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021Becoming a Monster


Becoming a Monster

No one knew that the stories they read of fantasy creatures and legends would now become their source of hell. Follow Noah during humans biggest and maybe last crisis yet as he finally found a reason to live which may also leave him losing his humanity. Feedback is definitely appreciated, good or bad, lets make the story good together. I will like to note that the main character isn’t completely ruthless like some of you may want. There’s a lot of stories out there with ruthless, bloodthirsty, cold hearted main characters so if that’s what your interest in then I’m sorry to disappoint you.


022Rise Of The Dragon Emperor


Rise Of The Dragon Emperor

Ronan Phoenix was the second prince of the fire country of Avalon , whose only crime was simply exisiting. Born with unprecedented natural talents and superiror elemental affinity he was hailed as a once in a millenium genius , untill one fateful day everything took a turn for the worse. In a world where those born with the forbidden element were considered the most heinous criminals , Ronan became the enemy of the entire humankind once his real elemental affinity was revealed. An ancient prophecy foretold the rise of a supreme who would wield the forbidden element and unite the entire human race ruling as the one true emperor , however the road to the top was perilous and full of dangers . Follow Ronan in his adventures as he uses his talents to overturn the order of the world as he rises from the cursed to the revered , from an ant to the Dragon Emperor! ----- This story is for the people who are tired from reading more of the same , as it has a completely unique plot premise and world building . If you want something fresh , well this is for you. ----- Check my other work on webnovel : MMORPG : Rebirth Of The Strongest Guild Master . https://dynamic.webnovel.com/book/20366446406794005?utm_source=writerShare&utm_campaign=4315158053 Join the discord and the community , where you can talk freely with me and others who enjoy my work Discord id :- Raj_shah_7152#3385 discord link :- https://discord.gg/KJtRdwcW94 Cover is mine so don't go around using it


023Reincarnated With A Badluck System


Reincarnated With A Badluck System

[Slow Burn] Died as a virgin. Reincarnated with a big rod. Ding! [You have acquired the Bad Luck system. The God of death sympathized with you for dying pathetically. You have been gifted with a divine rod. Your meat rod is the tool you would use to rise to the top. Grow faster and stronger to conquer all the beauties and face the tribulations of the world] "Eh, where am I? What! A Bad Luck system!" Trying to comprehend what had just occurred as strange characters appeared in his view. Vincent tried to talk and move his body but he realized that he was In the body of a baby. Vincent Oswald, a popular hentai writer and tentacles creator died as a virgin in a tragic accident and reincarnated into another world. A dog-eat-dog world, a world of cruelness, a world where you could have your head rolling for a plate of meat soup. Let's see how Vincent survives in this cruel world and strives for the top as a boy that was born with a silver spoon. Elves + Demons + Vampires + Yandere + Op characters and so many fantasizing things. ============================ Note: No NTR towards Mc. ------- The MC acts naive and annoying in the early 30s chapters. After that, I can guarantee you a lustful, action-packed piece of work... Warning: Incest included.


024Reincarnated With A System In A Cultivation World


Reincarnated With A System In A Cultivation World

Fate is weird. Of all the people in the world, why would it select me to send to a different world? And what is it trying to do? Put up a show by giving me a system? But oh well, what do I care. The previous owner of this body was a cripple and looked down on, but now I can slap their faces with my system. Young masters? Get out of my way! Princes? Geniuses? Oh please. I have a system. That does not mean anything to me. I know that I am not the greatest. But fate gave me a cheat system, and I am not wasting it. I am going to do whatever it takes to conquer this world. Fate forced me to do this. It isn’t my fault if I cause some ruin on the way. Note - In the few months that this has been up, I noticed that many readers complain that the MC is stupid and dumb. That is how he is at the beginning. He is skeptical. He does not believe that he is reincarnated. But as the story progresses, you can see that he develops and adapts. I hope that you can get till there. WPC #254 Bronze Prize Winner Trending All-time monthly Ranking Goal Top 100 = 4 Bonus Chapters at the end of the month Top 50 = 5 Bonus Chapters at the end of the month Top 25 = 10 Bonus Chapters at the end of the month If you like a relatable MC, with a little humor and overpowered stats, as well as a good story line with a little romance, then this is the novel for you. Events will transpire in first person. Support me by voting with powerstones Extra support at - https://www.patreon.com/jdbeue Discord - https://discord.gg/Q9MAzwrS8B


025I Keep Witches While Others Keep Dragons

I Keep Witches While Others Keep Dragons

Andrew traveled across the magic continent. With a low talent, he unlocked the Witch Cultivation system. After completing the task of unlocking the witch, he could upgrade and obtain the element ability of the witch. You gained 100 points of experience from the Fire Spirit witch, Evelyn's fondness for you +10 points, and unlocked the fire element 10 fold attack. You gained 100 points of experience from the witch of the storm, Taylor's fondness for you +10 points and unlock the windstorm tornado. The witches were not only beautiful but also sexy and charming. Each of them could destroy the world. As their host, Andrew was busy making love with them every day. Andrew had become a unique existence in mage. When others were still diligent in their study, he had become a big tutor mage that everyone admired through breeding witches. When he became the public enemy of the aristocrats on the continent, all the witches destroyed a country, and he became the supreme god of the world of magic!


026SOUL: Supreme Overlord's Unknown Legacy


SOUL: Supreme Overlord's Unknown Legacy

A world filled with Beasts. A world where everyone is born with a Beast Soul. A world, full of cultivators who aim to become immortal just like the Gods by leveling up! Some are destined to rule while others remain as bottomfeeders. The rich get richer while the poor get poorer. 'Fate is telling me that I will always remain at the bottom...' 'Born in an orphanage with no talent, that is how my life is...' "..." "I will rise to the ranks of Supreme Overlords..." "No, I will go higher and become a true Beast God!" Join me in a journey of cultivation and power where no one knows when one will get betrayed. If you do not fight against fate, you are as good as dead! [ Fan of Soul Land? Then you have come to the right place. This novel has a similar power system base yet it's completely different. Enjoy~ ] [Join my discord server to chat and suggest new things - https://discord.gg/Wdjrb5akVX ] [Disclaimer - the cover doesn't belong to me.]

221|Martial Arts·1st_Manga_KING

027I Can Summon All the Gods

I Can Summon All the Gods

Locke, an ordinary middle school student from Philadelphia, traveled to a world of sword and magic and became a small lord. However, his territory was barren and narrow, and the leading people were poor and weak. Around him, there were ferocious brigands, terrifying dragons, and powerful enemies. At this critical moment, Locke had awakened the ability to summon the gods! At his summon, the powerful and mysterious strength came to this world one after another! Athena, the beautiful and intelligent war goddess! Venus, the goddess of love! There was also Hades in charge of the nether world, and the cunning god of tricks Loki! Countless gods and their heroes followed Locke to fight. They built their own territory and made it a sacred place that everyone yearned for in the world. They also made Locke the greatest ruler of the world! Magic dragon, phoenix... The powerful and mysterious magical beast became Locke's ride! The burly giant, the beautiful elf, and countless mysterious creatures had become members of Locke's group. There were also countless mages and knights who were loyal to Locke and became his spears and shields! And charming Venus, youthful Daphne, cold Medusa and enchanting Pandora... Their styles were different, but each of them was beautiful and charming. Locke also showed his powerful strength on another battlefield, which made these goddesses and female demons shout, "Slow fuck." This made Locke the prince charming of countless girls. However, Venus, Daphne, Medusa, Pandora and other goddesses and female demons held Locke tightly and shouted, "Locke belongs to me!"


028Villain's Rising


Villain's Rising

Working as a henchman for his childhood crush hasn't been great. But Sam is a hopeless romantic. Even though she's a failed supervillain, he decided to work with her so that he can at least stay by her side. Although things began to change when Kiara, his childhood crush, started developing feelings for a particular young man. Now if it was just any other guy, he would've met with some unfortunate 'accident' already but the guy in question was none other than the son of the strongest superhero himself. Starboy aka Anthony Willburn, the reason for all their failures up until now; and she decided to fall for THAT guy!? Sam couldn't accept this absurdity and decided to ruin his love rival's life by embracing his destiny and rising as a supervillain himself. Set in a distant future where only the chosen few are graced with superpowers, the story will mainly focus on the perspective of our protagonist as he will enroll in an academy of superheroes to get close to his love rival and find his weakness all the while maintaining his life as a supervillain. --- *This story is a love revenge-type story set in a dystopian world where strength reigns supreme. *This cover doesn't belong to me, if you are the owner and want me to remove it then email me. A/N: The mc is overpowered but he isn't the only op character in this story so there will be characters stronger than him, although needless to say he will surpass them all. I know people don't like simp characters so this mc will not be a simp forever XD let him develop before trash-talking the mc XD. Also, I advise reading till chapter 10 before deciding to drop this book.

200|Magical Realism·Night_Crawler619

029My Plunderer System


My Plunderer System

In the year 2097, humanity faced a new terror. Cities were destroyed by horrible monsters that came through the dimensional doors. To counter this new terror, humans began to awaken magical abilities and dove into the gates to destroy the oncoming waves of beasts. One student in particular became orphaned due to one of these dimensional doors. He was considered one of the weakest, and was bullied due to his inability protect himself. While being beaten up in an alley one day, the area went into chaos as a dimensional door opened, trapping him and others inside. He was face to face with death when a sudden beam of light came down. "Is this how I die?" the student thought. Waking up in a hospital later, his wounds were healed as if they were never there in the first place, and a strange screen was appearing in his vision... "Welcome to the Plunderer System" Follow Milo Fenix as he uses the system to fight back against his enemies; his weak old self, the beasts, even humans. Will he achieve his goal of becoming the strongest? Will he be able to overcome his past self as someone who was weak? Will he be able to protect the ones he cares about? Find out by reading My Plunderer System. . . . First ever time trying to write a novel so any feedback you have is greatly appreciated :) -Kowatch24


030I Became A Mech Soldier After Waking Up in The Future.


I Became A Mech Soldier After Waking Up in The Future.

"In the face of survival, will you still cling on to your ideal?" Keiko sought desperately an answer for herself and the future she vowed to protect. In the end, what would she choose? --- Keiko Lee, a female Special Assault Team (SAT) woke up in the body of the infamous "Death Reaper", the rising star mech soldier of Earth Federation more than 100 years in the future. The Earth had gone through devastating change after a round of nuclear war, natural disaster, and alien invasion while a huge threat was still looming over humanity's future. Having no other option, she has to adapt to her new world fast while unknowingly becoming the center of the storm known as revolution. Meanwhile, Jeanne Armstrong, a prodigious black-bellied female major who is also a senior technical officer, a military research expert, and a female instructor in the highest military academy in the Federation, keeps teasing and seducing her to her heart's content. Keiko who sought survival and perhaps, a way home, and Jeanne who will do anything for her freedom. What will happen to them when their fate entangled with each other? +++ Precept: Jeanne leaned on Keiko’s side and rested her head on her uninjured right shoulder. "If you feel guilty about me, please don't push me away. Just think of it as you act for the sake of your goal, and I am for the sake of my oath. We are comfortable using each other like this and we know each other well, isn't it good? " Keiko's hands trembled, she caressed Jeanne's face gently, while her head was lowered. She said, "You... don't be so nice to me..." "Pfft, I've made it clear that I want to use you, and you still say I'm good to you? Are you stupid?" "If I am really stupid, I probably wouldn't be sitting here talking to you right now," Keiko whispered. "Hmph! You know it in your hear all those words really hurt me very much, you’re terrible." "Do you think I want to say that much? It really makes me suffocate, each and every word. I'm just afraid that you will suffer a lot if you choose me, and I'm afraid that I can't take care of you well." “Heh!” Jeanne snorted, "You? Taking care of me? It would be nice if you didn't bother me to take care of you. You damn block of wood, you want to piss me off, don’t you?" “......” "Don't you have anything to say?" Jeanne looked up at her. Keiko didn't speak but lowered her head and pressed Jeanne’s lips with hers. Jeanne's eyes widened for a moment before the corners of her eyes and lips drew a beautiful arc as she stretched out her arms around Keiko's neck, and pull Keiko’s face to hers. --- cover commissioned by: IG: @vatarison.art


031I See One Second Into The Future: Loner In The Apocalypse


I See One Second Into The Future: Loner In The Apocalypse

I will not die. Not for someone else. ... For as long as Kairos could remember, he experienced things twice. Originally, Kairos believed that was completely normal. However, as he grew up, he realized that it was not nearly that simple. Kairos would experience things one second before they happened. At first, he used it to avoid stubbing his toe or having a plate fall on his head. But as he got older, he realized that being too different from other people was essentially a sin. And so, Kairos quickly covered his ability up and pretended to be a loner. He let himself get shoved around even when he knew he could avoid it, just to blend in with the crowd. However, things weren't just left at that. Along with his strange ability, Kairos always had dreams. Dreams of a rising red sun. At first, they were infrequent and more confusing than anything else. But as time went on, he had this same dream more frequently. And it also became more terrifying. Kairos would wake up in a cold sweat, not truly understanding why he was so afraid. That is, until one day. When the red sun rose. And the apocalypse descended. ... 300 Powerstones = 1 Bonus Chapter 800 Powerstones = 3 Bonus Chapters ... Credit for original art: https://twitter.com/suechiee


032My System Academy


My System Academy

Eluard Kai found himself transmigrated to a magical world. A steward came over and declared that he was now the academy master of the school in front of him before disappearing to nothingness. "That damn steward said I am now the owner of this place then left me all alone! What the hell am I supposed to teach them anyway?!” He feared that some prodigious arrogant young master would come over and enroll when he himself didn’t know what he was supposed to do. "But this is a deserted academy, right? No one should come over here, right?" Unfortunately, his nightmare came about. "Academy Master, I am here to enroll in the Heavenly Magic Academy. Please allow my request in behalf of my lackluster talent." Eluard Kai almost blacked out until he heard a prompt in his head. [ A student requests to enter the Heavenly Magic Academy. ] [ Accept the request? ] --- Check out my other story, I'm Not An NPC!


033When Doomsday Comes, I Can Upgrade My Refuge Infinitely

When Doomsday Comes, I Can Upgrade My Refuge Infinitely

On January 1, 2022, doomsday came to the earth, and the whole world would be exterminated. Jack was accidentally reborn three months ago. Knowing that the end of the world was coming, he immediately began to build a refuge. He also activated the Doomsday Survival System, which could help him constantly upgrade his refuge. The bulky iron door had been upgraded to a titanium alloy fire-resistant insulated door! The brick concrete walls had been upgraded to special space metal walls! The power system, pipeline system, material storage system, and active defense system had all been upgraded. Jack's refuge was as complete and elaborate as a space station! When the other survivors were still struggling to survive in the ruins of the apocalypse, they suddenly saw a huge refuge.





Exo-Armor donning Fighters, the pinnacle of humankind, are the main fighting force of human societies who are genetically modified to attain extraordinary abilities. To become these warriors is the lifelong dream of every passionate young man in this interstellar age. But not for - Crey Morgan, A lazy student who is forced to seek entrance into one of Earth's best military academies to become an Exo-Warrior. But his dubious past and lethargic personality don't quite match the ideals of the academy. Crey is not a normal young man, apparent from his weird personality and seemingly extraordinary fighting capabilities. The secret is that he is an assassin who had walked out of the darkest society towards the world in light. An Assassin of the past who wants to leave his horrible history behind. Would Crey be able to gain admission into Terra Military college to become an Exo-warrior as his Uncle wanted? Or his listless attitude will spell trouble where ever he goes. Also, Crey thought he would be the top gun here due to his uncharacteristic past but his hopes shattered as soon as he took an entrance exam. The seemingly best military academy is not built on boastful claims and every character here has thier brilliance and if he had to survive he had to do more than his best. P.S- the cover art is not mine, if you want to take it down please message me through comment or review. Update Rate - 1chap/day I have decided to put encouraging conditions for fast update- 50 golden tickets - one bonus chapter (for every 50 tickets) Every 500 unlocks in privilege - one bonus chapter Top 200 rank in power stone ranking - one bonus chapter (every day books remains in ranking) Gift Luxury Car and above - one bonus chapter for every gift


035Martial God Gamer

Martial God Gamer

Chen Ming was transmigrated into a cultivation world with a super cheat gaming system. He will soar through heaven while living his life as he pleased!

118|Eastern Fantasy·CrazeNovel

036 I'm Unbeatable After I Have Full Defense

I'm Unbeatable After I Have Full Defense

A meta-universe game "New World" that integrated the top technology, had 100% realism, and the game currency could be exchanged for real money, was open for beta! Jack became one of the first players to enter the game. Because he had witnessed other players being killed, he confirmed that this game had 100% realism, including pain, so he directly added all the attribute points on defense. To his surprise, he thus unlocked the title: Stud Master! He succeeded in making him have a higher defensive attribute value than all the players. Opponent: "I have the highest output!" Jack: "I won't bleed if you beat me." Opponent: "I can blast a hundred times!" Jack: "I won't bleed if you beat me." ... As the snowball got bigger and bigger, more and more hidden achievements were unlocked. He, Jack, also leaped to the top as the strongest, hardest, and most invincible player in "New World"!

118|Video Games·Xuanting_Official

037Virtual World : Pocket Sanctuary


Virtual World : Pocket Sanctuary

"I am really back in time by 5 years." Sunny dies at 25 due to an outbreak in the year 2305, but he suddenly finds himself back in time due to reasons unknown. Having experienced death due to insufficient money, he decides to earn money by playing a newly launched VRGame. But, 3 months after the game launch, the future he knows takes a drastic turn towards the unknown. An unknown that even the 6 Entities themselves are apprehensive about. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Cover isn't mine. If you are the artist and want me to take it down, just drop a comment on any chapter's chapter comments.

117|Video Games·ChaosWriter

038Dual System: Ascension of A Nameless Nobody


Dual System: Ascension of A Nameless Nobody

WPC #256 - Magic, Gold Winner Check out my WSA 2022 entry: "Online In Another World" https://www.webnovel.com/book/online-in-another-world_23374922006359205 -- Jeong-Hui, a teenager with no accomplishments in life, spends his days in solitude, living alone and gaming most of the day. That is, until a world-shaking revelation descended on Earth. The one proclaiming to be "God" informed humanity of their failure as a species, and that Armageddon would begin. However, as a means of giving those worthy of continuing on a chance, "God" introduced the "Armageddon Game", bestowing a special system onto every person of the world. The system grants each player the abilities of Angels, reminiscent of an RPG as experience, stats, and level-ups are all present. Though, as a person who lived a unfulfilling life as a lowlife and a coward, he begins his journey as the bottom-of-the-barrel start: level one. Those who reach level twenty within the six month time period will be allowed access into "The Tower"--however, what awaits in the mysterious, heavenly tower is unknown. Not intending to die after living a failed life, Jeong-Hui strives to reach the Tower, using his knowledge as a MMORPG player to ascend. As an assassin-class and a martial artist class, he utilizes both the "Angel System", widely available to humanity, and another, unique system available only to himself to combat the trials in the way of his journey. -- Want to support me? You can do so here! --> https://ko-fi.com/delzgb DISCORD: https://discord.gg/ph6qfFknqe --WARNING-- This story shows depictions of extremely graphic events. If you're adverse to traumatizing events, gore, death, and such things, this might not be the novel for you. Otherwise, please enjoy!


039Game Lord's Cultivation System


Game Lord's Cultivation System

What happens when one dies in real life while playing a virtual reality MMORPG game? Do they just die there? No, their life isn’t over as long as they’ve accomplished something that no one has ever done before. Witness the birth of the top number 1 player, Jiang Ming! He shall start afresh in the Northern Continent. With his sheer knowledge and proficiency in cultivation from the game, he shall become the most overpowered person. "Remember carefully, I'm Jiang Ming and not some nobody!" ------------------ Bonus Chapter Goal 300 Powerstones = 1 bonus chap 600 Powerstones = 2 bonus chap Discord: discord.gg/BtTB4fpunR

112|Eastern Fantasy·Idczhen

040Crimson Overlord


Crimson Overlord

At the beginning of the universe, there was only chaos. Chaos gave birth to a world, accumulating into Black and White and the five elements (also known as the Origin Elements), creating the world's laws and the order of heaven and earth. This world was called the Origin world, where the Original beings born out of chaos reigned. They created orders, creatures, and numerous worlds where they reigned as Supreme beings until a calamity befell them and destroyed the Original world alongside numerous worlds. Two billion years have passed since then. In a small world somewhere, a baby was born carrying an unusual past. ••••• Nickaido's here; this story is a reboot of Prime Vampire, do not expect the same story or the same characters; many things have changed. Please support me and make this story a great story through your comments and suggestions, and once again, English is not my first language. PS: I do not own the cover, so if the image owner wants me to take it down, I'll gladly do it.