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dzordzb: Ah so the garnd immortal and the other voice are just Duan Li from other universes and different times. So i guess Duan Lis mother will be in trouble. But he should be the one to surpass his limits and save her

Unbeatable! Invincible! Unparalleled! · C239
1 week ago
Woo imagine madara susanoo vs japan god susanoo, View More
Uchiha Madara : Reborn as Cao Cao · C8
1 week ago
Are you an lin? View More
I Might Be A Fake Cultivator · C19
2 weeks ago

tanatana: Before all of you complain some ****!! to author. Did you fucking read this chapter carefully??? If you say yes then try to compare this chap with first chap and tell me did mesa died same way???

Hell No!!!!! He not died same like that spirit tell to group!!! This can be another trap from mesa!!

Read carefully before complain!!!!!!

RWBY : The Black Reaper · C58
3 weeks ago
How long it will take until mc can cultivate? View More
The Irregular In ATG · C6
3 weeks ago
Remember, give to many women for mc, make mc pawn of devil, make him help devil's to get stronger, will make your novel follow the path of destruction like the other dxd fanfic, View More
Reborn in DXD with Djinn Equipments · C5
3 weeks ago
Yes, that only surname ye that i know in atg, cmiiw View More

Cross_X: Oh do you mean the Sun Moon Divine Hall?

The Irregular In ATG · C0
3 weeks ago
Is not ye family is family that rule one of the sacred ground? View More

Cross_X: Ye family? Even though it's been a quite long time since i've read ATG, but i'm sure there's no Ye family in ATG

The Irregular In ATG · C0
3 weeks ago
Reading Status: C0
Shiba Tatsuya, sure promising, up up up up up up up up
Exp exp exp exp exp exp exp exp exp exp exp exp exp,
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . View More
The Irregular In ATG
3 weeks ago
Wow, my stone is draining so smoothly View More
Legend of Ling Tian · C685
3 weeks ago
Testament and travel alone, we need loner sasuke
Bringing a girl just a burden to unknown world, View More
Uchiha Sasuke : Through the Multiverse · C0
4 weeks ago
Remember dont make him devil, is stupid, someone that can control 72 djinn is a king, and his teacher is solomon, the king of magic, how can someone that ruler 72 pillar become devil? Is his necklace same as solomon ring but have difference shape? View More
Reborn in DXD with Djinn Equipments · C4
4 weeks ago
Wow we need susanoo, perfect susanoo with indra bow View More
Uchiha Sasuke : Through the Multiverse · C15
1 month ago
Wow, power of nirvanic rebirth, View More
Sternritter Calendar (ATG fanfic) · C43
1 month ago
Can you at least do a small edit between he/she, his/her, him/her? View More
The Hunter Academy · C8
1 month ago
2 years and still a weakling, View More
Gate of God · C909
1 month ago
Change, kick hooper, 1 2 3. Rider kick. View More
A Valiant Life · C1068
1 month ago
Just use same magic like demon boss in bc manga - word magic with absolute talent of magic,
Second wish : infinity gauntlet with six power stone, or you can change it, at least powerful weapon
Third wish : knowledge, all knowledge in the universe, (omniscien
Fourt wish : genius brain that can support all knowledge, support magic information, so he can learn faster, good control of magic and etc, #iykwim
Last wish : free to create and adjust new body View More
Black Clover: Strongest Mage · C3
1 month ago
Like always, 100 chap to ended one fight - chinesee novel View More
God Emperor · C729
1 month ago
At least is still gathering ingredients View More
A Returnee Wants to Play VRMMO · C22
1 month ago
Trihexa? Combination of trihexa and momosiki? Jaggernaut drive with susanoo armor (dragon with armor like kyubi with armor)? Whos that comming? Naruto? View More
Uchiha Sasuke : Through the Multiverse · C0
1 month ago
Evil infant is a sword? I think is a wheel, my mistake View More
Reincarnation in Against The Gods · C86
1 month ago
Is not moon devil is at the level of creation god? One of the 4 devil emperor beside 4 creation god? View More
Reincarnation in Against The Gods · C85
1 month ago
Like be burried alive? View More

The_Auditor: Well, each one gives a different feeling, and the feelings they give are a bit extreme, for example the fire one is extremely hot, while the water one even turned a beast in a tyrant profound beast, can you really imagine how earth element feels like?

Sternritter Calendar (ATG fanfic) · C21
1 month ago
Wrong, i mean elemental seed, ehm evil god seed View More

The_Auditor: Elemental orb? What's that?

Sternritter Calendar (ATG fanfic) · C21
1 month ago
Remmember, each system need a maintance, View More
Seized by the System · C568
1 month ago

The_Auditor: Ps: he can control his penis size with compulsory XD

Sternritter Calendar (ATG fanfic) · C22
1 month ago
With visionary he can imagine all elemental orb and bam, become a monarch in one go View More

Peace12345: Well at least he is more laid back then Yun Che, also with his abilities he should be able to have one that will allow him to make medicine for cultivating to speed up his cultivation right?

Sternritter Calendar (ATG fanfic) · C21
1 month ago
Helm, black armor?? Is that powerful man a member of mild one from spongbob? View More
Gate of God · C887
1 month ago
Zoan type, View More
One Piece: Death Scythe · C54
1 month ago
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