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Remember the time when mass release came just to be hold for a month, such a hard time. View More

GigelFaceLegea: Having regular releases is already a divine intervention for old readers ...

Way of the Devil · C683
6 days ago
🤔The plot is quite similar, ain't it? 🤔🤔🤔Surely not plagiarised. View More
Losing Money to Be a Tycoon · C43
1 week ago
Reading Status: C42
If there is anything to be fault, it is its release rate. So far, I have seen it out of trial read, yet no new chaps, so sad.
If there anything wrong with content, per now, it would be lack of using Imperialism CB on every nation on the map, Nationalism CB on Prussia, or crush the revolution on Frace. Or better yet, PU over somebody in Europe. What a disappointment. Really not the way Austria should be. View More
Holy Roman Empire
1 week ago
Holy Roman Empire · C13
2 weeks ago
Will be better with Habsberg Jaws. View More

Blas_de_lezo: A breath of fresh air. No arrogant masters,no cheat devices.... just an interesting take in 19th century austrian history. You have fun, you learn history in an non boring way... whats not to love?

Holy Roman Empire
2 weeks ago
Imagine a legion of Hulk-Uped Crane air strike. View More
Way of the Devil · C673
2 weeks ago
Monsters Factory, Heavenly Farmer/Bringing... Another World, Fishing Myriad Heaven. Honestly few of them gonna off the rail, but anyway. View More

DoistXueBai: Excuse me sir. Can i please learn from you the names of the factory, farming and fishing novels.

Pet King · C1
2 weeks ago
At most, he was indebted to Heavenly Teachers. Indirectly and directly, that is. View More

DaoistCitizen: True, qin mu doesnt owe **** to the founding emperor era so much as he does to the human emperors and the elderly village. It was also none of the heavenly kings but the teachers who taught him, even so they never taught him much, he got it by looking. The only one who even gave him a technique is ma haqing/huang, the ones who protected him are the human emperors while his ideology is above all else a human emperor- his path while learning from everyone is his own and qin mu never really took a technique from anyone else that he masters himself. His strength was mainly the variations of sword skill, youdu royal blood and divine treasures driven to perfection and the only part given was his youdu blood, and thats not by qin.

Tales of Herding Gods · C984
2 weeks ago
What a crit hit to Wang Ling's face! View More
The Daily Life of the Immortal King · C1092
3 weeks ago
Behold, the hospital gonna name Saint Ling Hospital after few days. View More
Great Doctor Ling Ran · C776
3 weeks ago
Time for Saint Ling Cult to go en mass, boys! View More
Great Doctor Ling Ran · C775
3 weeks ago
Leave like a boss! View More
Scholar's Advanced Technological System · C539
4 weeks ago
Where iz miracle of Saint Ling when you need it? View More
Great Doctor Ling Ran · C767
1 month ago
Welp, there another doctrine from Saint Ling Cult of Cuba. View More
Great Doctor Ling Ran · C765
1 month ago
What about the girl he just gave his number? View More
Demons Beside You · C172
1 month ago
Saint Ling of Cuba? That's cool. View More
Great Doctor Ling Ran · C762
1 month ago

Jewsh_Destua: Why no one is mentioning it hahahahaha 😂😂😂😂
"The white mist is entering through his nose, mouth, ears, wherever there was a hole.
So it also enter in his ass 😂😂😂😂😂

Virtual Sword God! · C1
1 month ago

Pranta20141: A ship that is destined to sink.

Scholar's Advanced Technological System · C513
1 month ago

Adam_Michael_Daw: Yay she finally said it!

Scholar's Advanced Technological System · C512
1 month ago

AhmedIsHere: I think we all know what this lady will look like at the end. 👌

Way of the Devil · C641
1 month ago

Beer_is_Good: I guess on the plus side at least Heloise didn't have time to sell out Nianwei and create some super annoying drama. I have a feeling Malone is still going to go after Dali's girls though.

Rebirth of the Godly Prodigal · C878
1 month ago
Jojo's reference. View More

swampboy45: German engineering and science is definitely top notch, but the "Best in the World" fluctuates close to daily because of the many different categories of "science."

Scholar's Advanced Technological System · C496
1 month ago

Observer98: lol not even 50 chaps

Mini World Of Endless Fun Awaits · C44
1 month ago
*insert meme here* View More

Daoist_Zheng: German Science is the Best in the World!

Scholar's Advanced Technological System · C496
1 month ago

Daoist_Zheng: German Science is the Best in the World!

Scholar's Advanced Technological System · C496
1 month ago
German Science is the Best in the World! View More
Scholar's Advanced Technological System · C496
1 month ago

dominicowusuansah7: Hahaha
I can’t stop laughing

Way of the Devil · C633
1 month ago
Gotta crush them with 148% discipline. View More
Spare Me, Great Lord! · C899
2 months ago
Sound like pyramid scheme but okay. View More
Spare Me, Great Lord! · C893
2 months ago

Billy_Corona: IQ260, yet insanely stupid decisions, delusional methods and plot armor. Every girl he meets is beautiful. Especially the ones bordering on incestuous relationships. Author has no idea of non asian societies, or the subjects he writes about.

The story is for those who lack basic knowledge and thus won't feel like pulling their hairs out whenever they read something absurdly stupid.

Its a good bed time story for little kids under the age of 6. Any higher and they'll think you're messing with them with the stupid actions of a supposed *****.

I'm the King Of Technology
2 months ago
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