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thestatsguy: Website : qidian china
Views : 9.53 million
Rating : 7.9(1083)
Chapters : 942
Status : completed
Word count : 3.38 million
author rank : great

Omnipotent Sage
9 hours ago


IF YOU WANT TO GET TO THE REVIEW, SKIP THIS PARAGRAPH. First, I would like to say that this novel deserves a higher rating than it currently has. Why? Because several people have left one-star reviews, claiming that the other novel in the "What's Next" section had more reviews. This is not true! Also, the original novel is NOT DROPPED. These rumors have been propagated by one single user who has also been leaving hate comments and abuse. Now, onto business.

Overall Summary: I've only read to chapter 10, the latest chapter released, but it seems pretty good so far. The basic premise is that there is a character, named Lin Yun, living during the apocalypse. It's a magic world, but they used up all of the mana, and now there is none left, and their world is ravaged by disasters. The main character is originally from Earth. However, this seems unneeded as it is not relevant to the story in any way as far as I can tell. Lin Yun is struck by a mysterious phenomenon, causing them to transmigrate into the body of one Mafa Merlin, a 9th Rank Magic Apprentice. Mafa belongs to a trading company called the Flashing Gold Chamber of Commerce, and is very wealthy. However, his father was with their fleet of ships transporting several extremely valuable goods when a storm struck and sunk the fleet, killing his father and bankrupting the Flashing Gold Chamber of Commerce. Artemis Fowl, anyone? Now, creditors are coming to collect, but Mafa has no money to give them. Lin Yun, however, retains the knowledge of his two past lives, and is aware of several advanced techniques that would not exist for centuries, allowing him to advance into a 1st Rank Mage. And I can't reveal any more without spoilers! Yay!

Translation Quality: 5/5: Not much to say here. Good grammar, slightly odd sentence structure, but that could be more due to the original style than the translator's style. Thanks for translating this, Shiraishi!

Stability of Updates: 5/5: This one I can't really judge, since we haven't had any updates, but the original mass release (10 chapters) was enough to get a basic idea of the storyline, and apparently there will be 14/Chapters per Week, or 2/Chapters per Day. Thanks for translating, again, Shiraishi!

Story Development: 2/5: Unfortunately, I'm going to have to give this one a 2/5. Why? Because there's not really a plot. Yes, I am perfectly aware that I have only read 10 chapters and that there is probably an actual plot. Here's the problem. The MC is insanely OP. He's aware of advanced techniques, looks like an alchemy genius, and so forth. That's the problem with so much future knowledge. Additionally, there is so much FACE-SLAPPING! Like, so much of it. It's the equivalent of... let's imagine you're in a technology competition. There's a really rich kid competing with you who has gotten this far on money alone. But now, he has to compete based solely on his skill... and he produces the technology needed to go faster than lightspeed. This is through no fault of your own, the problem is that the kid is from the future and knows how to build stuff that comes in several centuries. Do you see the problem? Now, let's say the... government wants his stuff. Unfortunately, the kid can also build giant mechas, plasma cannons, interstellar ships, and even technology that can stop a nuke. That's what the equivalent of this is. There's not going to be much of a plot because the MC is just THAT OP.

Character Design: 4/5: This one's a bit hard to judge, since we've only seen about five different characters, including the MC. The MC himself is not that well-developed so far, but it's sort of funny to watch him drool over really common items since they don't exist far into the future. Going back to our earlier example, it's like the kid drooling over seeing a piece of wood. Maybe trees don't exist in the far future! Then, we have Raymond, the son of the old caretaker/housekeeper. He's a 5th Rank Mage who gets face-slapped by the MC. Then, Raymond is all, OMG, you're amazing, I'm gonna follow you around. He ends up getting amazing (to him) rewards from the MC, but the sad part is that the MC doesn't even notice... next comes the "uncle." Have you ever seen that trope where the family relative tries to take the MC's stuff after the parents die? Yeah. That's him, and he's the main reason that Character Design is losing a star.

World Background: 5/5: Again, not much so far, but it's pretty well developed. It's a world called Noscent, and personally, I think the whole, "running out of mana" thing is very interesting. The ranking system goes like this: Magic Apprentice --> Mage --> Great Mage --> High Mage --> Archmage. They have something similar for other jobs as well, like Alchemist. In the beginning, we also get some fun background info about what wrecked the world, and later in the book, about other cities and countries, and so forth.

Overall, this is pretty good, but there is likely to be a lot of face-slapping and MC being OP, so if you don't like this sort of thing, don't read it! I can't speak as to romance because we haven't even seen any female characters yet, so I don't know if there is romance. Also, Shiraishi is a very good translator! Thanks! I personally am going to keep reading this. Upvote this comment if you liked it so that more people can get ACTUAL reviews and not just random five-star or one-star reviews.

End of the Magic Era
2 days ago

LockYourHeartTight: Let me start by saying that every other review on this novel is skewed and pathetic. None of them are impactful or meaningful in any way. Most of them are people saying "good novel" "I love it" "it's so good!", no one ever bothers to go into depth about why it's good, and there is a reason for that. It's not good.

When we first start reading the novel, we're introduced to some Immortal/God type character, he's cold-hearted, ruthless and calculating. The type of character you'd expect to find in an action movie flick, kind of like if Jason Bourne met with Bruce Willis. He really had that kind of badass attitude. It saddens me to tell you that we do not get to keep him. The author kills him off in the very stereotypical way with these cultivation trope novels. There is always some form of conflict happening otherwise the plot wouldn't move forward in the beginning. The main character we end up with is a whiny, sniveling, perverted, NTR-magnet with no actual "character". The entire time during our first introduction with this character all we see them do is whine and complain about how crapy their life is. The character moves forward and happens to stumble upon his "plot armor" which is all so very stereotypical of these cultivation novels. I'm not gonna complain about it at this point because, since when did originality matter in writing? The MC then proceeds to basically pat himself on the back by saying how amazingly awesome he is and how this was all preordained or some other nonsense. Words cannot describe my emotions as I'm reading these first 5 chapters. The character is absolute trash. Whines about how bad his life is, finds plot armor he didn't work for, calls it destiny and then proceeds to take credit for said destiny by saying he deserved it all along. Calling it self-delusion isn't enough at this point. This shows lack of effort, lack of creativity, lack of planning or even forethought on the Authors part. However, at this point, I still give the Author the benefit of the doubt, he might be able to pull this utter garbage out somehow if he's a talented enough writer and, the fact that he has over 200 chapters published on an original novel would support that idea. I was utterly wrong. I skipped ahead to the most previous updated chapter which was 255 at the time. What I found was the exact same whiny, perverted, arrogant, antagonistic, trash main character that was at chapter 5. What this tells me is that there was absolutely zero emotional or mental growth from the main character in 250 entire chapters. I think to myself that maybe I missed something, so I decide to look at the comments for the first few chapters and low and behold, I find an entire community uprising in the comment section. Scores of readers are begging the author to rewrite his novel and get rid of the horrible and trash main character that he has. This still isn't enough for me though. So I go back and pick a random chapter out of his novel and read it. What I find is not only the same horrendous main character, but I also find that every single side character in the story acts in the same exact manner as the main character. They all lack a moral compass even for a cultivation genre which is known for its ruthless storylines.

What this all sums up into are a few very obvious facts. The Author does not listen to his readers. The Author does not understand or care enough to learn how to write a character with morals. And this entire novel is basically a 12-year-olds wish-fulfillment fantasy. I am under the assumption that this entire novel is a joke and the author wrote it for the specific reason of seeing exactly how far he could push the envelope.

Consuming Earths, Devouring Skies
1 week ago

thestatsguy: Website : qidian china
Views : 10.21million
Rating : 8.5(144)
Chapters : 580+approx
Status : ongoing
Word count : 1.43million
author level : lv4
No of works : 1
Disscussion : 15779
Year started : 2018
Chinese title : 神级御兽

Guys! I have a question!
Shall I retire or are these stats useful anymore?

Divine Beast Adventures
3 weeks ago

thestatsguy: Website : qidian china
Views : 9.55million
Rating : 8.9(377)
Chapters : 2237
Status : ongoing
Word count : 5.23million
author level : lv5
No of works : 1
Comments : 8305
Year started : 2015

Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God
4 weeks ago
The content has been deleted
Realm of Myths and Legends
1 month ago

Quidanstealsnovels: The content has been blocked

Realm of Myths and Legends
4 months ago

Sinfish: Remarkably bad on almost all fronts. The translation is rapid, but incredibly poor in quality - sentences often mean the opposite of what they actually say. The plot armor is thicker than a nuclear shelter.

MC gets transported to another world, but it's one of those transfer MCs where you question why they even bothered since none of his thoughts are ideas are from Earth except when he thinks to himself "this system is like the card game I used to play" except for that one time he thought to himself, "Oh, just like the webnovels I read on Qidian". MC gets a gacha card "system" with pretty absurdly strong powers, which is fine. MC proceeds to use it very poorly, which is less fine.

World in general is what I call "low-intelligence worlds", where a moron from Earth is a genius in this world. MC hailed as a genius for having mediocre ideas. Note that this is despite the world being seemingly at least equal to Earth in technology along with a large variety of "system" magic and magic tools.

And it gets worse. Characters are needlessly wasteful of resources and lives. Characters are randomly cruel or self-centered in ways that normally don't survive 8th grade, and this includes the MC. Character personalities are completely inconsistent, and so far his life and powerups are a series of random encounters that has essentially no input by the character or supporting characters having any persistent, reasonable motivation. The world and its people seemingly only exist for the MC to do his thing, but the MC doesn't have a thing to do. He sort of had an immediate motivation in that his life bar was set at ~60 days at the start, but that got solved partially without him trying because it turns out his system gives him like a year of life just for killing one bottom-tier monster and then it gets solved completely without him trying because of a random encounter was like "hey thanks for doing this thing that you did with no effort, btw, I am actually a god and I fixed your supposedly unsolvable problem without you asking me to"

But worst of all is the nonsensical things that happen. I would call it a plot, but that's an insult to actual plots


MC's temporary boss/high ranker/harem candidate tells him not to let anyone leave town because it might be too dangerous. Random low-tier noob says she wants to leave anyway. MC pulls out a gun and point it at her head and tells her he'll kill her if she leaves. He could have just said, "hey, the gold-ranker says you can't leave because there are monsters roaming outside" but naw, straight to gun-in-face. Keep in mind this isn't some grimdark fantasy, this is a hyper-modern world where there's supposed to be rule of law. Our MC is a psychopath, but it gets worse.

Random bozo tries to stick up for the girl and say the MC is being unreasonable, MC literally thinks random bozo is just doing this for a pretty face and is proud that he isn't swayed by pretty faces. Author makes it clear he's also proud his MC isn't, the chapter title is literally titled "What's Being Kind to Women?".

Suddenly, for no reason at all, random mid-boss antagonist who has been harassing MC (and other people) jumps in to start a fight against MC, not because of the girl but because he wants to pick on MC. They look like they're going to get in a fight. Mid-boss is definitely stronger than him, he literally beat MC like yesterday and let him go because "you're so weak you're not worth killing even though I'm here to kill weak people because I'm weird."

MC doesn't back down, because I don't know, being a dumbass threatening some random girl with shooting her in the face so she doesn't endanger herself is more important than his own life, which is all so stupid I can barely breathe. Fortunately, they're suddenly interrupted by random bullsh*t and everybody forgets what they were doing. In the ensuing few days MC exerts his dominance by beating up sh*t-tier background characters with no names and doesn't let anyone leave.

Somehow, this makes people trusting and admiring of him, which is important because he's about to lead a squad into battle because his boss/harem candidate thought all that previous bullsh*t was genius work by him. A couple of chapters later he declares he's going to stay and defend the town from monsters despite being having a power rating of effectively zero when there are literally a thousand other super-powered high level humans running around. Literally tens of thousands of years of combat experience between all of them, and somehow MC is piping up with his sh*t-tier ideas and people are calling it genius. It also feels super weird because our MC has been relatively focused on himself and his sister so far, and this is the first hint that he gives a sh*t about anybody else, yet he's suddenly burning with self-sacrificial desire.

Not long after, it turns out this was a tremendously stupid idea (which literally other more experienced people than him told him at least three times) and he's going to die, 100%, no take-backsies. Just then he gets a system notification: Would you like to get your get-out-of-jail-free card I didn't tell you about and you didn't know you had? He's like: "sure". And then the magic wish automatically determines how to get him out of the situation with no input from him, and kills millions of monsters with a nuke that only hits bad guys and instakills everyone but the boss, and saves the day. No, I'm not joking or exaggerating in the least.

But wait, it didn't kill the boss. Boss appears and says, haha, you humans are so dumb, Superman-Goku Macguffin the 3rd isn't coming to save you, Superman is a dumbo and is fighting my sekret clone. By the way, I'm going to kill all of you, especially you MC. Suddenly, harem candidate goes, "Wait boss monster, can you please give me 3 minutes to confess my love for MC? Pleaaase? Pretty pleeaaase?" Boss monster goes: "Okay, sounds fine with me, but don't doublecross me or I'm gonna like, kill you. Uh, I guess I'm gonna kill you anyway but I'll like really super duper kill you or something", and he goes to sit in the corner and jacks off for awhile.

Harem-candidates grabs MC, and then is like, "omgersh boss monster, you so dumb!" and then she pushes through MC through a portal while boss monster is distracted. Staring at the portal he goes, "How dare you lie to me!" "Curse you humans and your predictable yet inevitable betrayal!" "It's a good thing you were too dumb to take your own portal, now I'm going to kill you even harder!"

But then she goes "Wait, let me give a dying speech. Okay, still giving a dying speech. man, why am I not dead yet? Guess I'll speech some more. Also, it's sort of weird that I pushed MC through the portal and stayed behind but he's still here but oh well, if the author's not paying attention why should I? MC even though I met you like last week and we've literally never had a conversation, you are the most amazing man ever and I love you."

Boss monster: "That's great, I'm gonna kill you now."

POW! Suddenly the goddess our delightful MC met last week in yet another random encounter roll after feeding a squirrel who turned out to be a immortal god-beast who was the pet of the goddess back in the day so he was like, how about I show you her corpse and then just because MC is MC the goddess came back to life from him getting a plot boner or something and was like "Oh hey MC, we're soulmates and I love you. Please ignore my irrelevant background story which makes it seem like I should vengefully kill all humans." Anyway. Goddess shows up and her pet squirrel smacks boss monster to death with a single slap. Literal Deus ex Machina. BTW MC, since we killed a immortal super boss monster, why don't you take its soul, you can raise it as a soul pet and get super powers you didn't work for, again.

MC: "Oh yeah, goddess, can you help save this harem candidate who I met last week?" "long as you're here doing miracles, y'know?"

Goddess: "No, that is impossible... unless I had a boss monster soul or something like that, but those are pretty rare and it's not like we just have those lying around." "Oh whoa, it turns out there's a boss monster soul I just gave you. But are you sure you want to give it up? You worked so hard for it. Oh wait, no you didn't I just showed up and gave it to you."

MC: "uh, sure, yeah, whatever G-dog"

Goddess: "haha, just playing, I don't need the monster soul after all. It'd be too much of a pain in the ass to write another monster in...I mean, I don't need one because I got others. Despite me being dead for the last thousand years or whatever" "Bippity-boppity-boo! This girl is alive! But hey we're still gonna get it on at some unspecified later date when you're a god through remarkable happenstance, right?" "also, the girl is super mega powerful now cuz I put a god-beast in her. The soul I gave her was like a super rare Phoenix soul I just had lying around."

MC: "Yay!"

And that's when I stopped reading.

Monster Paradise
1 year ago

thestatsguy: Website : qidian china
Views : 20.02 million
Rating : 8.5(5204)
Chapters : 1613
Status : completed
Word count : 4.55 million
author rank : platinum

Pursuit of the Truth
1 year ago

MyName: As the translator of this novel, I think the translation is great, but I do not give my permission to Qidian International, a.k.a. webnovel.com, to post this translation. According to international copyright law, it is illegal for webnovel.com to post this translation. I expressly forbid them to do so. Let me repeat myself. I, Deathblade, the translator of this novel, do not permit this translation to be posted anywhere except for wuxiaworld.com! Anyone else who posts it is a faceless loser!

A Will Eternal
1 year ago
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