Dragon King's Son-In-Law

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After Yue Yang dropped Wu Luoxue off at the Youth Palace, the two families chatted for a bit, and Hao Zhonghua took them out for dinner.
To show his appreciation for Zhao Hongyu's treat, Hao Zhonghua picked a relatively high-end restaurant. The Dragon Boat Festival was not only a traditional festival but also a statutory holiday. Typically, they wouldn't be able to get a seat in such a restaurant. However, when the manager knew it was Hao Zhonghua and his friends, he managed to get a private room for them.
It was good publicity for the restaurant to have Hao Zhonghua and Yue Yang there. They were well-known internationally, and the owner of the place even came to take a picture with Hao Zhonghua. They offered the meal for free, but Hao Zhonghua politely declined their offer.
There was pleasant music in the elegant restaurant, and the dinner went very well.
The elderlies were happy at a festival like this. Grandma was the happiest since all her favorite kids were there, and it was l

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