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I'm not big into commenting but I've been giving your chapters 5* each. Hope that counts. View More
Her Guardian Angel · C30
10 hours ago

YaBoiCheese: This is the first user created novel that I actually think is professional or near professional level )b

Her Guardian Angel · C22
11 hours ago

JoanB: Nice bait Kitty.

Her Guardian Angel · C3
13 hours ago
Reading this, one can feel the emotions in a crushing manner. Well done, author! I'd really like to read more of it. Less about the stories of her brother and the father but more of her turning her life around and having a happy ending. Maybe even coming out on top. This is Webnovel after all! View More
Conflicted Feelings · C15
4 days ago

NanaQueen: Just finished reading😭😭😭😭 I wan to know what happens next

Conflicted Feelings · C15
4 days ago

JoanB: Nice start.

Her Guardian Angel · C1
5 days ago
Aw. Enjoyed reading your diary. Thanks for sharing! View More
Daily Struggle of an Author · C46
2 weeks ago
Sounds dramatic rather than funny to me. But it was oh so well written! View More
Daily Struggle of an Author · C38
2 weeks ago
Hi, I'm back at webnovel. I'm glad you're productive at this point and as a binge reader myself waiting times aren't so bad. Gives you time to catch up with spirit stones. View More
Daily Struggle of an Author · C29
3 weeks ago
Does that mean that you will have an army of rabbits soon? View More
Daily Struggle of an Author · C21
4 months ago
WN makes you go through all your book's chapters of you want to read new comments?! View More
Daily Struggle of an Author · C20
4 months ago
I'd be willing to read. View More
Daily Struggle of an Author · C18
4 months ago
Reading Status: C99
Very enjoyable read for it being the authors first (?) novel here. The character development is strong and the story development is of such strength that the reader is genuinely concerned over the character's well being.

I read the story after it was finished so my vote for stability of updates doesn't count. But I can't post a review without giving a mark. >.< View More
The Recipe of Love [COMPLETED]
4 months ago
This being the title of the book is awesome! View More
The Recipe of Love [COMPLETED] · C87
4 months ago
@author, good job! As a reader I feel the fear of Asha never being able to see Ronjon again. View More
The Recipe of Love [COMPLETED] · C75
4 months ago
Don't take it negatively, I think the story could be improved if you had an editor. Your writing is nice. View More
My life with you after marriage(completed) · C6
5 months ago

FallenBlue: T.T Many. I also wish that they just leave a bad review but still continue to read. Though that's not what really happens. XD
Sad reality. But hopefully, that challenges everyone to improve

Daily Struggle of an Author · C10
5 months ago
I didn't want it to sound harsh. It's something I noticed in the earlier chapters, not seeing it anymore now. Your writing is also captivating! View More

JoanB: Okay, at least I know.

The Recipe of Love [COMPLETED] · C34
5 months ago
Not getting boring, even picking up! View More
The Recipe of Love [COMPLETED] · C44
5 months ago
Great chapter! View More
The Recipe of Love [COMPLETED] · C43
5 months ago
I like your writing style. The story is captivating. I have the impression though that you sometimes jump between scenes abruptly. It would be more fluent to read if there were transitions (I hope that makes sense, not a writer myself). It would also help with word count obviously. View More
The Recipe of Love [COMPLETED] · C34
5 months ago
Sorry for the stupid question, is there a fast way to find it in the app? View More
Daily Struggle of an Author · C16
5 months ago
That Groucho Marx quote xD View More
Daily Struggle of an Author · C15
5 months ago
❤️💙💚 View More

Marvin: I'ma test this.... <3

Daily Struggle of an Author · C13
5 months ago
I'ma test this.... <3 View More
Daily Struggle of an Author · C13
5 months ago
I've dived deep into Recipe of Love. Such a nice story. View More
Daily Struggle of an Author · C12
5 months ago

ifybaby03: OMG let them be safe

The Recipe of Love [COMPLETED] · C13
5 months ago

Rynea: Some good points, but the whole thing is lacking structure, starts randomly without any introduction part and doesn't feel like the author looked beyond the web part of a webnovel. Try this .. its a bad idea but you can train with it.. or try that.. it's also a bad idea but you can learn from it.. instead of starting with bad habits that you will have a hard time getting rid of later on, better do some research first, give your novel the time and effort it needs and avoid churning out yet another product with bad quality acting just as clickbait to enhance some company's revenue. It is never just about how long a novel is or how many chapters an author can write per Fax. If the quality is bad because of the fast pace, all you do is ruining your reputation in the long run.

Book of Authors · C1
5 months ago

LuoYeYouLing: Writing is easy. Finding the time to write (and proofread) while maintaining a full time job is hard.

Book of Authors · C1
5 months ago
HumbleBundle has a sale of writing books at the moment. I have no idea whether they are any good since I have no talents in the creativity department.
Also, I think your mentor is right. In life, some things you can be told, others you can learn by imitating others, the rest one can best learn by figuring it out oneself. Your mentor sounds smart. View More
Daily Struggle of an Author · C11
5 months ago
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