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ETHERNITYGOD: Lu sheng: gotta go one step at a time

Also lu sheng: gear 1326

Way of the Devil · C572
10 hours ago

scarlett1414: Tista at White Griffon *_* I want to see her there, at least a little!

Stay strong, Marth! You survive every day to Manohar, so I mean, how hard can handling an academy be? XD

Supreme Magus · C325
10 hours ago

Willox: There is another possibility, the guard is making sure that they don't get any exp before entering the dungeon. In so making that if they die inside, the blame will be past on the dungeon or the team being inadequate in strength. Giving the person or group behind complete immunity in the eyes of everyone outside this political battle. Thanks for the story its awesome.

Omni-Mastery · C91
22 hours ago

SlowSleepySloth: 1 hour is less than 3 days, so they technically weren't wrong

Omni-Mastery · C69
23 hours ago

kessu91: so 1st chapter hes the super genius of the century but will die in a year no chance of survival... 2nd chapter theres a cure btw but he needs to join this death game to receive it... so you telling me the most prestigious super academy somehow was unable to give him access to the cure? I mean sure its the prologue but atleast try to make it believable instead of this joke that it is now... also being the genius he is why the **** is he exited when the rich guy has done nothing but tell him die in an experiment?

Omni-Mastery · C2
1 day ago
Or maybe the Sacred King will just runaway? View More

bereftreader: And it’s over. Now he gonna eat the first sacred king or whats good?

Way of the Devil · C565
1 week ago
Thanks for your sacrifice, warrior. I'm glad I'm patient enough to not spend my spirit stone yet. May the Vahala blessed you!!! View More

player8: No! Cliffy came back :(

Way of the Devil · C561
1 week ago

Arkard: Wow. Not only are we not back at 2 chapters a day, the release rate has broken the space time barrier and is going backwards...

The Legendary Mechanic · C548
3 weeks ago

System02: Omg!! Jinro is really really lucky!! He get to experience the beating again!
Aye, he's super nice, willing to share the pain to other gaming gods. Hehe

Superstars of Tomorrow · C435
4 weeks ago

Rakshademon: Guys, we all know how this is gonna end up. Come join me in lighting a candle for Jinro and his ‘good luck’. 😂😂😂🕯🕯🕯

Superstars of Tomorrow · C435
4 weeks ago

Archena: So they can rape girls all day long and the gril have to spread their legs as they are seeking dao? The paradise for loli perverts. They can fok teenage girls and boys all day long and seek dao in the process.

A World Worth Protecting · C74
1 month ago

dominicowusuansah7: I’m thinking he’s going to find a way to understand the creation of the divine veins here

Way of the Devil · C540
1 month ago

Arkard: Stuff a bag on his head and then interrogate him. Just make sure Aurora's not around.

The Legendary Mechanic · C533
1 month ago

Rawr_Kitten: Im done... done done done.. this **** is bs im done... youve lost a reader this novel is trash

Super Electric Eel Avatar · C13
1 month ago

ExodusGaming555: What do you mean country toppling beauty? Lol he is a multiverse toppling male.

The God Virus · C3
1 month ago

Draconist: Imagine.. a fat bald fire angel.... a flock of it. At least emperor tier, mythical grade. Swarm a poor tribe that anger emperor gao peng.

Monster Pet Evolution · C647
1 month ago

vkg313: Consequences are too afraid of Lu Sheng to cause problems

Way of the Devil · C527
1 month ago
I think he'll be hopeless instead as his son can't have his righteously own scores spreaded. View More

Seurge_Junior: A pity that the father of Lith was not there, i was imagine him standing proud.

Supreme Magus · C246
1 month ago

Desara: Heh, I think Xichi Spiritual Master has taken lessons on catching people like a mom

Black Tech Internet Cafe System · C698
1 month ago

azmisaiha: Yeah seeing someone just hitting metal with hammer would be boring...

Black Tech Internet Cafe System · C661
2 months ago

Fadhli: Because I can't stand the way she treats MC. She didn't guide him properly, she lied to him frequently and she even tried to kill him with schemes.

Way of the Devil · C505
2 months ago

scarlett1414: Author, you better take care of yourself as soon as you can and not postpone it. 🥺
I always support you and I will wait for you to be okay and to read Supreme Magus again. 💗 Go, go, go!

About Solus and Lith, I'm sure they'll get over it. They are too close, they are already real siblings and they wanted only what it's best for each other. A relationship is made of bad and good times.

Supreme Magus · C240
2 months ago

tommyjl7: Bro it’s just fatty big sea that’s finally reached saint tier

Monster Pet Evolution · C592
2 months ago

scarlett1414: "The girl leading them is a master of misdirection, worthy of her mother."
Yep, she is a pure genius of losing their tail xDDD

Supreme Magus · C233
2 months ago
Dead man tell no tales View More

DaoistPandaBear: Dead men can't tell secret.

Black Tech Internet Cafe System · C629
2 months ago

Lazy_Cat_Kush: Wait a couple of weeks for the next one and you might forget the disappointment that was this chapter

Way of the Devil · C494
2 months ago
Thanks View More

Obekiwi: I think it’s like a part 2 of his tribulation. He has yet to fully accept that he cannot save everyone he loves and that death is an inevitability. So the world is giving him these visions till he does or commits suicide.

Thanks for the chapter

Supreme Magus · C230
2 months ago

Obekiwi: I think it’s like a part 2 of his tribulation. He has yet to fully accept that he cannot save everyone he loves and that death is an inevitability. So the world is giving him these visions till he does or commits suicide.

Thanks for the chapter

Supreme Magus · C230
2 months ago
Didn't Goldie already proclaim himself to be king of the overlord? View More

The_25th_BAM: (I'm putting "probably king/emperor/overlord" on familiars whose levels are not yet confirmed since there might be some unexpected twists in the story.)

Current Familiars:
✓Da Zi (Emperor/probably overlord)
✓Dumby (Emperor/probably overlord)
•dumby's minions (Lords and Kings)
•Xiao Hua (dumby's daughter. King)
• Woody/ Amorphic Hell Tree (King/probably emperor)
✓Silly (Probably Emperor)
✓Stripey (Overlord)
•Two orange kids:
-Nan ju (king)
-Bei zhi (king)
✓Xiao Cao (King)
✓Moneymaker (King)
✓Desolion (probably Emperor or overlord)
✓Flowing Light (emperor)
✓Goldie (Peak King/passive in full activation gives him power equivalent to emperors and early overlords) (im saying this basing on his statement)
✓Flamey (emperor)
✓Brainy/ Brain of growth (King)
✓White Paper/ Dragon Slaying Chapter (King/probably emperor)
✓Elder Baby (probably emperor/ Ancient Blood Rage Dragon Variant)
✓Second baby (probably emperor/ Diurnal light dragon variant)
✓Third Baby (emperor/power king kong ant)
✓Fourth baby (Emperor/Aurora Dragon ant)
✓Fifth baby/Xiao Wu(Emperor/Hidden Dragon Ant)
✓Sixth baby (probably emperor/smoke dragon variant)
✓Seventh baby/Baldie (probably emperor)
✓Big Fat Sea (Lord/probably king or emperor)

Dark Child (Great Cutting Altar, Damaged)
(Probably a god tier item in its peak)

Monster Pet Evolution · C567
2 months ago

DooDadragon: The duck dynasty lmao

Monster Pet Evolution · C567
2 months ago
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