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Its using that money to buy the items it sells from God. Ofc there is a 1000% markup.
What does God do with gold?
He cries as he curses his decision to make monsters drop coins on death. Gotta stop that hyperinflation. View More

F_Riley: I wonder what the System does with all that gold it is extorting?

A Stay-at-home Dad's Restaurant In An Alternate World · C50
1 day ago
Egg fried rice is the equivalent of KD or maybe spaghetti. View More

MeiMeiStarDust: Ikr lol I guess to chinese culture if you can't master a rice dish you done already failed your mission lol

A Stay-at-home Dad's Restaurant In An Alternate World · C10
1 day ago
Ves is lucky that the doctor doesn't have his tools replaced with biological implants. View More

BattleLord: The Doctor explained, "Mr. Larkenson, you may not be familiar with medical procedures but this is all vary much standard." Ves observed the medical cart as the doctor removed his greased up gloved finger from his abused anus. Following the garden hose with a camera on the end came the large and thick phallus shaped probe.

"Oh FUCK! Why has your profession not advanced in 300 years!?", Ves exclaimed as the probe disappeared.

The Doctor replied, "I'll have you know that is state of the art deep body probe. Recent trickle down technology from The CFA, you should feel great full that you are the first patient that warranted its use."

"Ah FUCK that stings like a Mother FUCKER!", and that would be our second patient just down the hall.

This was definitely an exciting chapter. I am guessing spectral analysis of the light spectrum of the lasers employed by the Akkara Mechs should be unique to the type of lasers they employ. The difficulty would be filtering out the light from the background radiation of the higher dimensional particles.

This is worth 5 stars as everything is definitely worth reading in this chapter.

The Mech Touch · C941
2 days ago
By the time they are done you are:

1. A slave to one of the worlds.
2. Ripped into pieces where the worlds all have some of your limbs.
3. Old enough to rebel, and are left with deep emotional scars.
4.You are born as Arnold/Chuck and you enslave/obliterate the other worlds on first encounter. View More

Daoist_Little_Yun: It's sad to be a new world. You're like an innocent girl surrounded by rapists.

Low Dimensional Game · C421
2 weeks ago

Daoist_Little_Yun: It's sad to be a new world. You're like an innocent girl surrounded by rapists.

Low Dimensional Game · C421
2 weeks ago
When one exobioligist accidently scans Ves with newly invented spirituality scanner.
So Ves... Why are you half god beast? View More
The Mech Touch · C856
1 month ago
Not exactly the most refined idea but...
4 Legged Mech with cockpit lying down, head pointed to the back of the mech. Then a codpiece gun goes on the front with 2 round sensors on either side of the gun. Codpiece also works as a Ram. View More
The Mech Touch · C849
1 month ago
All Hail the Great Father, Source of the Many Races!
Bow before the Almighty Mark.

Somebody was busy... View More
Mutagen · C139
1 month ago
Just wait for her (dog) to evolve into a human form. View More

WolfLord: Given the fact that they didn't turn into a human I'm almost certain that it's male. Thanks for the chapter on a good story

Mutagen · C101
1 month ago
Why do I keep only catching female pokemon? View More

Ficqy: Catch them all

Mutagen · C100
1 month ago

Ficqy: Catch them all

Mutagen · C100
1 month ago

DarkDawning: All shall bow before the dark lord

Mutagen · C83
1 month ago
Apocalypse hit this small town at night. Night shift guy at a coffee shop sees zombies walk by. Thinks he is hallucinating so he makes himself a coffee. Spends the entire night drinking coffees. What he doesn't notice is that he is moving faster and faster. Bam a speedster is born. Like mc buff but only speed. View More
Mutagen · C71
1 month ago
This makes me think of the saying about not looking back at explosions. I imagine its not that practical since you don't see the debris coming your way, or maybe that doesn't matter due to the speed. I am no expert. View More

ScreamingLeaf: It probably lets them focus on their vision. The music is probably familiar to them so it isn't distracting and repeating this can condition them to enter a state of focus when listening.
This is good for when you don't need to hear sounds, maybe not the best in battle, but it makes it more epic.

Mutagen · C35
1 month ago
It probably lets them focus on their vision. The music is probably familiar to them so it isn't distracting and repeating this can condition them to enter a state of focus when listening.
This is good for when you don't need to hear sounds, maybe not the best in battle, but it makes it more epic. View More

Gilin: I don't get people who listen to music when the concentration is needed, especially when the earing is needed.

Mutagen · C35
1 month ago

SlyImmortalDevil: So does this mean that both an infection plus a zombie virus are attacking at the same time?

Mutagen · C30
1 month ago
No, but nobody wants to see some random person's review **** on food they like. If it was a gourmet you might read it, but not toxic diarrhea from someones mouth. View More

SorcererCat: I love retards like you who think that no one is allowed to have an opinion if they don't go write their own novel. I guess you shouldn't have an opinion on whether foot tastes good or not unless you are a gourmet chef. I mean it is not possible to know if you like the food unless you have been a chef before. But talking to retards is a waste of effort. It is like trying to talk to a dog and expecting them to be Einstein.

Mutagen · C17
1 month ago

DAIMMY: Great chapter really like the characters being developed and more depth being added over the chapters. Thanks for the chapter and keep up the great work, i appreciate it. 😁👍

Mutagen · C17
1 month ago

BantheUndead: This comment might be a little late, but keep up the good work and don't listen to the "haters"

Mutagen · C16
1 month ago

Chin1234: Jesus Christ will these edgy children with hard-ons for an emotionally dead mc just leave already stop flipping complaining that the mc doesn’t have the E.Q. of a cardboard box.

Mutagen · C16
1 month ago

Reader8916a: Wow, 3 zombies are blown several feet back with 1 shot. I’d be surprised if no one has mentioned this, but you’ve watched way to many silly movies. Think about it for a moment ... no bullet can ever hit a target with more force than it leaves the gun with. Our mc can fire the gun with no problem ... if that same shot can throw 3 adults through the air, why doesn’t it send him flying 20 backwards while breaking every bone in his body?

Mutagen · C7
1 month ago
Pilot: Where is the eject button?
Ves: Right in front of you?
Pilot: That's a sticker.
Ves: Stickers are cheaper. View More
The Mech Touch · C810
1 month ago
These arcs are character building so that we know why Ves becomes the Father of Living Mechs and attempts to take over the universe using biological remote controlled gamma ray weilding living spiritual mechs. View More
The Mech Touch · C808
1 month ago
Wait until Ves gets hailed as a minigod because of his jutland organ. View More
The Mech Touch · C792
1 month ago

BatouOfNexus: True, but Ves has minimal training with them and is relying on software to do his targeting for him now. He basically took enough training to not shoot himself in the foot and to have decent aim. Other than that he doesn’t spend hours a day practicing combat. I don’t think Ves thinks personal protection is useless, he obviously doesn’t with his arsenal, but he does feel his primary source of protection should be other skilled combatants.

The Mech Touch · C780
1 month ago
Fools, he is both... View More

Hnn17: You are even more wrong. He is your GRANDFATHER !!!

Lord of the Magical Beasts · C4
1 month ago
"Hey Ves I finished the prototype design!"
"What's wrong Ves?"
"Where is the codpiece? All suits must have codpieces! At least a 1:1 ratio, meaning it has to be as big as the suit!" View More
The Mech Touch · C762
1 month ago
The venerable would instantly know it is a scam. He probably knows that the prince would be more likely to curse the Vandals and tell him to kill them all. View More

The_Unprofessional: why not insert a dying man's last wish scam? make the hologram tell the expert he was hit, saved by a vandal but will die. as his dying wish, he wants to redeem himself by having the expert serve the vandals. add some stupid line like the prince beeing his father in there and make him swear on the spot. then, have him die on camera. With a stretched out tongue, open eyes and everything. top it of with a heroe's funeral space coffin, let the expert say his last goodbyes in person and bingo bango bongo, loyal expert, no attachments.

The Mech Touch · C751
2 months ago
Hm how can I torture the pilot?

Getting kicked in the balls hurts...

What if I put codpieces everywhere!

Punched in the arm + Cod piece on arm = Punched in balls View More
The Mech Touch · C698
2 months ago

The_Unprofessional: Now for the trademark double whammy. Some toothless idiot pirate will insult him for beeing a nobleman cook and others will realize that cheap nutrients and ves in his fine pimp attire indeed dont go together.

The Mech Touch · C669
3 months ago
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