Dragon King's Son-In-Law

Dragon King's Son-In-Law DKS

Author: Dragon King's Nice Son-In-Law

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"Ask Xie Yujia to come with you after class. That's all." Su Han disconnected their communication.
Touching the token at his waist, Hao Ren knew he could call Su Han any time but didn't dare to interrupt her cultivation.
"There are three ways to control the DC motor speed, which are connecting the armature circuit with resistance in series, changing the armature voltage and weakening the magnetic flux…"
The teacher was still talking on the platform.
He turned his head and found Xie Yujia writing her notes in great detail. These notes would be the greatest help to them on their final exams.
Didi… Hao Ren got a text message on his cell phone.
He clicked it open and saw it was from Zhou Liren, "Please make a copy of Xie Yujia's notes for your buddies in miseries."
Hao Ren looked back at Zhou Liren who was smiling flatteringly at him with his hands in a praying gesture.
Hao Ren looked at him in 'disgust' and turned back to the lesson.
Didi… He got another text message.
"You are c

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