The Demi-God's Adventure (SUSPENDED) original

The Demi-God's Adventure (SUSPENDED) TDG

Author: Asphant

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8 "Gift of Assimilation" 8 months ago

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The new cover is on the work. I apologize for the current one, I made it in a rush. I'll also try working on the other characters.

Chapter 8 - "Gift of Assimilation"

Cielsa's silver hair sways as I helped her stood up.
「Then I guess have no choice since you keep on insisting...」

Her cat-ears stood up in delight and she looked at me with her silver elated eyes.

「Thank you! Umm.. do you have something you want? Umm--」

「Arthur... My name is Arthur.」
I let off a small smile.
I slightly looked at the side and pondered.
「Something I want.... A grimoire would be nice」

Since almost all my magic spells are for attacking. I think having more knowledge for magic spells would be useful.

「... I can help you with that but, I don't know anything about grimoires. So if you won't mind you can come with me.」
「Of course.. but, where are we going?」
「To our mansion, Rojaoirte Residence. It's located at center part of the kingdom, also known as the "Noble Region"」

Cielsa and I walked towards the center of the kingdom.
The guild is located in-between the outer and inner part while the inn I am staying at is located at the inner part so I would probably pass by it

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