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Based on the wording of it, technically the curse seemed set to last for that one life. It doesn't have to continue on as the reincarnation of Stella. Still could be considered a fate thing. View More

Kris_Watson: 😮 just realized they aren't tied together by a red string of fate but by a curse from a group of drug crazed old people. The curse didn't say anything about him loving her. Just that she would fall in love with him. If Joseph didn't find her cute this could have gotten much darker.

Abuse of Magic · C74
8 hours ago
Foolish. But in line with a child. You don't give away your most important secret to someone you spent a scant few days with, and have honestly very little connection to. Humans can be nasty creatures, it's easy for them to come up with reasons to betray others for their own selfishness.

That said, it does seem a little forced. We just learn about some mystic love encounter in another life, and that is the sole reason for his decision to give away his most important asset. He doesn't mull over it or give it any time. It's better to take your time with plot points like this. View More
Abuse of Magic · C27
16 hours ago
It does make sense. There are very, very few people in the world with perfect recall. But those who do have it, describe it almost like a catalog or Google search. You can give them a date, and they will take a moment to recall everything they were doing that day, everything they experienced, down to exactly what they wore. I watched a documentary on it. Interestingly of the handful of people who have this ability, it's mostly women. View More

Kris_Watson: That's interesting. His memory is perfect so everything is there but he still has to actively look for it. I like it.

Abuse of Magic · C11
18 hours ago
Makes a kind of sense. It's only been recent history since we have had the quality of life to allow for people to more fully develop before considering them adults or granting any kind of autonomy. It used to be, life expectancies were much shorter and *****hood was considered pretty much as soon as you became a teenager. So teaching a kid how to be a man at 7 isn't so far-fetched in the right setting. You have to grow up a lot quicker if that's what society expects of you. View More

Kris_Watson: Well so you're 7. Time to be a man. I was not expecting that.

Abuse of Magic · C2
1 day ago

Poemanddream: Guys, I drew a picture named [The death of Lanevus ], you can go and have a look at it if you are interested. https://twitter.com/HXG0MjZnzaqJrX9

Lord of the Mysteries · C296
5 days ago
Sadly enough, that's what happens to a lot of homeless people. Their situation deteriorates, so that they can't be presentable enough to actually find a job for very long even if they work hard, it can be a real struggle overcoming that first hurdle of maintaining a basic living environment to continue working. View More
Lord of the Mysteries · C282
1 week ago
The main character is a bit stupid here. How could you tell if you weren't corrupted? Corruption is supposed to be insidious, no one wants to be corrupted but do enough dangerous things and it happens. So why is he so sure that he is resistant do it to this degree? If you were slowly being corrupted you wouldn't know. Not at least, until it was far too late for you to care. View More
Lord of the Mysteries · C281
1 week ago
You are correct in that it depends on the person. But I believe human beings in general are stronger than you think. maybe you haven't experienced death as much as I have, and I admit immortality would present far more, but just because some people are mentally fragile does not negate my point as I have seen, and am personally capable of mental strength far beyond what your comment entails. Life is not kind, and some people do break, but I very much believe in the strength of the human will, and that some do have the capacity to go on forever. No one could know for sure unless they experience it, but some can shoulder such tragedy, while others are crushed by it, I believe. View More

Durablesnacker: You have no idea what the effects of immortality would have on the human mind. We can be a mentally frail species and I guarantee a significant portion of the population cannot just accept the constant death of loved ones and maintain a healthy mindset, you will crack.

Requiem of Souls (Original) · C75
1 week ago
Perhaps he is testing the limits. He's been told multiple times not to rely so heavily on divination, as it can mislead you. After all, what does the term "benefits" imply in his divination statement? He might not get any concrete benefits, such as sequence potion items, but he still May benefit in small ways through discovering bits of information and finding out what's going on in Backlund. Something that the divination may have missed. View More

Multipartite: The content has been deleted

Lord of the Mysteries · C256
3 weeks ago
Honestly, I wouldn't be surprised if the focus of Klein's Beyonder pathway is Luck after all luck has ties to fate but is not its master, the original ritual that brought him here is tied to luck, and he is "the fool who doesn't belong to this era who wields good luck." View More
Lord of the Mysteries · C237
1 month ago
Software... Not my cup of tea.

Do you have to poke at the audiences sore spot author? 😂

At least just by mentioning it Ves recognizes it to a degree. And while it wouldn't be the smartest idea to work on it now, still hoping he will get the opportunity to shore up his obvious weakness in computer science. View More
The Mech Touch · C432
1 month ago
Fake black-hearted Han Xiaou manipulating the populace for benefits as usual. Stealing everything that isn't nailed down. Even words! View More
The Legendary Mechanic · C218
1 month ago
Because he is pretty close to one himself. He likes to pretend he's better out of pride, but if you think about his thought patterns and choices, he's pretty stubborn and against the grain when it comes to the mech world. View More

Heroman_Joey_Jones: Ves seems to get along with thugs anyway.

The Mech Touch · C424
1 month ago

Heroman_Joey_Jones: Ves seems to get along with thugs anyway.

The Mech Touch · C424
1 month ago

Bogart: Hmm... These new laws can also explain why the churches never tell anyone about the acting method. It can cause a kind of imbalance if every beyonder is allowed an easy path to higher-level sequences. Which has its own consequences.

Lord of the Mysteries · C217
1 month ago
Hmm... These new laws can also explain why the churches never tell anyone about the acting method. It can cause a kind of imbalance if every beyonder is allowed an easy path to higher-level sequences. Which has its own consequences. View More
Lord of the Mysteries · C217
1 month ago
Well at least he'll get plenty of training on how to handle heat dispersion. That's one of his weaknesses so far with his initial designs. If it's one of the most important things for a spaceborn mech you'll have to have some good insight. The extra knowledge in flight systems won't hurt either. I still want him to get kicked around quite a bit though. At least so he questions his own pride a bit more and matures a little.

Even though I love this webnovel, he is one of the most frustrating main characters I have ever read, and still get enough enjoyment out of to continue reading. So many times I wanted to smack him... So many times.

But he is growing I think. Albeit slowly. View More
The Mech Touch · C421
1 month ago
Here's hoping Ves learns some humility. I think it's a pretty good space for him to be in this regiment. Because let's face it, he is problematic and thinks a bit too highly of himself.

He should be able to get new experience with space born mechs which you would think he would recognize as an obvious must, as I imagined space born battles are far more common then planetary ones. And they're little more loose on the rules, so I imagine he'll eventually get to experiment a little. I hope they whoop his little behind though. I really want him to realize he's not all that hot, and he needs to shore up his foundations instead of being so focused on advancement and prestige. For the love of God computer science please! View More
The Mech Touch · C420
1 month ago
Sure, but I would only try to contact someone if I was confident had enough power to protect myself, if at all. Call me the cautious type, but just because somebody is in a similar situation to you, or from the same place does not make them your friend. I would be paranoid until I could find out the type of person they were. People can do crazy things in bizarre situations. View More

ResidentialPsycho: It could also be used as a means of contacting other transmigrators, though. They are in the same situation with similar backgrounds and may even have the same goals.

Lord of the Mysteries · C216
1 month ago
I disagree. If you look at our written history as a species, we don't change much. We always fall into the same traps in a cycle. As one of my history teachers used to say "history spirals." I honestly don't think there is too much difference between humans in ancient history, and humans now. Nor should there be all that much in the future. Sure we have a better grasp on tech, but we only have applied our minds slightly differently, and have not yet caused or been through a disaster to set us back again. View More

youknow00: I don't think our future generations will be this weak on terms of mental power we human have always relied more on brain than brawn to pave our way forward although physical strength is needed, but there will always be some people with low capacity i guess, also possibilities are numerous.

The Mech Touch · C419
1 month ago
When you think about it, it would be a slight mistake to use any names or reference to your previous life without enough power. Who is to say Klein is the only transmitigator in this era? And if the possible other is powerful and less than friendly, you could be giving yourself away.

It's a smaller risk given the amount of people in the world. But a risk nonetheless. View More
Lord of the Mysteries · C216
1 month ago
Sherlock Moriarty... Private detective... 😑 Really? If he goes down at all in history, future transmitigators will smack their heads. View More
Lord of the Mysteries · C215
1 month ago
Klein will likely join the circus. It's a good way to get a new identity, cover his face so people don't recognize him, and digest his potion. watch people get wind of somebody using Klein's identity to buy a train ticket, and try to track the "imposter" down. View More
Lord of the Mysteries · C213
1 month ago
Good old Melinda. She's right, he should humble himself and suffer momentary embarrassment to bring back the glory of the codpiece!

Once he realizes its greatness he'll be back within The graces of the common man. View More
The Mech Touch · C415
1 month ago
I like detail, fleshing out the world, and the giving of information the reader doesn't necessarily need to know in order to make everything feel real as a story.
Not everything has to be action. And a lot of things people have considered filler, I don't consider such, and enjoy.

This is counterbalanced by my desperate desire to see the story move forward. Looking to each chapter for how the crowd will respond to the unveiling of the new Mech. It's taken far longer to get through its design and creation then I ever expected. The story growth is slow, and at times that can be torturous.

I can only pray the author is merciful. Even as I know, he will turn a deaf ear to his commenters for the sake of his own writing in a way that I find highly respectful. UNVEIL THE MAJESTY OF THE NEW MECH! View More
The Mech Touch · C409
1 month ago
Now Ves should invest some time in heatsink research. Both of his designs have heat dispersal problems, and the technology for it overall always seems to present a problem. If he could find a way to develop better ways of dealing with excess heat and temperature, that would help him by miles. View More
The Mech Touch · C403
1 month ago
This whole mech seems a flop to me. How does he know the changes the cube made are permanent, and won't feel when the soldiers need it most? He's using and technology he barely understands, that is extremely difficult to replicate. Is there truely any way to reproduce this on a large scale? These type of detriments are huge. The only thing that will save the MC is plot armor. I mean what happens if something goes horribly wrong? The credibility of his entire business will take a hit. Ves is being stupid again in my opinion.

That's one of the flaws of designing the way he does with the X Factor. If he makes a large enough mistake he almost has to stick to it because he created The X Factor spirit with the mistake in mind. He can't get rid of the crystals because of the golem in his head, yet they make his design much more unpredictable and dangerous to the public. Even if this thing is a huge commercial success, it would encourage him to further such risks in the future, and realistically would lead to an eventual catastrophic backlash. you need to at least understand the technology you're working with, not play with it blindly like it's a toy to sell to genuine soldiers going to war. That's just reckless. View More
The Mech Touch · C400
1 month ago
I have a feeling Song has a luck similar to White's, except all of the bad luck he goes through turns into good luck if he survives. View More
Cultivation Chat Group · C791
1 month ago
Anyone calculate how many years it's been since the start of the webnovel? He always talks of time passing in weeks and months. It would be interesting to figure out exactly how much time has passed. View More
The Mech Touch · C397
1 month ago
Yes I know, but Ves likes to flip flop so he needs the little extra push. Otherwise, for all we know he would go back on his decision. he does it much too often in the series. I don't trust it the first time he says he's going to do something. Remember gambling Lucky. View More

Maginus_Sama: In earlier chapter ves said that he will use the super publish on the rifleman design, so it stand above the crowd and he can get better benefits during the war

The Mech Touch · C395
1 month ago
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