Path Of The Beast King (Old) original

Path Of The Beast King (Old) POTBK

Author: Shakin_Bacon

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["I am Faruth, the Chieftain of this great village! You all stand before me, not as prisoners, not as slaves, but as free people! Freed by us! The vile Lizardmen scum have been wiped from their settlement, as I am sure you know by now. We have declared war against them, against their kind. We shall not rest until every last one is dead!"] {Faruth}

As he finished the first part of his speech, cheers broke out from the crowd below, even the 6 at the back looked to be somewhat cheerful in comparison to how they were before. The only ones that remained silent were the important figures from the village, Hoki, Droki, Grimanth etcetera, but they still bore a knowing smile across each of their faces.

Faruth realised that what he was saying was extreme. Declaring war against a whole race was almost an impossibility at the scale he was at now, he would have to wait until he was much stronger to do something like that. Maybe it was because his animalistic side had taken over completely after spending a month or so with his new body, but he didn't consider the morality in declaring war against an entire race of creatures. His mentality had changed, for better or for worse.

He swore

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