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"Hongyu!" Grandma reached out her arms at Zhao Hongyu in excitement.
Zhao Hongyu smiled softly and stepped forward to give Grandma a gentle hug.
Grandma was very kind, and Zhao Hongyu had a gentle personality. Therefore, Grandma felt close to her from the bottom of her heart. On top of that, Grandma stayed at Zhao Hongyu's place for a while, so they had bonded very well.
"Hehe..." Zhao Hongyu smiled to Yue Yang after the hug.
Grandma and Zhao Hongyu cared a lot for each other, and Yue Yang and Zhao Hongyu understood each other.
When Zhao Hongyu and Yue Yang were making eye contacts, Zhao Guang and Hao Zhonghua both stepped forward for a handshake.
Zhao Hongyu and Yue Yang were two good friends on the same educational level while Zhao Guang and Hao Zhonghua respected each other.
The two families got along very well.
"Where did you go?" Grandma asked joyfully.
"We took a trip to the nearby mountain." Zhao Hongyu smiled.
"Hehe, thank you for taking care of these two little ones.

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