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shelwyn: Does the author ever think back on what he writes and just hold his face in embarrassment?

The Supreme Lord Donghuang · C106
1 week ago

Eveofchaos: My benefits right now are the lack of sleep and a tired sea of consciousness xD Guys, I'm just doing this cause I wanted to write a good story. If I really manage to make a living with my book though, I will definitely be happy. Anyway, the info about contracted authors with Webnovel is on the site if you are interested, just visit the main page and you'll learn more about us.

Birth of the Demonic Sword · C146
4 weeks ago

Kotario: Honestly, I’ve tried to be patient with your comments to so far, but everyone has a limit.

If you don’t like the story or feel that is has issues, I have no problem and will take constructive criticism.

However, insulting me will not do much and only makes you seem like a petulant child, my friend.

As for your complaints, it seems to boil down to;

1. Draco is a cuck for forgiving Eva
2. I’ve suddenly ’nerfed’ him
3. This current enemy came out from nowhere
4. The AI wants to attack Draco

Let me resolve these complaints since they’re the only things you’ve said that aren’t actually straight insults.

1. To be a cuck, you must be cheated on. To be cheated on, your partner must WILLINGLY and without COERCION choose to enter sexual relations with another.

I don’t know about you, but saying ‘let me bang or else your man dies’ sounds a lot like coercion. Here’s some extra facts to note that diluted Draco’s hatred:

- The ‘cuckoldery’ occurred in a VR world, which feels real but isn’t REAL.

- The person who coerced Eva is in a destroyed timeline, meaning he is dead. The current him will never know what it feels like to even touch her hand

- The person who was coerced, which is Eva, doesn’t even remember the act itself. A repressed memory is a memory that your brain locks under multiple seals, pretending it doesn’t exist. Even if Eva wanted to, she couldn’t remember the details, only that at one point in time, she had been coerced into sex.

For all intents and purposes, that act never even happened. If it was the old timeline Eva, Draco might not have let it go, but this timeline is a clean start.

If you still find it unbearable, that’s fine. I’m only explaining why Draco accepted her again. It’s up to you whether to decide if he made the right choice or not from your perspective.

2. Do you understand what nerfing is, really? To nerf something would be to diminish it’s power from its previous point to a lower scale.

I have been struggling to make sure Draco stays ahead of the competition in every way. From my own point of view, I’ve been doing the opposite of nerfing.

The hidden powers, people who could easily kill Draco back to level 1, have to lick this fellow’s boots. The other players don’t even appear in the story unless for commentary because they’re too weak.

Anyone who challenge is Draco has been defeated or dead because the were weaker than him. So why on earth is it that when someone on par with him has appeared, he’s suddenly nerfed?

Are you saying I should write a story where the MC easily overcomes every challenge and faces no setbacks whatsoever?

Googling the term ‘Mary Sue’, is my recommendation.

3. Every author is told not to spoonfeed his readers. That would be looking down on them and treating them like idiots.

A reader can reason just as well as the author. The author only has to leave clues in the story for the reader to piece together.

That is why sometimes when you read a novel, you feel like things are predictable. It’s because the clues have led you to a conclusion that may or may not be correct.

In the previous chapter I spent few paragraphs stating that Draco’s brain scan has created a bug and that bug would play a big role soon.

I wish there were spoiler tags on webnovel, but there isn’t, so for those who don’t want to be spoiled, please skip this next paragraph.

The bug was explained as a side effect of scanning Draco’s brain which had been modified due to Control. I said the bug shall appear soon and right in the next chapter, an inhuman ‘player’ that never existed in their past lives pops up and is able to understand the basics of Control, even though too few people have it in this timeline. The clues are quite obvious, but I guess you (and some others) might have missed them, hence this explanation. I hope it answers your question.

4. This actually me scratch head a bit as I have no idea how this conc

Guild Wars · C35
1 month ago

Kotario: The content has been deleted

Guild Wars
1 month ago

Cosmical_Demon: Finally we're back to the normal time zone 🙄

Another World’s Versatile Crafting Master · C280
2 months ago
I'm betting this is a machine translation that's has gone through a basic editing. View More

And: So.. when is this translator going to get an editor? Or a proofreader at the very least?

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator · C111
3 months ago

And: So.. when is this translator going to get an editor? Or a proofreader at the very least?

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator · C111
3 months ago

Keikokumars: How is it possible you commented nine minute ago when I just posted this chapter literally one minute ago? did you break Space Time?

Lord Shadow · C64
3 months ago
Great novel but listening to it with all of the '***********************' is really annoying. View More
Lord Shadow · C64
3 months ago

Taylin: The novel will surpass the comic within a matter of weeks though, and in general the book adds details that may cover some plot holes in the comics.

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
3 months ago

FoodSect: Chinese title: 地下城玩家
Date started: 03/22/2019
Rating: 9
Chapters: ~517
Word count: 1.34 million
"Power" Ranking: #192
Status: Ongoing

Author: 蓝白的天
Number of works: 1
Website: Qidian

Other than the normal tags of another dimension/plane and etc, the author has tagged it with "爆笑" which translates into 'hilarious'. It is a recent novel, but only has a ranking of #192 for the almost ended month of September as well. It does have a decent following, so only time will tell.

Gamers of the Underworld
3 months ago
Emperor's Domination View More

Eldeus: Which novel is that

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator · C69
3 months ago
More like extortion View More

SolitaryDemon: It's time for some robbing 😈😈😈

Supreme Uprising · C692
3 months ago
Or his demiplane View More

TheOneAboveAll292: Couldn't he just use the Book Of Death to open a Planar Path?

End of the Magic Era · C495
3 months ago

madmoon: I want to say second. But now reading this novel is becoming to expensive. Is there any point to this?

Another World’s Versatile Crafting Master · C267
4 months ago
Ok, I don't like the racism either but do a search for the massacre of nanjing. You can see a reason behind it then. View More
Sword Among Us · C64
4 months ago
You need to remember that the author in China gets paid by the releases and length of chapters. I'm not sure what the release times are in China but we get new chapters daily. There, they might get an update weekly.
I agree that it is annoying for us to receive constant 'last time' reca**, but it makes sense when you consider the above. View More

1j1: There is so much word vomit in these chapters Every chapter lately has about half of the last chapter in it like we need a huge recap of the previous chapter. I realize there is a lot of pressure to produce chapters on time but can we cut back on the regurgitating abit

Another World’s Versatile Crafting Master · C227
4 months ago

Randomguy56: Really getting tired of the author repeating this sequence.
Mafa: Exist
Enemy: provoke/antagonize
3rd party: Intervene

End of the Magic Era · C446
4 months ago

Seamania: I am waiting to read it on mass release. This story is so good to read and let your imagine run wild. Can I read 200 chapters in one go after the mass release?

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
4 months ago

DJason: I was wondering when this novel to the comics would get translated. Good! Good! Good!

Honest Review:

Reading the 100 something of the comics, all I can say is this novel in a nutshell is:

Xianxia but in modern world. (Think: My Wife Is A Beautiful CEO)
Obviously that means cultivators are the real hidden powers behind society and what not.
Obviously that means normal people are somehow blind sighted to all the weird sh*t that goes on in the city, but hey, its fiction.
MC comes back from 500 years into the future where he is a Godly Cultivator that got epic rekt by some average joe heavenly tribulation
MC is so bad*ss like. O_O kinda *ss. Y'know what I mean? Dude can cut a tree with a leaf. Earned a high spot in society within a few chapters. Got girls interested in him because he is your typical Xianxia MC Chad. And not your Japanese Beta MC. (Y'all know that meme?)

And yeah. Good read in general. Read comics first tho since there is more chapters & images as of right now C: Ty for reading.

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
4 months ago
Thanks for the chapters! View More
Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator · C10
4 months ago
Don't look a gift horse in the mouth View More

Aguscastro: Why is this chap not lockd?

End of the Magic Era · C441
4 months ago

ThrustThunder: But... you just did argue???
You just contradicted yourself twice in one sentience.

A Wizard's Secret
5 months ago

KCOSHI: This story is worth it for my power and energy stones😃 I loove books about guns and games

Fatal Shot · C1
5 months ago

PusaMosabog: ." Several dozen people had witnessed Lin Yun killing that Lesser Flame Overlord that day, "
There are 3groups of mercenaries, and the fight was participated in by the vice leaders that was a spectacular fight that shaked the grounds according to the author and yet did not attract the attention of other people? Are they sleeping during the fight and can't be waken up in their slumber? 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

End of the Magic Era · C387
5 months ago

NihilityMadness: Requit Barry. Hahaha

The Strongest Businessman · C89
5 months ago

DarkLightDao: Yup, Dylan should definitely recruit him!

The Strongest Businessman · C89
5 months ago

Rain55: Dylan was so cool! Barry seems to not be just an ordinary cultivator!

The Strongest Businessman · C89
5 months ago

Xinioch: I'm waiting for him to snap.
'I try to mind my own business' - archmage dies
'but no you insignificant peons' - another archmage dies
'cant leave me alone!' - sword saint dies
'reap what you sow' - cities explode

End of the Magic Era · C382
5 months ago

SwiftBlizz: And every time someone knows who he is and how powerful he is, they don't tell everyone.
The moronic secrecy brings not only trouble to Mafa but danger to all those who are ignorant about him.

End of the Magic Era · C382
5 months ago
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