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Dress it up however you want, just because you torture "bad guys" doesn't make you, "the torturer" virtuous. We all know Han Xiaou is a sociopath that cares for nothing but his own image, and advancement. Remember the Nuke? I think he would do a lot more than kill a planet if he thought he could gain from it. View More
The Legendary Mechanic · C421
21 hours ago
Well most sailors had to have some knowledge of basic Carpentry, due to the fact that everyone was expected to take part in minor ship repairs that may be needed at sea. I imagine you could get SOMEONE to carve you a set of wooden teeth. View More

GoodWithAToaster: Why has no one started a denture business yet? Seems like it would be a pretty lucrative business around those parts...get on it, Klein!

Lord of the Mysteries · C499
22 hours ago
What are the chances the copper whistle Klein carries is death's key? View More
Lord of the Mysteries · C495
2 days ago
I don't believe any form of censorship is ever a good idea. I grew up being "protected" from certain ideas. All it ever does people is harm in my opinion. I feel for the author, and hope such a ridiculous issue can eventually be resolved for the better. View More
Lord of the Mysteries · C493
3 days ago
Wait... Strange gathering with a bunch unknowns. Could this be an earlier incarnation of the space above the fog? If so, who sat in The Fool's chair? That was a big piece to drop. Could Klein be repeating some unknown history? View More
Lord of the Mysteries · C484
1 week ago
Well written fantastic world, with still so much to explore. Looking forward to the steady growth and empowerment of the Tarot club. I wonder if Klein's sister will ever become a Beyonder and have the opportunity to join. View More
Lord of the Mysteries · C482
1 week ago
Watch the quill recognize his authority like arrodes the mirror if he touches it... View More
Lord of the Mysteries · C478
1 week ago
Only let Han Xiao in the driver's seat if your lives depend on it. After you make it out alive, you might still have regrets. Perhaps death was the best option? View More
The Legendary Mechanic · C393
3 weeks ago

Pannath: What happens if a woman buys a man a drink and he's just as drunk or more than the woman. She tries to have sex with him and in the morning when she's sober he isn't the type of guy she would have had sex with sober so she says it was rape? Why is it that only women can't consent when drunk and it's automatically the man's fault?

Since his race is compelled to follow laws, he can enforce real equality through laws, so there isn't a need for a law to favor one sex over the other. 1 generation should be enough to fix that.

Abuse of Magic · C167
3 weeks ago
I'm curious about the underlying principles. It'll be interesting to see how things start to tie together. View More

shanagami1: Glory of the first, I really wanna know what powers come with faceless !!

Lord of the Mysteries · C430
1 month ago
Part of the problem is that he advances so quickly. A good thing by all accounts, but a lot of these potions are intended to be consumed after long periods of assimilation. Because he's using the acting method, and is so active in general, he's speeding up his need for the potions and coming into the cost faster than would likely normally occur. Thankfully it's the main ingredients that are the most expensive, and I believe that one of them is about to be purchased. View More

isabant: Klein's must be the poorest mc who is in charge of a secret society and is unable to properly funnel funds for his benefits...money comes in and goes out... left in a state of perpetual brokenness, church mice will pity him.

Lord of the Mysteries · C421
1 month ago
There will come a certain point where Susie no longer needs Audrey to come up with ingredients for her, or act for her her as her master though. As the sequences go up, the ability for Independence gets higher. While the loyalty of dogs are famous, this means that the possibility of Susie acting independently of Audrey's wishes is present. There is no guarantee Susie would happily stay at a sequence 2 in this scenario. View More

Onp: If Audrey becomes a sequence 1 and Susie stays at sequence 2, then Audrey can advance to sequence 0 by consuming the other sequence 1's. Then Susie can advance to sequence 1 and become Audrey's archangel. Archangel psychiatric doggo! Or the opposite, Susie becomes sequence 0, and Audrey become sequence 1. LOL

Lord of the Mysteries · C418
1 month ago
Lol some here might reject that line of thinking. Susie is pretty popular... That said, just because Klein is the MC, doesn't mean others won't reach their prospective ends. And as soon as he gets more powerful, she will be able to move more and more on her own. The loyalty of dogs might be famous, but I'm just considering the possibilities of things going wrong. I suspect eventually Susie might lose control actually. It would make for an impactful scene, if the master had to put down their hound. But who knows?... View More

swampboy45: I think that you are slightly putting the cart before the horse, not to mention that Klein appears to be the main character.

Lord of the Mysteries · C418
1 month ago
I just had a thought. If in order to become sequence 0 you have to get rid of the other two of three possible sequence 1's. That means Audrey and Susie, should they climb high enough, are destined to try to kill each other. That's not counting if one of them loses control along the way... It's just sad. I should have thought of this in earlier chapters. One must prepare their heart. View More
Lord of the Mysteries · C418
1 month ago
Why do I feel a theme song should be made?... View More

ResidentialPsycho: Time for Susie to finally become a Telepathist! Go, psychic doggie, go!

Lord of the Mysteries · C418
1 month ago
Something about the way the conversation with the girls was written didn't seem natural. Or at least, Ves came off as socially inept. What I mean is, Ves got to answer all of his questions, but was never really questioned by the girls in return. The whole conversation seemed so one-sided with one question from Ves after another, that would be one hell of an awkward conversation between people who shouldn't have too much trust with each other. It basically existed just to be an info dump. View More
The Mech Touch · C447
1 month ago
Grade A beauty with no personality. Sounds like a harem number for a Chinese MC.... View More
The Legendary Mechanic · C367
1 month ago
Angel with black wings. Courtesy of the blasphemy tarot card. Imagine what he could do as he gathers more... View More
Lord of the Mysteries · C392
1 month ago
Too bad "rebellion of the people" almost never ends well after the fact. Even in this world without Beyonders. Usually it just sets the stage for someone worse, or just more misery. At least when taken so far as to topple governments. It would be nice if things were so simple and romanticized in reality. The few times it has worked out for the better historically are usually the exception and not the rule. View More
Lord of the Mysteries · C388
1 month ago

NatureGirl95: Exp

The Legendary Mechanic · C80
1 month ago
Societal issues are not so easily solved as the novel tries to make it appear, and economics is hardly so simply conceived either. That said, I see a lot of comments being critical of the basic structure Joseph laid down. It may be deserved, as such a kingdom would never function in reality, but try to remember that this is a rather loose fantasy with a lot of ridiculous and fun concepts. I personally am not looking for the author to crack the secret of Utopia or be an economics major... I'm able to suspend my disbelief and read it for fun.

I will give a bit of my own constructive criticism to say to the author however. Be careful not to rush to much in your projects going forward. For this story it is fine, since it has been fairly rushed from the start and has become part of it's flow. But I do notice an urgency in your written voice to get to "exciting" bits so you tend to rush through parts of your story, and only skim the surface when you can go into greater depth. There is something to be said for taking your time. A bit more patience and learning to find the fun in the smaller details can help you go far in your future endeavors. View More
Abuse of Magic · C167
1 month ago
MC sounds super needy at the chapter beginning. he wouldn't know what to do with himself if he wasn't a parasite sponging off of players. It may be the quickest route to growth so far, but he just seemed so desperate to be relevant.

Also he wore black because he didn't like to wash his clothes? That's a new one to me... View More
The Legendary Mechanic · C331
1 month ago
Nah. I'm going to say it's a setup battle in order for him to impress that cyborg mercenary that was barely mentioned, so he has an inside man to invite him into a mercenary group later on. View More

ObserVers: This is just a Plot From Author Where Scavenger tried to get Kerlodd (Godoran) Probably to sell him to Darkstar so DARKSTAR HAVE AN HOSTAGE SO OUR MC CAN DESTROY DARKSTAR !!!!. AM I RIGHT???

The Legendary Mechanic · C322
1 month ago
All of those repeated "and he will not encounter a player for quite some time" phrases were for nothing. View More
The Legendary Mechanic · C315
1 month ago
There it is... Snuck just a bit of Chinese propaganda in there. Only people from China won as expected. View More
The Legendary Mechanic · C313
1 month ago
Anyone else love that helicopter pilot? I want to see more of him in the future! His questions were amusing. He seems like you would be a great personality to travel with. View More
The Legendary Mechanic · C307
1 month ago

AresRa: Yo translator if you can contact the author someday, can you please ask him why he made his MC into someone who doesn't care about players or NPCs relationship even if they spent decades together and all he want is profit inside a game, sociopath mc with no goal other than being the strongest NPC ?

The Legendary Mechanic · C300
1 month ago

AvERaGeNP: China no1 propaganda coming soon.

The Legendary Mechanic · C293
1 month ago
Han Xiao doesn't show mercy to his enemies... Except when he deliberately let the leader escape on the battlefield which was the main cause for this scene to occur... This is one of the things I don't care for about the MC. He feels no remorse for causing such death. Yes he sees them all NPC's... But he's one of them now technically. He's basically a sociopath. No matter what he does he only considers himself. It's a good story and I'm still reading it. But the MC isn't likeable. View More
The Legendary Mechanic · C285
1 month ago
We know the vamp is a figurine otaku... It should be easy to persuade him to the cause. View More
Lord of the Mysteries · C368
2 months ago
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