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As always, mc always nerfed by author, so stupid View More
War Sovereign Soaring The Heavens · C1907
1 week ago
So, god emperor is just stupid boy at the begining, View More
God Emperor · C999
1 week ago
I bet next chapter is trash talking beetwen mc and princess father, next is prolog of battle, at least 2 chapter for the true fight begin View More
The Adventures of the Young Master · C211
2 weeks ago
Next target, creation god profound veins, View More
The Irregular In ATG · C37
2 weeks ago
Never ending fight, View More
The Adventures of the Young Master · C209
2 weeks ago
What is this? 100 chapter just to finish one meaningless grudge? This author must be fans of emperor domination, View More
The Adventures of the Young Master · C208
2 weeks ago
Talk less do more View More
The Adventures of the Young Master · C206
2 weeks ago
Pfff, how many time this author using the word, how dominating, how unbelievable, how powerful,
how long his qi will be sealed? Just make the mc die again and end this novel, fortunately, I read this novel free, View More
Painting of the Nine Immortals · C828
3 weeks ago

Kazuhiko: Lol free offer read dont unlock privilege chapters? Just thinking to reread marathon this novel

I Might Be A Fake Cultivator · C229
3 weeks ago

Jasonenrick: Puh i thought a lot after the last chapter about how you are going to write the next chapters because often the authors make some mindless Scenes which makes no Sense and change the character of the (Movie,Anime etc ) that it didn`t make any sense anymore but now i am reliefed because He is stronger and noboy can defeat him and the Minister is a coword and woudn`t step in even if the emperor dies and he can`t xD likewise the others and of course Esdeath wouldn`t hate him because this is like some already said excatly her philosophy in life ;). If you don`t understand what i mean it is just that i already read some Akame ga kill FF and sometimes Esdeath goes to kill the MC because he says he is from Nightraid but the Mc already took Tatsumis place as her lover and like the Anime shows she would try everything to change his sight on the empire . Ups i wrote so much bull**** that nobody wants to read so just forget it . Great Novel and thank you :)

Akame Ga Kill: Garou · C23
3 weeks ago
3 chapter? Alright, three power stone for you author View More
Akame Ga Kill: Garou · C22
3 weeks ago

Jasonenrick: Puhhh at first i thought it would be like other Akame ga kill FF where Esdeath still loves Tatsumi .......Now i can rest assured and read with a smile on my face ;)

Akame Ga Kill: Garou · C19
3 weeks ago
How long this fight is end? Where is jesper celestial sword? View More
War Sovereign Soaring The Heavens · C1864
1 month ago
I dont understand the last few chapter, View More
Sternritter Calendar (ATG fanfic) · C99
1 month ago
See? Trash talk again, what next? 2 chapter just to explain why dragon leader stop his son? View More
War Sovereign Soaring The Heavens · C1858
1 month ago
Filler again, dont tell me the next chapter is trash talking beetwen mc and di jue? Oh chineese novel View More
War Sovereign Soaring The Heavens · C1856
1 month ago
Can we get previlage chapter? I want to spend my ss View More
Black Tech Internet Cafe System · C611
1 month ago
When the fight started? Too much filler View More
War Sovereign Soaring The Heavens · C1854
1 month ago
How can mc became more and more stupid, View More
Gate of God · C1103
1 month ago
Yes, too soft and too weak View More
God Emperor · C932
1 month ago
The price of being weak, View More
God Emperor · C926
1 month ago
To many miss beetwen xing tian and xuanyuan five, View More
Gate of God · C1085
1 month ago
What, how many trash talk that this novel have? Maybe from 4400 word only 500 word that contain action, other is just third person pov View More
Painting of the Nine Immortals · C807
1 month ago
Pfftt weak to strong mc, View More
War Sovereign Soaring The Heavens · C1838
1 month ago
Axe? Pangu? View More
Gate of God · C1082
1 month ago
Why I feel the mc of this novel is the true weakling, 900+ chapter and still an ant, I bet in chapter 2000 mc barely reach a level of the saint, but still ant in front of the empress, oh author, why you make your mc always weakling, View More
God Emperor · C917
1 month ago
Badass mc, not naive beta losser mc, take all my power stone View More
Akame Ga Kill: Garou · C14
1 month ago

overgodMonarch: You want perfection huh. Perhaps you for got about lord Mayuri sama quote”The 'perfect being',you said? Well.... I have to tell you the honest truth,as I see it. In this world, nothing perfect exists. It may be a cliche,after all... but it's the way things are. That's precisely why ordinary men persue the concept of perfection,it's infatuation....
But ultimately,I have to ask myself: what is the true meaning of being perfect?
And the answer I came up with was: nothing. Not. One. Thing.
The truth of the matter is,I despise perfection. If something is truly perfect,that's it.
The bottom line becomes.
There is no room for imagination. No space for intelligence. Or ability. Or improvement! Do you understand?!
To men of science like us,perfection is a dead end,a condition of hopelessness! Always strive to be better than anything that came before you,but not perfect. Scientists agonize over the attempt to achieve perfection!
That's the kind of creatures we are. We take joy in trying to exceed our grasp and trying to reach for something that,in the end,we have to admit,may in fact be unreachable!
In other words...
You may think that we operate on the same level,but you are wrong. The moment you talked about perfection,you embraced an impossible concept and already lost to me....
that is,of course,if you are indeed a scientist,at all...<

Endless Adventure · C3
1 month ago
Still not godly state? How dissapointing, View More
Gate of God · C1070
1 month ago
Poor DLT, if he not go to azure cloud mansion now, he will be dad under zhao hand, pfftt View More
War Sovereign Soaring The Heavens · C1822
1 month ago
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