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Grayscale: Birth control

Reverend Insanity · C270
8 months ago

Octaeon: Oh my god I nearl choked I WAS EATING I COULD'VE DIED

I hate you

Reverend Insanity · C270
8 months ago

Ramikade: Condom Gu

Reverend Insanity · C270
8 months ago

Ariin: I'm with you on this one!!! But, well... The fact that Hao Ren accepted his fate as being ZY's fiancee and he's already well-acquainted with his future in-laws, he actually has the gal to cheat? Uhhhh ..... Now I can't even force myself to read this. The author didn't even make Yujia that likable before he realized like he really like Yujia more than ZY..... It's like he was forced because he doesn't even know his own feelings. It's like he feels it's a pity if he didn't get together with Yujia and she'll left him like that.

Boys will be boys after all.. And it made it clear here. What a piece of sht...

The likable character for me would only be Zhao Yanzi and Little White. Then ZY's parents..... That's it..

Dragon King's Son-In-Law · C242
1 year ago

Yepperz: Did anyone notice how choppy the story got right after the chapter where the mc met little carrot at the martial artists market??? Its like he met her there, she cried, the twins rushed him back, it was then the next morning and she was with him thinking it was all a dream. They visit the grandma martial artist the next chapter and without an explanation to little carrot about what they found or about the world of cultivation she up and decides to teleport Ren back to school after saying she would force the two to marry and she would basically stronghold the dragons into accepting it. Then without going to talk/ warn to the inlaws about that situation not so much as even a call he runs off with Su to rob the dragon temple and gets their hind ends handed to them... then when he comes back to east dragon palace he doesnt say anything to them or ask their opinions about what obviously just happened and he even thinks that they probably have already heard the news... So before he even bothers to talk with them about it he goes to bed for the night? Honestly it's like the author had a bunch of plans laid out decided not to do them rushed a couple of scenarios to better fit their new plotline all within about 4-5 very choppy and rushed chapters... which I find weird as the author has been pretty consistent and steady so far. Is the author even going to have a talk between the mc and the inlaws??? I'm not sure but I doubt that they are perfectly ok with the situation. Even being as busy as they are with the chaos with the west dragons and the potential retaliation of the human cultivators they should want to talk to him about this. Sure they have grown to like him more and more, knowing that they basically just flipped his world upside down a few months prior. That he is now cultivating to save their daughters life and he is good with her. They may even understand that he doesnt truely love her yet or had someone else in his heart beforehand. But No modern mom or dad wants to be told that their daughters fiance is now going to have to marry another girl in addition or instead of. They would be in that room asking for an explanation.

Dragon King's Son-In-Law · C245
1 year ago
Yup gonna drop this from in like 2-3 chapters she all of a sudden is his girlfriend which is already pretty forceful but then when Ren tries to go to the old woman she just orders him to marry her...Really? I wouldn't have minded it if the author could make Yujia interesting but honestly from what i've seen she is even more childish than Zi even though she is Ren's age and so far i feel that even little white would make a better romance than her. I mean i don't even know how people like her, mc starts cultivating and she just decides to speak with him out of nowhere, mc's friends get into fight with basketball team and guess what she's the captain's little sis and just happens to personally coach him, though she would stop showing up for a while so other characters could get screen time or for him to get stronger? Nope she's back as his childhood friend he forgot...And the last drop for me was that i just considered her the girl that was with him in the normal part of his life but all of a sudden "Wujia looks even more pretty now i wonder why?" so i was already expecting her to start cultivating and what did the author instead of having Ren explain to her the cultivation world and explaining his relation with the twins, with Zi and with Su Han, then if she started dating after that maybe i wouldn't be so pissed but she just goes from childhood friend who rejected Ren to girlfriend and now is being forced to marry it's obvious the author lost ideas on how to make her someone important in his life by coincidence so he just decided to say sc*ew and get it done with using a little help from random op grandma... On another note if the author wasn't gonna let him and Zi get together then at least he could have used some more of that grandma magic to have her remove her core from Ren and use the fact that he met Zi as an excuse for making him get into the cultivation world instead of what's happening now cause at this point they are just forcing a little girl that hasn't even enjoyed her life properly to be his side h*e...So i'm just gonna read a few more chapters and see how they salvage the situation View More
Dragon King's Son-In-Law · C242
1 year ago
Honestly one of the few novels i don't mind spending stones on. View More
Super Gene · C389
1 year ago
Tnx View More
Fishing the Myriad Heavens · C165
2 years ago
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