The Demi-God's Adventure (SUSPENDED) original

The Demi-God's Adventure (SUSPENDED) TDG

Author: Asphant

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9 Testing Out The New Grimoire 8 months ago

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Chapter 9 - Testing Out The New Grimoire

Slowly and reluctantly, I uncover my face. I blinked, closed my eyes, and blinked again.
Streaks of sunlight penetrate the window and blinded me a little. I sit up and dragged my feet from the bed.

While I'm rubbing my knuckles onto my eyes, the inn staff approached and knocked on my door.
Thanks to the grimoires that I received yesterday, my "Navigator" became much more specific so identifying someone within the range of 3 km is easy.

「Arthur-san, your breakfast is ready..」
「Ah yes, please come in」

I opened the door to let the inn staff come in, it was the one whom I accidentally groped for the first time I was here.

Her appearance is not bad, aside from her authentic red hair that is usually not seen from my previous world, her charming face and curvy figure is almost at the level of Cielsa who caught my eye with her appealing figure, I don't really have any affections for her though.

I tenderly took the mini rectangular shaped breakfast table.

「Listen, next time you don't have to bring me this, I can get it myself got it?」

I said so while letting off a smile.

「...yes, if it pleases our customer

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