Dragon King's Son-In-Law

Dragon King's Son-In-Law DKS

Author: Dragon King's Nice Son-In-Law

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"Ah, so close," Mayor Wu exclaimed.
None of them bet on the winning dragon boats, so no one won this small bet where the stake was only 100-yuan.
The people on the bridge started to leave by walking toward the end of the bridge. The police who were in uniforms made sure there was order in the process.
 "Academician Hao, I need to go into the city for a meeting this afternoon. If possible, can Luoxue go with you guy? I'll come to pick her up after my meeting and then take her to her piano lesson," Mayor Wu said.
"Yeah. No problem," Hao Zhonghua nodded and said.
The people who had sons generally liked girls, and Hao Zhonghua was no exception. He didn't stay in East Ocean City that much before and thus didn't have a close relationship with the mayor. However, after the landslide incident and when Mayor Wu came to visit him in person, their relationship became closer drastically.
Especially since Zhen Congming and Wu Luoxue both went to LingZhao Elementary School, Zhao Zhonghua somet

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