Path Of The Beast King (Old) original

Path Of The Beast King (Old) POTBK

Author: Shakin_Bacon

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34 Prisoners 11 months ago

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Faruth walked calmly towards the centre of the Lizardman village that they had destroyed just a short while ago. After hunting down the remaining Lizardmen that fled the village, he handed the ones that had been injured to Grimanth and hoped for the best. Due to his [Basic First Aid] skill, Wulfarth was sent him to increase their chances of success.

In the centre of the village that he was headed to, was the cages filled with malnourished slaves, Gnolls, Goblins and the other mysterious 6. Excluding the large bull headed creature, all of them were slumped or crouched over, likely lacking the energy to even speak, never mind move.

Though he didn't have enough troops to surround the cages, he had Hoki, Droki, Frothen and the two female hunters on guard, so they were more than likely secure. Alneth, on the other hand, had been sent back to the village not only to escort Grimanth and the injured trio back, but also bring supplies and villagers that would be necessary in the freeing and transportation of the former captives.

Arriving at the cages, Faruth and Hoki looked at each other, before Hoki began to speak.

["Chieftain, there are no problems here. Other than that big fe

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