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Either get rid of the point or get so many points the company has to fix the pvp! View More
Virtual World: Close Combat Mage · C80
1 year ago
How long has this unbalanced pk points system plot been going? It reminds me of another isekai plot where a buggy game he played became real. View More
Virtual World: Close Combat Mage · C79
1 year ago

Arcedemius: 4 pieces of equipment? ...


...is he counting that new shovel of his for gravedigging?

Virtual World: Close Combat Mage · C67
1 year ago
I'm more surprised that he's done straight grinding and he's never gotten more than a common weapon. Either his luck is horrendous or the drop rates in this game are broken. View More
Virtual World: Close Combat Mage · C32
1 year ago
With transmutation i wonder why he grinds anything anymore. View More
Spending My Retirement In A Game · C61
1 year ago
Monkey king needs to be the best. Like no one ever was. To catch them is his real test, but to train is his cause.
Catch 'em all man. And name them all terribly. View More
Spending My Retirement In A Game · C44
1 year ago
I'm gonna call it... blue bird. Nice naming sense lol View More
Spending My Retirement In A Game · C43
1 year ago
He should wear his leather armor when crafting since it basically doubles his current stats. View More
Spending My Retirement In A Game · C26
1 year ago
When your fancy pants are stronger than your rugged smithing pants. View More
Spending My Retirement In A Game · C20
1 year ago
I've had the same questions about word choice the entire time I've read this. It's one thing for a word to be used while speaking, ignoring the "autonated translation function of Gaia, but it's another entirely to use such words in the rest of the text. View More

Jus7aguy: @translator you keep using memorial, I think you mean memo/memorandum? A memorial is usually used in modern parlance as a remembrance for the dead. A memorandum is a piece of paper carrying an information update/summary, or an instruction.

The World Online · C1106
1 year ago

Jus7aguy: @translator you keep using memorial, I think you mean memo/memorandum? A memorial is usually used in modern parlance as a remembrance for the dead. A memorandum is a piece of paper carrying an information update/summary, or an instruction.

The World Online · C1106
1 year ago
So this is really the world sect and OS is using it to gather resources for his cultivation lol View More
The World Online · C1100
1 year ago
A person's rise will be buried in history? Well i guess christianity is done for. View More
The World Online · C1080
1 year ago
Wonder how di chen ranked so high when xiong ba did more than him View More
The World Online · C1041
1 year ago
If i remember correctly dogs were frequently eaten during special occasions. Something about fortune i think. View More

KoFu_: Dude. Dogs were breed to be a companion over the centuries. Pigs for food. If you can't take that into an account you shouldn't eat anything. Because everything is a living thing. Even plants

The World Online · C1026
1 year ago
Zombies. World war z. View More

ZIEDAME: Wtf is plan z

The World Online · C962
1 year ago
How many chapters will i have to read before i get to the ones where the MC actually does something? View More
The World Online · C824
1 year ago
I guess? I barely feel the MCs presence in this novel though... he's more like a voice of the author. Most, if not all, of the action is because of his subordinates while he occasionally guides them. It's rather dry at times.
Hell I even enjoy reading about his interactions with his sister more than the actual plot.
Also, for such a monogamous individual, his marriage is a joke and romance is virtually nonexistent. Think I've read more words of him turning down women than actually being with his wife. View More
The World Online · C810
1 year ago
Still don't agree with monogamy. Don't agree with using polygamy as a tool either, but to bash it because of what it is seems wrong. View More
The World Online · C803
1 year ago
So what dick did shanhai bite that makes everyone prefer allying with vipers? I don't get how slavery is a better option to a boss interested in mutual benefits. View More
The World Online · C802
1 year ago
I'm annoyed 100 years, of all things, got more loyalty from milda than anything else. That includes her heritage, world, and race. Least of all Link. View More
Advent of the Archmage · C699
1 year ago
I'm more curious how the hell this guy got to morpheus' home with enough time to hide when the castle was hidden with demigod powers. Ya know, especially when link's whereabouts were hidden prior to this. View More
Advent of the Archmage · C672
1 year ago
I guess this mean milda may be older than her mom now. View More

Panurge: Further critique of numbers in the novel:
I forgot the actual realm essence at the peak of lvl 13 but let’s say 25,000 as I believe an underestimate. Now add the 155,520 realm essence he gained in the roughly 18 days he has returned for without him using anything else to gain power and you get 175,520 essence. I believe that is more than a level 14 mage. Otherwise how could Eugene run low on strength in the siege and how could any amount of pre legendary warriors combine this much strength for any spells like the level 16 shield or the defense of the magic tower.

The level 18 supplementary spell Eye of Agramma cost an initial 30,000 and then 500 more per second. So I want to make an inference that it costs 300,000 for a normal level 18 spell since some supplement spells like the teleport is roughly 1/10 the cost of the other spells, but let’s add 100,000 more just for sh*ts and giggles. I thus predict his power, in our hearts, should be low level 16. But it still doesn’t make sense as the gradient of power increases at an insane rate as we saw when link compared himself to the dragon queen. But based on my level 18 cost prediction here is how I divided it up in realm essence.

Lastly shouldn’t all the legendary ranks live for thousands of years since a level 7 mage can live for around 200. So this problem of age shouldn’t pop up. It’s has been one chapter but the age limit of the lvl 19 has increased from 596+ 20 to 50 + 10 from possible spells = a max of 656. To 596 + 100 = 696. Even the dark mage in fury man is older than the lvl 19 and by the 1 year per day logic he would have been born barley two years ago in Firuman. I won’t say anything but think of Milda with this perspective.

But the numbers will never ever make any sense in this book like you have said and I love to point out and spend to much time calculating. However this is what makes this fun and aggravating at the same time.

Advent of the Archmage · C666
1 year ago
I wonder why two forces being in balance means devourer of worlds in this novel... View More
Advent of the Archmage · C658
1 year ago
I'm more curious as to why link didn't predict a devastating war. Common sense would dictate that a massively powerful population occupying a weaker population means death and destruction for the native population.
To top it off they have 100x the amount of time to prepare for any changes before they occupy. Preparation, power, and resources... i dont see how aragu could lose. View More
Advent of the Archmage · C618
1 year ago
Wait, so this lvl 17 naga got bullied by a lvl 14 eugene when 14 has no hope of beating a 15? View More
Advent of the Archmage · C615
1 year ago
I think author will time skip most of his less important gene locks. View More

NicolaBais: I don't disagree with you, but remember gene locks can't unlock once you become a demigod so Han Sen will still have to train jadeskin before he advances

Super Gene · C1261
1 year ago
Whoa you mean he got half the answers this time?!
He should be satisfied he got so much more than usual. View More
Super Gene · C1245
1 year ago
I do still pity die feiyu though. Her crime was bad friends. View More
The Invincible Dragon Emperor · C842
1 year ago
In his past life, if i recall, he actually mainly killed the enemies of his people or those who had unethical practices. View More

SmugMegumin: “I instead represent the Yellow People!”
Why does he just have to bring some weirdly nationalist racial pride thing in? I get national pride and I get racial pride, it’s like pride of the predecessors that helped build up to you but why the hell does that need to be involved in this? I thought he wasn’t really political or whatever in his past life

Otherworldly Evil Monarch · C632
1 year ago
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