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Fishing the Myriad Heavens · C536
3 months ago
See this! I just gifted the story: Potion View More
Seeking the Flying Sword Path · C738
3 months ago

DoULikeBlueberry: Officially,

Li Xiaoyao, the protagonist of the game, is an orphan who lives with his aunt in a small fishing village near Suzhou, China. When his aunt falls sick, Li travels across the sea to a mystical island in search of a cure for his aunt. He meets a maiden Zhao Ling'er, whom he falls in love with. Although he was forced by Zhao's nanny to marry Zhao and remain on the island forever, he manages to escape with the medicine and succeeds in healing his aunt. However, he loses memory of his encounter on the island because he was tricked into consuming a memory-erasing drug earlier. When he meets Zhao again, he does not remember her but still saves her from a group of enemies, who have destroyed her home and murdered her nanny. He then decides to accompany her to southwestern China in search of her mother, who might still be alive.

Li and Zhao arrive in Suzhou and meet Lin Yueru, the spoiled daughter of a wealthy martial artist. Li unexpectedly defeats Lin in a martial arts contest and wins her hand-in-marriage. When Li shows reluctance to marry Lin, her father threatens to kill him if he does not marry her, so Li pretends to agree and plans to escape later. On their wedding night, a giant serpent was sighted and Zhao disappears under mysterious circumstances. Li and Lin believe that Zhao has been captured by a monster, so they set off in search of her and arrive in Sichuan, where the Mount Shu Sect, a powerful martial arts clan, is based. They learn that Zhao is actually a half-serpent spirit and has been imprisoned in the Demon Prison Tower by the Mount Shu elders. Li and Lin break into the tower and succeed in rescuing Zhao after making a perilous descent to its lowest level. However, they all suffer grave injuries when the tower collapses on itself while they were escaping from it.

The trio are saved by a herbal medicine guru, who tells Li that Zhao is pregnant with his child, and that Lin has died from her wounds. Li is deeply saddened by Lin's death, but he puts aside his grief because he has a more important mission to complete: find two rare items which can save the lives of Zhao and their unborn baby. Li's quest takes him to southwestern China, where the Miao people live. He meets and befriends Anu, a White Miao princess, who tells him the history of her homeland. The Miao land has been affected by a prolonged drought and the White and Black Miao are at war with each other over scarce resources. Li completes his mission and Zhao recovers, after which she summons a rainstorm and restores peace to the Miao land. Through their adventures, Li, Zhao and Anu discover that the drought was actually caused by an evil Black Miao cleric. They confront him and defeat him in a battle. During the battle, Zhao sacrifices herself to destroy an ancient water monster summoned by the cleric.

Li is traumatised by the loss of Zhao and Lin. He bids Anu farewell and walks away alone. Just then, he sees Lin, carrying his child. Lin's reappearance at the end of the game is often disputed, but the official story released by Softstar Entertainment claims that Lin is dead and cannot be resurrected. However, her body may be brought back to life, but she will never be the same as before because her soul is dead

A 2001 remake added 2 hidden endings centered in the 2 women, yueru and ling, but I can't find them.

Black Tech Internet Cafe System · C95
4 months ago
Reading Status: C349
Really good. MC is a bit op all the time but thats part of the fun. It has and are using its potential. I want it to release faster but maybe im just greedy. View More
Battle of Ascension
5 months ago
Reading Status: C46
Good novel with big potential. just take it slow and easy. Don't stress and i think its going to be a top novel. Good luck! Good luck! Good luck! Good luck! View More
Monster Integration
6 months ago

loriperfect: 1- The MC Personality make the story interesting
2- The story line start slow but after a few chapters you get cough in the plot.
3- No complains about the translation, the story is clear and I'm able to follow the author though
4- there is enough twist in this story to keep you glue to your table
5- Please do not pay attention to the synopsis I think it is to abstract and someone need to write a new one.
6- in overall this novel is worth your time.

Swallowed Star
1 year ago
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