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i think "mvp" of the game and highest scorer are two different things, Antwan scored 26 points and 5 rebounds, jake scored 19 points 6 assits 6 rebounds and 4 steals, there is just no comparrison, if he gets a few more minutes he could probably start gaining 20+ points and 10+ assits, maybe he could start thinking about creating another tripple double record in college, ( most tripple doubles in college carrerer 12 (in 2010), max 2 consecutive tripple doubles, and most in a season 6, (maybe some reporters can pick up on something like that and hype him to be a starter so he can have more changes in the long run?)
https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Double-double_(basketball)#NCAA_Division_I if you want to read up on it View More
Be happy with sports · C274
7 hours ago
tonight 4 ;)? View More
Be happy with sports · C272
22 hours ago
she won`t care, as in the original, yes she does what her father says and she cares for her little sister, and for noble girls the "important" part is that she loves her husband and is happy, if he atleast likes her thats more than some other women of Nobel rank get through an aranged marriage View More

LIX: I wonder when Daphne will realize Ron sees her as nothing more than a marionette.

Ron Weasley: A Noble's Ascension · C49
1 day ago
ty we need MOOORE ;) View More
Be happy with sports · C272
2 days ago
Duke vs UNC https://***.youtube.com/watch?v=E14p_eoGu3w
i only found some on youtube, maybe a reverence video is enough View More
Be happy with sports · C270
3 days ago
ty for chapter View More
Be happy with sports · C268
4 days ago
As Evil Dumble will die soon anyway he is given the Chance to "RISE" and when Dumble dies Take Over, as his father had a Winzengamot seed he should have it too, Dumbledore has no successor so options are there, he can join the club of 12/13 O`s and Openly go for Headmaster/Minister of Magic if you want he could even skip years, He Could be the richest Man in the Muggle World, and maybe in the Magic world and influence everybody like that with a knowhow of 40 years + of the future including the changes the HP brings with him View More

Weirdo: If the Hogwarts is detoriating, then go to other school!!!... I don't get it, since the school had detoriated, why not go to other better school? It's not like hogwart is the only school for magic... But since this is HP world, and the cruel type too, so I really hope mc would at least be a predator... Grow up some fang, fight for yourself.. No more Mr. Nice guy... And even if wizaridng world is always improving, strive to get better in magic, they still lose all because of quantity...

Rise of House Falken - Harry Potter Fan Fiction · C6
4 days ago
a Black Panther like creature which can turn invisible, + shrink/grow so it can follow him around View More
Harry Potter: Malfoys Rising Star · C4
5 days ago
go Lebron style let him play 4 positions, 2,0X hight as a surprise, so he can change to the position that get benched because he has a bad day View More
Be happy with sports · C266
5 days ago
did you see the yin trait? there could be a high chance he can still use it, i mean he has the yin kurama, yin trait and yin mostly is for female like some yin meridians XXX so chances are he will be able to unlock them with his gamer ability View More

ever_burning_flame: there isn’t a point in have the adamant chains trait if he can’t use it

Naruto: The Twin Flashes · C8
5 days ago
You should delete the Power Part, it only makes a simple part complicated, just say it depends on the talent and hard work or something and the Person woh uses the skills View More
Harry Potter: Malfoys Rising Star · C3
6 days ago

F1nal: 1. Hydra or perhaps a 9 tailed fox. Later on you can plotarmor the **** out of it and have each head(/tail incase 9tails) have some sorta power, making it a awesome looking original spell.

Ron Weasley: A Noble's Ascension · C0
6 days ago
i kinda feel the jump was uncessery and he could have already been in the ranks of D rank but i tried to remember/find what the criteria was but didn`t find anything View More

Shenglizhen: thanks for the chapter, it made me want to reread tower of God from the beginning

Tower Of God: Unbreakable Leus · C11
6 days ago

Skyguard: so more ? :D

King of Sports · C80
6 days ago
hm he could just train his nen on that island which is sure to have an abudant on naturall nen monsters right? View More
Endless Adventure · C39
6 days ago
we need more bro View More
Douluo Dalu: Wulin's Legend · C108
1 week ago
keep up the god work ty View More
Be happy with sports · C262
1 week ago
i think a pink cage with little flowers would be troll^^ View More

dethxporkfriedrice: The black cat.... what color cat does the transfiguration teacher turns into?

Ron Weasley: A Noble's Ascension · C38
1 week ago
voldy later ? maybe as said in first book he is more concerned with being revived than anything else, and as voldy is direktly under dumbledors nose he "normally" won`t risk revealing himself (and only through that could he convince someone to voll Voldemort as he is "dead" officially, and for Snape i don`t know why he would be so shocked because of the name as the only thing that could be would be the Malfoys after the Black hire Name, as everybody else is dead anyway, and Prewitt name dunno View More

Shinzo: Considering how Snape reacted to his full name in the sorting ceremony I’m pretty sure he’s going to cause Ron some issues. Also Voldy because if he is not careful he can put into a tough spot. Voldy doesn’t have to kill Ron or anything like that. He may see him as a young and easy to use pawn, as Ron now has status and background that can be used until he no longer needs him. Remember this is a fanfic, everything I am writing is just an opinion and my guess on how things will go. Truly an interesting story so far.

Ron Weasley: A Noble's Ascension · C37
1 week ago
He will have his hands full with Daphne and Hermi, Luna is in this case more of a "friend" than anything else, in addition Luna might play a complet different role with friends as she doesn`t seem to have them early on, in addition maybe even ginny becomes a Ravenclaw and sticks around with her just to be with her brother , and 2 is no Harem its a Pair ;) a wife and a mistress View More

Mike_Wolfez: Harry is loooking more and more pathetic. Honestly you should have Harry get married with Luna and have Ron NTR him, thats how pathetic he seems.

Ron Weasley: A Noble's Ascension · C37
1 week ago
Dumbledore maybe yes, snape will maybe even like a potion genius, with his achievement not farefetched (he is no gryphendor etc) and quildemort is only interested into the stone, he could have killed harry the whole year and didn`t do it so if Ron isn`t stupid he lets that part just play out View More

Shinzo: While true, he still has to watch out for the old man Dumbledore. Fucker can totally screw him over if he isn’t careful. Then there is Snape which again can and most likely will cause him issues. And finally there is Quirldemort this 1st year which again he has to watch out for. Until he sets himself up as indispensable it’s best to take it easy but not be submissive.

Ron Weasley: A Noble's Ascension · C37
1 week ago
good gamer ability, i hope he will finally remember things and teach naruto shadow clone and than it goes into training mode with mass shadows and dungeons *_* View More
Naruto: The Twin Flashes · C7
1 week ago
ah where is the speech the police man ^^ View More
King of Sports · C78
1 week ago
police comes up direkt after the fight into the ring *_* View More
King of Sports · C77
1 week ago
and he could still get more minutes because he can be the best 2 way player and his stamina, when the first 5 start he is the 6th man, but stays on court after because the others take breaks at different times, he can switch playing positions in the first year just to get minutes? View More
Be happy with sports · C261
1 week ago
good chapter "records incomming?" View More
Be happy with sports · C261
1 week ago
Did some research for you (dunno if you even need it, just so you can fit them into your story later "maybe")
Berlin Marathon 1997, 28 September
Paris Marathon 1997 , 6th April (might be a bit Hard i think 31 March is the Finals NCAA Game)
London Marathon 1997 , 15th April
London Marathon 1998 , 9th April
(They are both early in the year and close to NCAA Finals, so it would become a hectic week for him win Finals and run a Marathon a week later or something like that)
Interesting World Rekords for Jake to break:
WR for 1h running : 21,285 metres (2007)
When he wants to run shorter distances:
10k WR is 26:22 (at olympics 27:18 was Gold)
5k WR 12:41,86 HaileGebrselassie Zürich 13.8.1997
A few interesting coaches IF they are an Option at all (if you haven`t decided yet)
gary lough (later will train Mo Farah British)
Clyde Hart (Did train Michael Johnson 200, 400 m coach / but an experienced coach)
Jerry Schumacher (Is a "younger" Coach went back to his alma mater in 1998 as a coach so would be free and could grow with him teaches from 1500 to marathon) // Per interviews, Jerry writes the training but trusts the athletes to be professional and get it done on their own. He often only physically shows up for big workouts and races. I think that’s how he manages to coach such a large volume, plus the help of Pascal. I find it impressive they do so well with Schumacher coaching primarily from afar. which would be perfekt for Jake View More
Be happy with sports · C259
1 week ago
they only where is friends because he hung out with them, because (old) Ron was keeping them away, without him he might not have 100 fights with Draco, he would have an easier time on this part, he would have more quiddtich time and through that he would still have connections to the Weaslys so the rest would still be on track, only Voldy would be a question BUT if you think about it he might NOT go after the stone because Hermione doesn`t search for it AND Voldy doesn`t go for Harrys blood in Book 4 because he doesn`t know about the curse so a different way to kill him still exist, depending on how to write the story and on who to focus there are many variatons, View More

Li_Cangtian: Thx for the chapters. Harry still going to be in Gryffindor? You've essentially robbed him of his only friends if he is still in Gryffindor.

Ron Weasley: A Noble's Ascension · C35
1 week ago
he can leave Harry to Neville (he could replace Ron (somehow) and have a "normal" life between 2 destinys ( i mean it was voldemorts choice to go for Harry and not Neville so they would fit, just choose a random third person that would fit, OR just put him in Ravenclaw and help him grow, which might even please Snape if actually learns instead of comming after his faster and that prejustice, he might even think more about his mother View More
Ron Weasley: A Noble's Ascension · C35
1 week ago
i think he will remember when he gets his "first" chakra training ability, because than he will get a window and BAM the rest will probably follow, i wonder if he can create dungeons and join group with naruto and farm them View More
Naruto: The Twin Flashes · C5
1 week ago
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