The Demi-God's Adventure (SUSPENDED) original

The Demi-God's Adventure (SUSPENDED) TDG

Author: Asphant

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10 The Tower Dungeon of Beguile 8 months ago

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Chapter 10 - The Tower Dungeon of Beguile

Bloods were splattered all over the walls of the tower. Countless skeletons of ogres, wolves, humans, and other creatures are scattered around the tower.

Aside from the big cylindrical tower that is made from bricks. I can not find anything that could've killed this creatures, are they only decorations?

「S-since Arthur-san is a wizard, I will take the front and you stay behind me.」said Jack while his legs are trembling.

Jack is obviously frightened by this sight.

Although I want to go inside the tower and wander around. I'm not really fond of working hard so I want to finish this quick.
How about I cast the Ultra-class magic like I did yesterday?

『Mm, let's try it.』Arthur though inwardly to himself.

「<<Conflagration: Colossal Meteorite Shower>>!」

A wide magic circle colored red appeared at the ground of the tower.

Several blazing meteorites are coming towards the tower. The sky was lit up red and blocked the sun. Meteorites came crashing down one after the other.

The ground shook as the meteorites continue to bombard the tower, leaving a dense smoke after.

Jack's jaw dropped to the ground and hi

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