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Nah, this is no Nazis, it is Maoism 2.0 perhaps it is? View More
Seized by the System · C986
1 day ago

An_Anime_Addict: Haha lou cheng watch out for dragon king beating you up lol

Martial Arts Master · C706
2 days ago

Daoist808: It was an okay ending. He creates a harem... has only one kid? How is that possible?

A Valiant Life · C1239
6 days ago

Powwder: it took an entire punch to disperse the tribulation clouds? tsk tsk he still has a long way to go. a real expert would just give the tribulation clouds a harsh look and they should explode. Oh well can't blame the kid for being so weak, I mean he just started cultivating recently.

Unbeatable! Invincible! Unparalleled! · C49
2 weeks ago

Monkeybro: you've been saying the same thing in all the reviews you have made. IDK I'm starting to doubt your picky friend even exist.

The Man from Hell
2 weeks ago
What do you meant with these words? If you're either translator or editor, I would be so depressed. View More

ssqwkwi: I too am looking forward for your positive and English and Mathew and I will be in the morning but yaar Mai tumhare to you 🎉 I will have any plans for the weekend and English is that I have a new phone I can send it again please don't say anything to me about the day off and I have a few more days before we go to you 🎉

The Man from Hell
2 weeks ago
Reading Status: C0
Meh, super cliché on the first chapter, with super poor editing and translation. Honestly, worse than MTL. At least the editing should be readable no matter how ****ty the story is.
The opening is so cliché, on the same bed as engaged famous CEO beauty with 'hidden illness that only Great Me can miraculously cure with BS medical knowledge'.
Ignoring the fact that he was transcendental being got ambushed and somehow reincarnate cliché, the outline of the story is quite bleak. What's next? Arrogant young master who despises peasants? Ex-GF who broke up with him for being good-for-nothing? Stupid clan head who knows nothing about stop and reconcile? Unbending police waman who tried to frame MC at everything? Troublesome High schooler? 'Chinese are trash' JP mob? 'We are better' Indian crowd? 'world hegemon' USA? Etc. Etc. Etc.
And treasure? 'Oh, I found it accidentally on the flea market' space ring? 'as many as weed' herbs? Notebook talismans?
From the techniques, it has to be either "my previous one is good, but...hidden technique that I accidentally found in ancient ruin which I cannot cultivate due to BS" or 'my previous technique is out of imagination cool'
Tell me, which one of these are not there? View More
The Man from Hell
2 weeks ago

Eternal_Pathfinder: What the hell? 1 star the chapters! Load the angery cannons, boys, and 1 star bomb the heck out of this terrible editing.

The Man from Hell · C1
2 weeks ago

RandomWeirdDude: What is this spacing? It's as if someone randomly slapped the enter button every few seconds! Please fix this.

The Man from Hell · C1
2 weeks ago

Daoist_Zheng: No wonder why CE died, he literally fk a black hole.

Tales of Herding Gods · C875
3 weeks ago
No wonder why CE died, he literally fk a black hole. View More
Tales of Herding Gods · C875
3 weeks ago

NoNameJustFame: This guy has self created a romantic drama without even knowing what going on 😂

Scholar's Advanced Technological System · C294
1 month ago

LadyShark10: Nobody cam compete with Tianqi...

Great Doctor Ling Ran · C530
1 month ago
Oh ****e, did you just thinking yourself to be his food? View More
Way of the Devil · C541
1 month ago

Exintham: Customer A : He forever alone
Customer B : Yeah but will he admitted it..?
Customer C : Wait I will set betting booth
Customer D : I will put bet
Customer E : But I just buy new game..
Customer F : You all so lame but I'll join

Black Tech Internet Cafe System · C773
1 month ago

CaTastrophy427: "Oh, that's perfect"
"I just got confirmation that my research would appear in the next edition of Nature Chemistry"
"So, I can teach you chemistry, and later, I might have you help me on my chem research project"
"What happened to math and physics? Next, you'll be going into bio and AI research, right?"

Scholar's Advanced Technological System · C264
1 month ago

Aethric: All that build up... lmao rekt

Tales of Herding Gods · C863
1 month ago

boy123: you start your life as a baby
open your eyes and see a picture of a fat man and some crying people
your parents give you a cot and above you on the ceiling is a poster of the fat man
you must say his name as your first word or you receive a spanking and get sent to a mental institution for toddlers where all you see is that same fat man who has been haunting you your whole life in images
they play videos of him
you hate your young life so you try suicide by hammering your head on a statue of that fatty thats in your room
you wake up in the hospital with amnesia
they ask if you remeber the fatty
you do and you cry you are grown and raised to be his servent and must watch all his streams like all posts of him and post angry replys to people who dont like the fatty

My Extraordinary Achievements · C46
1 month ago

Hilers: Goddamnit, he actually is handsome...

Scholar's Advanced Technological System · C253
1 month ago

drake2378: yes feed his already immense ego more! more!

Scholar's Advanced Technological System · C253
1 month ago

Daoist_Little_Yun: So... Lu Zhiyu is the Creator right from the beginning. He(Earth universe's creator) dreamt about himself turning into a Creator which made Lu Zhiyu's fate to Creator set in stone as his fate and destiny. A really infinite Creator inception.

Low Dimensional Game · C409
1 month ago
I know there is no good things coming up with mention of Korean people in this site. View More
Scholar's Advanced Technological System · C243
1 month ago
When you expand and blob out too fast, your AE will trigger Coalition like this. Watch yourself getting fully annexed by the war. View More
Rebirth of the Godly Prodigal · C343
1 month ago
Vera sounds like German name for me though... View More
Scholar's Advanced Technological System · C213
2 months ago

HajimexYue: I can’t wait to see how his former friend reacts when the MC appears as one of the richest people alive. I’m curious about how she will feel shame regret? It will be even more fun to see her reaction when the MC appears with one of his new girlfriends.

Invincible Divine Dragon's Cultivation System · C21
2 months ago

Anthony1967: Call superpowers divine powers. As in "divine powers gives one the ability to control fire, water, ice, and death"

Not fucking inferno, waves, frosty, and skeletons...
What the **** is that sorta weak ****!?!

Invincible Divine Dragon's Cultivation System · C19
2 months ago
OMG, wincest incest confirmed. View More
Martial Arts Master · C561
2 months ago

shelwyn: I still ship Tian Qi.

Great Doctor Ling Ran · C453
2 months ago
Habsberg 2.0? That's gonna be interesting. View More
Martial Arts Master · C559
2 months ago

NaWei: But who is to blame? Old man dont go around making things difficult for Lu Zhou ah.. =___=

Scholar's Advanced Technological System · C196
2 months ago
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