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hm maybe its a setup or again someone send their elites to die ... happend the second time now are they stupid? Fool me one shame on you, fool me twice shame on me .... Final Mission: Survive .... View More

TheNumber1: It could be, but it also could just be a random person.

Legend of the Mythological Genes · C372
5 hours ago
make a short interview before his marathon, something like, its sad that we "only" got 6 gold medals this year, so i will give it my all to make sure we atleast get an additional one, i will continue to train and am preparing for shorter distances in the future to try to gain more Gold medals for the USA (or something like that.) View More
Be happy with sports · C345
1 day ago
the question is if Martial Arts can be put under Basketball, (if you had put "it as Sport and under category Basketball" i mean it says be happy with SportS which implys multiply, and MA is technically a sport
- Basketball
- MA
if not he has the agility and the wisdom and can easily train for it, its not like he has to be Bruce Lee. Jackie CHan is enough Acting + Fighting View More

chilkaa: Agree. Also wonder if he will activate a martial artist job to make learning the martial arts easier?

Be happy with sports · C343
2 days ago
i thought he already has basketball, busniss , acting , View More

RJB_1002: Making acting a sub job like being a businessmen.

Be happy with sports · C343
2 days ago
does the writer know that if you have real in first place that real woulnd`t have played liverpool in the 1/16 because first place against second and not first against first View More
All Soccer Abilities Are Now Mine!(MTL) · C155
3 days ago
*cough* just saying he cylced the 25 km in 30 min which is 50km/h , which is on track for WR time XD View More
Be happy with sports · C341
4 days ago
i still think the harem route is open for him, mayi, chenxiang, and the healing girl + a jealous little crown "prince" View More

picaco: She will try to be more intimate

Douluo Dalu: 9 Treasure Sword · C50
1 week ago
hm i just thought of something, if jake bought a nba team do you guys think he could draft himself without the need to go through the "fear" of being drafted to a bad team, which would help him as a owner to draft future stars as teammates? miami was sold for around 85 mio in year 1995 (maybe he can still buy them for 150-200 mio as they havent developed at that point) otherwise there where a few teams which where sold early 2000s for around 300mio (just an idea to "fix" the problem of where to go without being first picked to a trash team) he can sell cisco money before the bubble burst and reinvest it into a team to "increase" the brand he will create to link it to a team, which would also "bind" him to a team without being sold etc (as an option) View More
Be happy with sports · C339
1 week ago
hm he could introduce her to shrek, or he could introduce her to his dad, doesn`t the 7 treasure clan have a team themself? the "trustfull" people can join that team and the academy would have lost 2 powerfull teams XD View More
Douluo Dalu: 9 Treasure Sword · C49
1 week ago
The content has been deleted
Douluo Dalu: 9 Treasure Sword · C49
1 week ago
well love interest detected right?^^ atleast he can tell head nurse he found someone XD View More

Dwarkin: The introduction made Shao Hua's character look really better in contrast with Jia Suyue

Path of Medicine With a System · C62
1 week ago
well,.... she doesn`t have to do anything and only wait for jake to make the call to sell, she is only doing it because she doesnt trust jake, that will probably only happen after jake sold the stocks AND the bubble bursted and than he reinvest, she is still afraid that they will loose the money again which are still 4 years left to go, maybe grey hair is comming ^^, so 2-3 chapters more about his "projects"? 1 for emily 1 for his touchscreen invention, maybe 1 for View More

Avesalm: Don't overwork Emily.

Be happy with sports · C338
1 week ago

Gahara: Correct me if am mistaken but shouldn't the Mc have enhanced reflexes because of his light fruit?

Devil Fruit Powers in The Tower of God · C9
1 week ago
so he has gravity light, shadow fruit and buki buki no mi, i thought 3 fruits? View More
Devil Fruit Powers in The Tower of God · C8
1 week ago

SYFL555: The 2nd floor is where you learn the basics. So u should somehow make it up for the MC. Like real soon, cause without knowing anything he can die. So yeah, you should get someone to teach him on this floor(the current floor he is in)

Devil Fruit Powers in The Tower of God · C7
1 week ago
ty for chapter hope for more to come this weekend ;) View More
Be happy with sports · C337
1 week ago
normally he could have participated even when they didnt have the marathon, i mean even for publicity there are events like the 1h run or just invite him for the 10km to have an extra star or something like that, not like it would be something knew and as jake is still "cheap"(appearence money if at all) and would get a lot of US fans watching the competitions he participates in which would be good for the event organizer and the sponsors, (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1996_IAAF_World_Half_Marathon_Championships) something like this, just as an invitation fly over win and fly back at the same evening or as a warm up for another marathon View More
Be happy with sports · C336
1 week ago
if he can start shopping in 2005/6,
he can get some top "young" future stars.
Manuel Neuer (wasn`t a starter until mid 2006 (cheap if he can convince him)
Philipp Lahm (went 2005/6 back to Fc Bayern to finally play right defender)
Frank Ribery in 2005 ( Ribery left, bale right both young with speed (still cheap ;) )
Ibrahimović (was 2006 free and went for another 4 years to inter so possible striker for a few years)
Sergio Ramos (can be bought before he goes to Real )
rest english players for the fans ? ^^ should be enough with 55 mio and in 1-2 years he can play CL View More
Soccer god · C7
1 week ago
can we expect a continuation or is it dropped? View More
Soccer god · C7
1 week ago

Wolvex: Hey author can you change the quest and not have the mc follow the canon because if your gonna make the mc with lots of powers but only follow canon than what’s the point of reading this?
Sorry if this sounds rude author,I just finished a Harry Potter story where the story is almost exactly the same but with different POV.

The Magician ascendance · C3
1 week ago
i had the same thinking, if you delete that part hey its a good start otherwise ... i am out too View More

Licorice: "there are other wielders of other systems" - deleted from reading list... bye

The Magician ascendance · C1
1 week ago
well jake can "copy write" a few songs for Kate that are in "today" and be a "fake songwriter" at the side and "only" for his girlfriend/waifu? View More
Be happy with sports · C335
1 week ago
well i approve of Kate XD, so he just has to present her to Eve and she will dot on her like her own daughter and can acompany her when she is in town from time to time happy ending for the family part ;) View More

Heaven_Soldier: Busted😂😂😂🤣

Be happy with sports · C335
1 week ago
ah i can already see it, peoples magazine or something like thats or sexiest man alive, jake in armani and the girls go crazy, Have you thought about a chapter or a part, to dedicate to fans of him, as they are a big part of Basketball (dunno what a would be a good idea, maybe he walks down the street and they see the newspaper and the "****" girls go crazy about it or even a paparazi makes a photo with the "mysterious" girl and they get jealous or something ^^ he is a public figure now with maybe hundreds of thousands of fans already View More
Be happy with sports · C334
1 week ago
thats walking XD jake doesn`t walk he runs^^ View More

Rob_T: Love your work!! https://***.infoplease.com/track-field-1 has all the track and field events for olympics, there is a 20km and 50km long race. Not sure if you were aware or not. Just letting you know. Live your work and keep writing good stuff!! This is absolutely my favorite story on here and I look forward to your post every day!!! ✅😀👍

Be happy with sports · C334
1 week ago
i wouldn?t mind if he completly lets her drift out of the story, he has already introduced 1-2 other girls and might find someone else in the movie/sport/management business or meet at a high socity party^^ View More

Avesalm: so the author had completely shut down Lola :(

Be happy with sports · C333
1 week ago
well i was thinking from the point which team had "good" pieces and only missed a "leading" pg or something like that, and IF he doesn`t do anything he would have to hope for a team Tanking for him or a butterfly effekt where a player gets injured the team has a bad year and they get jake + the player back, like the san antonio spurs, get first round pick duncan like this, but well he can still play 2 years in that team and get them into the playoffs and change his team in 2002/3/4 as he doesn`t need the extension as he is rich View More

Avesalm: the best choice to be in the team of your hometown, imo

Be happy with sports · C332
2 weeks ago
ah i am really looking forward to jakes NBA draft, i hope he will be traded to the miami Heat his "home" town he lead the team and wins against the lakers, which leads to shaq leaving lakers earlier and than he joins with dwayne sf , shaq center and do multiple championships ^^ (for that miami management would have to talk with jake and than jake tells them to trade their first round pick with the number 1 pick or something like that XD) well much to think about to get jake on an interesting team, (if he wants to do movies on the side naturally the "big" markets are preferred) View More
Be happy with sports · C332
2 weeks ago
yeah finally another little minion introduced ;) View More
Be happy with sports · C331
2 weeks ago
i still hope for an increase in chapters, maybe helga will be left behind after they are finished and he "helps" her after ;)? View More
Leveling through Lust · C4
2 weeks ago
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