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The picture on the upper right corner of the TV screen was soon replaced by the next piece of news.
"This week, a resident found a rock in 1825 Art District. It has a square shape with a width of five centimeters as shown in the picture… Anyone who can provide us a clue to this nameless rock will be rewarded 10,000 yuan."
In the picture was a translucent green rock which looked like a precious stone.
Hao Ren found the rock in the picture quite familiar, then he recognized it as a low-tier spirit stone. He had confiscated two storage bags on top of a skyscraper in 1825 Art District, and he had dropped one of the spirit stones from one of the bags. The rock in the picture was most likely the one he dropped…
"I know something about this rock." Yue Yang took the opportunity to change the subject. "Someone picked up this rock and sent it to the antique market for appraisal, but no one recognized what kind of precious stone it was and couldn't give a price for it. Afraid that the rock ha

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