more on the Train, come on, that you would not buy all those skills if you were in their place? View More

Roeselawik: Each point is hard to earn... He won't buy skills that are not needed yet.

The Sex Beast System (The World Of Systems) · C9
3 weeks ago
-excellent, then, if they start girls the act, they will not wake up from the trance, right? Then if they violate the MC, the MC can not follow?
-then the MC can act as the toy of all the girls on the train while being raped, but the MC enjoys it, and why not make the MC buy at once the three skills that are left ?, to do better. and may last longer. View More
The Sex Beast System (The World Of Systems) · C9
3 weeks ago
the flashback of his other world does not matter, since they do not bring anything new to the character or story, if you want to form his character, etc, everything can be summarized in a paragraph.

-Now the MC will save the village and the people will be grateful to him, nami will surely fall in love, and will want to go with him, that would be great, that nami will go with him, since the family of the MC has much knowledge that can contribute, in comparison to what the people can give him knowledge.

- Nojiko stays with her mother on the island, and when the MC returns to the island, nojiko already trained by her mother, will go with him.

-When the servant, grandmother, MC see nami, sure bother the MC that they are boyfriends, and so nami would grow as the original, only this time with more knowledge, more combat skills, the same character, but only is submissive to the MC, and when the adoptive mother of the MC comes back and sees nami, maybe she feels jealous ?, That would be fun to see the development. View More
Conquering the world with One Piece · C3
3 weeks ago
I sent you a request on my own View More

TanmayChawla: https://discord.gg/udWjGDV

The Hidden Genius of Konoha ( A naruto fan-fic) · C1
3 weeks ago
- How to describe the fights better, you can guide or give you an idea of ​​the other famous fanfiction. or try to imagine the process of the fight in your mind and you write the process, and then you fine-tune it to make it look better, also watching a fight of some anime and write the process of the fight, what moves they do, if they run, etc and then you fine-tune it (I do not know if I understood).

-It lacks a correction in the distribution of the paragraphs (youtube is learned), a paragraph that says how it came to the water village.

- a chapter showing the interest of danzo and kimimaru for the death of juice.

-also more explanation, description of how I defeat zabusa, in the fight even if the MC uses ice, he will not beat zabusa, to beat him:
he would have to have uncontrolled and transformed completely in berseker mode, so if he beats zabusa, and he does not commit suicide, since zabusa never would, if not that he dies for the MC, so the MC obtains knowledge of the sword, MC is still uncontrolled and the transformation is removed when he mentally exhausted and faints in a cave. When the MC wakes up, he realizes that he has to strengthen himself mentally, spiritually, soul, in order to have control in that way.

- for an essential moment in the story, you have to dedicate a whole chapter, if one is good explaining in detail, a chapter is little, unless you make it 4000 words, if you're not good with the details, just a bit of canon stuffing is put into it, but it is also learned as one gains experience.

-But you go well, you will improve, and then you edit the main chapters adding what was missing. View More
The Hidden Genius of Konoha ( A naruto fan-fic) · C2
3 weeks ago
ok is ok, but why medium? View More

TanmayChawla: Would love to do so but really don't have the knowledge required. Mind having a chat?

The Hidden Genius of Konoha ( A naruto fan-fic) · C1
3 weeks ago

TanmayChawla: Would love to do so but really don't have the knowledge required. Mind having a chat?

The Hidden Genius of Konoha ( A naruto fan-fic) · C1
3 weeks ago
the goro goro no mi , although it is very powerful, haki can hit it, plus it needs some time to recharge to use a powerful mega attack and I do not think they'll leave it, with a very advanced observation haki, they could dodge all their attacks, and it is believed later that the king's haki would disable the fruits of the devil.

I would have gone for the dragon fruit, kaido has the mythological dragon fruit, but it is an oriental dragon, so there should be a western dragon fruit that has not yet appeared, can you imagine that?, what a fruit of a dragon Western would give the MC, the MC could fly, spit fire, enormous resistance, a terrible attack power, and a body stronger than e of kaido, but would have to master its fruit first, and the more powerful the MC becomes , the size in its dragon form will be bigger.
although maybe later I can get it, even goro goro no mi at the beginning it takes away the fun and turns it into an ´OP´ almost instantly. View More
Conquering the world with One Piece · C1
3 weeks ago
the spiritual King only keeps the planet stable, so there is still a universe to be explored, I think so

-is great story, it is known that a hollow to survive must eat several others and devour their souls, when it becomes Adjuchas, the most powerful soul is the one who takes command, but if it weakens, a soul that I had eaten could arise and take control, that is a great risk.

-Almost what I would do is make the MC have the ability to eat the souls, but these are no longer inside him, but devours it and these disappear from existence and the soul of the MC is strengthened and increases its power, so there is no such danger, and when it evolves to vast lorde, undergoes a great transformation, and no longer has that hole in his chest, creates his own soul, since the hole in the chest means he has no soul (no I know if you understand me).

- its appearance in a vast lorde shape would be like that of aizen in its chrysalis form and with horns on its head, when the MC pulls off the mask, its shape would be like that of aizen in its phase two with long hair, etc, and when the MC has its second resurrection, its form would be like that of aizen in its third phase, but with a much better appearance, when the MC has a third resurrection, its form would be like that of aizen in its fourth phase, but much better, when the MC has a fourth resurrection, his zanpakuto will disappear, it is like aizen in his expected phase five, where a zanpakuto was no longer necessary, then the MC gets the Hōgyoku, and merges with it, absorbs it, and gets his fifth resurrection , he obtains an overwhelming power, by devouring the Hōgyoku with his ability, he gains a great amount of abilities and an unlimited potential to evolve. View More
Asura [Bleach] · C5
3 weeks ago
Part 2

- his appearance would be like momozhiki after eating kinshiki, but without the black marks and without the painted lips, his body becomes like a otsutsuki, white skin, long white hair, his two byakugan in the eyes, his two rinnegan in the hands (which if you want you can hide them inside your body and have normal hands, making your two rinnegan like a secret letter), you get a rinnesharingan in the forehead. its rabbit horns would be like those of kaguya, but of the same material as when momoshiki ate kinshiki (they turned from brown to white hermono), and a dress like that of jigen and madara combined. the appearance of the MC would be great, beautiful, the best, etc.

- But this one would not be immortal, since kaguya only became immortal when it merged with the shinju, and the MC with its thirst for power and live eternally to protect peace, among the memories of the bijus learns of the gedo mallet, and that if he devours it he would become immortal, but that he would lose control and become a beast and destroy everything, then the MC goes to another planet and still invokes it and devours it (devouring the way to kaguya, does not get the karma , but if its powers), in doing so it loses control and becomes the juubi, but much bigger, say 10 times bigger than the juubi that came out in the anime, but the MC having devoured so many souls, his soul it is extremely strong, and regains control of itself quickly, by doing so the appearance, juubi body is perfected, and becomes a giant beast of 10 tails, 4 legs, with a face that is the fusion of the face of the ichibi, kyubi and a rabbit, resulting in a face like that of a dragon his two eyes would be gigantic byakugan, on his forehead a gigantic rinnesharingan, his two rinnegans would be inside his hidden body. then the MC would have a humanoid form and a biju form.

- In the course of all these events the MC conquered the other ninja villages, countries and unified all the world on the planet creating a great nation or empire, I also devoured orochimaru and its knowledge, perfected it and discovered how to give life eternal to others, and their wives gave them eternal life, so the world got peace, also from the memories I hear about black Zetsu and I devour it. it also absorbs chakra from other planets to become stronger, later toneri arrives and devours it, causing its byakugan to evolve into tenseigan, it also devours all the byakugan of the moon, including hamura, making its tenseigan more powerful, and when it arrives momoshiki, there is an epic fight, and then they are devoured, the tenseigan of the MC evolves into jogan, then the next enemy is Kara, the battle with jigen would be brutal, but they would do it in space because they do not want to damage the planet, they destroy others planets, but the MC comes out winner and devours jigen, then the last enemy would be the entire otsutsuki clan. years later the MC is the most powerful being in the universe, and I devour the entire otsutsuki clan, and the intergalactic era for the ninja planet begins, etc. View More
The Hidden Genius of Konoha ( A naruto fan-fic) · C1
3 weeks ago
Author read this please !!:

Part 1
- since you can obtain knowledge and increase your level of chakra by consuming others, why not also make it possible to obtain your bloodline when consuming them, and thus obtain doujutsus, kekei genkai, etc.

-By consuming the byakugan, your eyes become byakugan, and these can then evolve into tenseigan if you devour toneri, and then jogan if you devour an otsutsuki, if you devour the sharingan, these would be hidden until they evolve to rinnegan devouring the hagoromo chakra (or also doing the same fusion of ashura and indra, for that chakra to arise), and they come out in your hands, like momoshiki, but you can use all the sharingan skills in each stage with your byakugan.

- Also why not, that he devours by chance someone who knows about the bijus ?, and did his goal is to devour them, devours them all and the kyubi too, a serious way that zetsu realizing that the bijus have died, that their positions are easy to discover, besides being locked up they can easily die if their jinchuriki does not react in time, and they will have to wait for them to reform (that's what he does not know is that they do not return) he makes an attack on konoha and it makes the kyubi free and it escapes. our MC leaves it marked, and then finds it, fights, wins and devours it, when doing it, in its interior where it had been formed as a type of fruit, since when it devours a biju, it becomes pure natural chakra ( it cancels what Hagoromo did to the Juubi's chakra to transforate them in bijus), and it goes to the center of its body where it begins to take the form of a fruit, as it devours more bijus, the shape of the fruit solidifies, and when I devour the kyubi it is finished solidifying, then once the fruit is formed (since it is inside the MC body), it dissolves instantly and fills the MC body with pure natural chakra. making the MC suffer a transformation, it becomes someone as strong as it was kaguya and also becomes like her when she ate the fruit. the amount of chakra of the nine bijus was equal to a chakra fruit of the sacred tree, and by devouring it all without them being inside the gedo mallet, it is as if a chakra fruit was eaten. View More
The Hidden Genius of Konoha ( A naruto fan-fic) · C1
3 weeks ago
oh, what a great start, and the idea is great, but correctly divide the paragraphs.

- in which time to born ?, why not make him born at the same age as kushina ?, and makes her his wife, and also to mikoto and tsunade, etc. that his appearance is like momoshiki, white skin, and long white hair, it's great, but a little better, or else his body mutes and becomes like that. View More
The Hidden Genius of Konoha ( A naruto fan-fic) · C1
3 weeks ago
The content has been deleted
The Hidden Genius of Konoha ( A naruto fan-fic) · C1
3 weeks ago
The content has been deleted
The Hidden Genius of Konoha ( A naruto fan-fic) · C1
3 weeks ago
deah death minato 23= fugaku 33-34 View More

fearlessj2008: where is minato and kushina in all this becuase they grew up with fugaku.

The World of Shinobi · C50
3 weeks ago
then why does not he follow his investigation, but this secret, or orochimaru knows, and makes his body like that of shin uchiha, can put any kind of DNA and his body assimilates and evolves, thus stealing the chakras of reincarnations of indra and ashura in a fight and fuses them by waking a rinnegan on his forehead, making it 25% otsutsuki and 50% shamatsuki, assuming that his alienigin blood is greater than the human and getting rid of the disease. then continue collecting data to find who has a high percentage of blood otsutsuki to assimilate, which would be, the clan of juice, karin, clan moon(toneri), ketsuryugan, doujutsu akagan, doujutsu de shion, doujutsu yome, etc, increasing its percentage and bringing to the original, and in turn gained all the ocular skills, and when it reaches 100% original, any eye on the forehead will disappear, awakening in both its eyes the first doujutsu. View More
Transmigrated into Kimimaro [COMPLETED] · C3
1 month ago
if you have this in mind first:
- in the naruto universe, there was the first doujutsu (100% original) of the universe, but when its carrier had children, they were diluted in jogan (50% original) and rinnesharingan (50% original). there was a war like the one of indra and ashura, only that on a spatial scale, the bearer of the first doujutsu died from unidentified causes or disappeared (perhaps a black hole swallowed him or he went to another universe?), the children of these brothers had the rinnegan (25% original) and tenseigan (25%), and their children had the byakugan (15% original) and the sharingan (15% original), it was diluted, "the users of these doujustus are beings of a higher existential level'', that is why momoshiki and others are not surprised when they saw those doujutsus, they already knew them. at the end it was a war to swallow each other, since they coveted the power of the first doujutsu, the son with the jogan had a clan and named it otsutsuki, won and swallowed his brother with the rinnesharingan that had another clan called shamatsuki ( provisional), but this destroyed one of his eyes before being swallowed, causing the other brother to achieve only one (75% original), resulting in two jogan and one rinnesharingan in the forehead. causing the otsutsuki clan to swallow the shamatsuki clan, leaving only the otsutsuki clan

-the winning brother with his lust for power, I create a seed, this had a relationship with the rinnesharingan, this would be sent by the universe, to collect chakra, doing so by consuming massive chakra, increasing its percentage of bloodline, Although the percentage that increases is very little, like 0.001% for each planet, there was also possibility that if a planet had a huge amount of chakra, it could make a rinnesharingan flourish (in the ninja planet I achieve it, since it is one among the universe with the most, but the leader will never know)

to better understand the blood line:
 original 100% original doujutsu = fusion of the blood line of jogan and rinnesharingan
jogan 50% original = 100% otsutsuki = 50% tenseigan, 25% byakugan.
rinnesharingan 50% original = 100% shamatsuki = 50% rinnegan, 25% sharingan
-Let's say that all the blood lines (doujutsus too) of the ninja planet of naruto, were born from rinnesharingan, and the byakugan of kaguya: each one has a very thin blood otsutsuki that has been diluted for thousands of years, every certain amount of time, there will be someone who has 20% blood otsutsuki.

then the best thing would have been that kimimaru is 20% otsutsuki, with the byakugan, it is 25% otsutsuki, that 25% of otsutsuki, it is equal to 75% human, then when it only had a 20% otsutsuki, it was equivalent to 80% human , if the otsutsuki DNA is greater than the human, there is no problem, because it is of higher quality, providing benefits, while the human is of a lower quality, giving defects.

if from now on it only increases by 5% it has more logic, you will see, although with 25% it can also be, but it would be 100% of what I want to get:

toneri as it was a special otsutsuki, like kimimaru, but this was already 45% otsutsuki with or without its original byakugan, with the implanted byakugan of the hyuga, its purity increased to 5%, causing it to wake the tenseigan, with a 50%, with 100% wake up a jogan.

kimimaru 20% otsutsuki and 80% human then kimimaro is the fusion of many% otsutsuki blood diluted by thousands of years that have merged into 20% blood otsutsuki in kimimaru, causing their disease, then, by repelling their human blood, being so kiminaro 20% otsutsuki and 80% human, then a byakugan of the main branch will be transplanted, making it 25% otsutsuki and 75% human, if you want to continue increasing your line otsutsuki to get rid of the disease, you would have to do a change in your DNA, so that it can evolve, and your body too (shin uchiha), momoshiki DNA, etc., do not have this problem, and these have the ability to evolv View More
Transmigrated into Kimimaro [COMPLETED] · C3
1 month ago
fanfiction.net View More
Test LOL · C0
1 month ago
do not make him have a talent of rank A, or higher, a talent B would be fine, but his talent then evolves to SSS

One way to explain his rapid cultivation, was that he had a bottleneck, and when he broke everything accumulated he made it
go directly to stage 5, or also a pill. View More
Naruto: Wuxia · C3
1 month ago
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