Dragon King's Son-In-Law

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Author: Dragon King's Nice Son-In-Law

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After arriving on Fifth Heaven, it was a comfortable and familiar ride. Within only a few moments, they opened the array formation and entered the Ethereal Summit.
Due to preparation for the Dragon God Shrine's general exam, Hao Ren had not visited this place for a while. Coming back here at this time made him a little nostalgic.
The valley was dark, and there were no birds and beasts; it seemed even quieter.
Little White was Hao Ren's spirit beast, but it was a demon beast after all. On Fifth Heaven, there were almost no demon beasts. How could ordinary creatures dare to trespass the territory of demon beasts? Even the bugs didn't dare to approach this land that had a demon beast's scent!
Hao Ren landed in the valley. Under the cover of the night, he carefully observed the situation in Ethereal Summit.
The spiritual herbs planted in the valley in the middle of the valley were lush and growing better than before. Xie Yujia used some barriers to divide the land piece by piece like

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